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19430: [No authors listed]

"Misinformation" tops concerns about cancer sites at Internet Healthcare

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Drug abuse in women.

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Medicare reimbursements for clinical trials.

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Resources used by general practitioners for advising travelers from New


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European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer.

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[Identity crisis of Swedish physicians? Use possibilities of the information


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Role of the specialty society in outcomes assessment: the development of


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How XML will extend the world of managed care: Part I--Standardizing data


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The race to control online purchasing.

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Cyber nurseries.

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eHealthcareWorld. Changing the power structure of the industry.

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Improving access to healthcare information: the Lister Hill National Center for

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The Walter Reed Army Medical Center Nephrology Service website: a tool for

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Logging on to 'liquid gold'.

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TOUCHINGbase. Genomes galore.

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Plans for special focus issues.

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[ARTSENET, website intended not only for physicians]

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HIV/AIDS and nutrition. Implications for disease management.

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What does NLNAC mean by "technological literacy"?

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The evolution of occupational health.

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Authoring software for courses delivered on the Web, Part 2: WebCT.

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Meeting JCAHO standards for pain control.

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Online telecommuting resources.

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Working and buying at home.

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Computing & technology.

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Lutein improves visual function in some patients with retinal degeneration: a

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The legal implications of healthcare communications: what every pain physician

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Biochemistry of Plasmodium on the Web.

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19478: [No authors listed]

Web site can greatly bolster efforts to educate patients, bring care into the


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The age one dental visit: information on the web.

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The first video-based study in Pediatrics.

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The consumer and provider: pillars of the new health care system.

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The electronic plant gene register.

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Rich content drives good health care Web sites.

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Dining out at your Web site.

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The CATH Dictionary of Homologous Superfamilies (DHS): a consensus approach for

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Consumers are on the Internet--are you?

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Consultation-liaison psychiatry drug-drug interactions update.

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The Community Tool Box: a Web-based resource for building healthier


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Distributing medical images with internet technologies: a DICOM web server and

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Protein structure computing in the genomic era.

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We are clickable.

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Monitoring the latest in computer screens.

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Primary care physicians and their information-seeking behaviour.

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19496: [No authors listed]

New teen- and parent-friendly Web site: www.iwannaknow.org.

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An automated precision magnetometer.

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Mobilizing the Internet.

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Dietary practices and use of the ketogenic diet in the UK.

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Information and communication.

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19501: Ownby J.


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Annual Plasmodium falciparum entomological inoculation rates (EIR) across

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Technology. Exploring the realm of E-health.

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Random PCR-based genome sequencing: a non-divide-and-conquer strategy.

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Electronic media takes on paper publishing.

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The use of information technology in improving medical performance.

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Web Watch.

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Online learning. Cyberschool days.

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Open annotation offers a democratic solution to genome sequencing.

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Physician connectivity: electronic prescribing.

Issue Brief Natl Health Policy Forum. 2000 Feb 23;(752):1-6. No abstract


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Research ethics.

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Medical journals are dead. Long live medical journals.

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19516: [No authors listed]

PubMed Central: signing on.

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The use of information technology in improving medical performance. Part III.

Patient-support tools.

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What the heck is Healtheon?

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Takingabigrisk.com. Execs chuck high-powered hospital jobs for e-venture.

Mod Healthc. 2000 Feb 21;30(8):36-41.

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19520: Morrissey J.

The great consolidator. Healtheon/WebMD keeps on buying in its bid to dominate

online health information.

Mod Healthc. 2000 Feb 21;30(8):30-1. No abstract available.

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The interactive Web-based histology atlas system.

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Internet addiction: genuine diagnosis or not?

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19523: [No authors listed]

HIV resistance-testing information on web.

AIDS Treat News. 2000 Feb 18;(No 337):6.

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Techview: computers and biology. Bioinformatics in the information age.

Science. 2000 Feb 18;287(5456):1221, 1223. No abstract available.

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19525: Bubenzer RH.

[Fit for emergency care service? Test your emergency knowledge on the Pfizer


MMW Fortschr Med. 2000 Feb 17;142(7):10. German. No abstract available.

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19526: Brazma A, Robinson A, Cameron G, Ashburner M.

One-stop shop for microarray data.

Nature. 2000 Feb 17;403(6771):699-700. No abstract available.

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