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Electrostatic steering of substrate to acetylcholinesterase: analysis of field


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New media.

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Patients justified in their concern about privacy of health Web sites, study


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Healtheon/WebMD goal: cut $250 billion from U.S.'s $1.3 trillion in health


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Virus problems.

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Web targets nurses.

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Truer takes on kids.

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Empowering patients.

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Combining high-performance computing and networking for advanced 3-D cardiac


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Emerging trends at the threshold of a new millennium.

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Breast cancer: net gains for patients.

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Weekly web review.

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Web-based education cuts training time, saves money.

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PCASSO: a model for safe use of the Internet in healthcare.

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Online consumer health records: revolution or confusion?

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For health records on the Internet, the future is now.

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Do you have a preference for print vs. online (electronic) publications?

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The 5 A day Virtual Classroom: an on-line strategy to promote healthful eating.

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The shadow uniform resource locator: standardizing citations of electronically

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Internet research in the new millennium: a powerful tool.

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Violence in our schools. Sources of prevention for pediatric nurses.

J Child Fam Nurs. 2000 Mar-Apr;3(2):159-62. Review. No abstract available.

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