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American Academy of Pediatrics sponsors media matters.

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Technical evaluation of a low-bandwidth, Internet-based system for


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New generation search engines.

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Behavioral health tomorrow. Stepping up to the challenge.

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[Global MED-NET]

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Current environment of hospital library reference: Part 1--Transition to


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PubMed, Internet Grateful Med, and Ovid: a comparison of three MEDLINE Internet


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The virtual library. III. Electronic journals, grants, and funding information.

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Detecting biological patterns. The integration of databases, models, and


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Using the WWW to supply the molecular biology lab.

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Primer3 on the WWW for general users and for biologist programmers.

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Computational approaches for gene identification.

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Resources at EBI.

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Computer resources for the clinical and molecular geneticist.

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Free software in molecular biology for Macintosh and MS Windows computers.

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Building a multiuser sequence analysis facility using freeware.

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PepTool and GeneTool: platform-independent tools for biological sequence


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Web-based interfaces for the GCG sequence analysis programs.

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State of managed care in the United States.

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The power of comparison.

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