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Need more power in your communication technology? Increasing bandwidth will

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Click ... and you shall find.

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19679: [No authors listed]


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Online and public. Neoforma.com, first Internet-based healthcare supplier to

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A worthy Web site.

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Why these biotechs are as hot as net stocks. Wall Street's betting big on a

genetic technology that burned it badly before. Monoclonal antibodies still

don't cure cancer--but this time they may actually pay off.

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Diagnosing Lyme disease. Patients have to learn to help themselves.

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Clinton to regulate Internet prescription drug sales.

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Investigating the binding specificity of U1A-RNA by computational mutagenesis.

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Physicians' Internet activities and their perceived coping with the medical


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Evidence-based art of the clinical examination.

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New database on the internet

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Using the Internet.

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19719: Davidoff F.


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Power to the people: PubMed Central.

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Back-office, online.

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Our association on the worldwide web.

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The seven nodes of effective e-marketing.

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Maintaining the Characteristics of Effective Clinical Teachers in Computer

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STD issues in cyberspace.

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NPs and the Internet.

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Providing health coverage for Alaskans in need. Alaska's Division of Medical

Assistance improves service to its customers.

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The Medical Council on Alcoholism (MCA) and its journal Alcohol and Alcoholism.

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[The ZEBET database on alternative methods to animal experiments in the

Internet--a concrete contribution to the protection of animals]

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Testing for linkage disequilibrium, maternal effects, and imprinting with

(In)complete case-parent triads, by use of the computer program LEM.

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Regulating medical practice in the cyber age: issues and challenges for state

medical boards.

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The changing face of law and medicine in the new millennium. Foreword.

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The AJO: electronic augmentation on the Internet.

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Using the World-Wide-Web to obtain feedback on the quality of surgical

residency training.

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Surgical Internet at a glance: bariatric surgery.

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[Evidence-based nuclear medicine and experience-based nuclear medicine]

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What's new for the millennium?

Anaesthesia. 2000 Jan;55(1):4. No abstract available.

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