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Emerging from the cybermaze.

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The information revolution: opportunities and pitfalls for patients and


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A new industrial order for physicians: a talk with Jeff C. Goldsmith, PhD.

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20180: [No authors listed]

The Electronic Plant Gene Register.

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Getting your hands on decision-support tools. Where to find clinical practice

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A Web-based, secure, light weight clinical multimedia data capture and display


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Pathfinder: multiresolution region-based searching of pathology images using


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Facilitating networks of information.

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ActiveGuidelines: integrating Web-based guidelines with computer-based patient


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The impact of displayed awards on the credibility and retention of Web site


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Weaving the Web into legacy information systems.

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WebDietAID: an interactive Web-based nutritional counselor.

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Management reporting on the Web.

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The development and assessment of Web-based health information for a corporate

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Prototype Web-based continuing medical education using FlashPix images.

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Computer use and needs of internists: a survey of members of the American

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Evaluation of Web-based patient information resources: application in the

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The new peer review.

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Knowledge representation forms for data mining methodologies as applied in

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Requirements of a Web-based experiment management system.

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MedCERTAIN: quality management, certification and rating of health information

on the Net.

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A randomized controlled trial of concept based indexing of Web page content.

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Secure remote access to a clinical data repository using a wireless personal

digital assistant (PDA).

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An analysis of technology usage for streaming digital video in support of a

preclinical curriculum.

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An evaluation of patient access to their electronic medical records via the

World Wide Web.

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20215: Cheung KH, Miller P, Sherman A, Weston S, Stratmann E, Schultz M, Snyder

M, Kumar A.

Graphically-enabled integration of bioinformatics tools allowing parallel


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Remote access to anatomical information: an integration between semantic

knowledge and visual data.

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20217: Cai J, Johnson S, Hripcsak G.

Generic data modeling for home telemonitoring of chronically ill patients.

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A Bayesian network for mammography.

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Design and analysis of a Web-based guideline tutorial system that emphasizes

clinical trial evidence.

Proc AMIA Symp. 2000;:56-60.

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20220: Lenert LA.

iMPACT3: online tools for development of web sites for the study of Patients'

preferences and utilities

Proc AMIA Symp. 2000;:1172.

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20221: Duncan R, Shabot M.

An enterprise web viewing system for clinical and administrative data

Proc AMIA Symp. 2000;:1169.

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Designing An electronic patient record with multiple real time decision support

modules for managing diseases

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Finding regulatory elements using joint likelihoods for sequence and expression

profile data.

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Privacy: report on the privacy policies and practices of health web sites.

Prof Ethics Rep. 2000 Winter;13(1):1, 7-8. No abstract available.

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20225: Johnson DE.

University of Iowa provides the definitive institutional Web site.

Profiles Healthc Mark. 2000 Jan-Feb;16(1):52-62. No abstract available.

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Community newsletters on the Web.

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The technology corner.

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Techno-savvy boomers dictate services.

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20229: [No authors listed]

New health care quality data bank.

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The reliability and internal consistency of an Internet-capable computer

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Potential use of extensible markup language for radiology reporting: a


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External resources can promote cost management and financial benchmarks for


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Unlocking a world of information.

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Direct to consumer.

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Medical resources for the anesthesiologist on the Internet.

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[Education via the Internet: preliminary experience of the hematology-oncology

discipline of the ABC Foundation School of Medicine]

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20241: Curioso WH, Curioso WI.


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The IMGT/HLA sequence database.

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Privacy threats are no cause for hysteria.

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Focus on AIDS.

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Polynomial neural network for linear and non-linear model selection in

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Coming attractions: sexual expression in the next decade.

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Message from the president: sexuality issues 2010.

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The twentieth century: an American sexual history.

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Information for social work practice: observations regarding the role of the

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An ICT solution for community mental health--putting virtuality into the


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Prototype of a JAVA/DICOM image server with integrated findings and data


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Knowledge acquisition, management and representation for the diagnostic support

in human inborn errors of metabolism.

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Conception of an XML-based ontology for a Web-based medical information


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Data mining and structuring of executable data analysis reports: guideline

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Knowledge engineering the UMLS.

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Can we classify medical data dictionaries?

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[MUSTANG: reusable UMLS-based terminological services]

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A caching approach for XML based medical data.

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A MeSH based intelligent search intermediary for consumer health information


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Differences in demographic data regarding physicians and patients in the US or

abroad using a medically oriented Internet information service.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2000;77:668-72.

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A personalised Healthcare Information Delivery System: pushing customised

healthcare information over the WWW.

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The Black Sea Tele-Diab System: development-implementation-clinical evaluation.

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Sharing medication data using the InterCare architecture.

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Building a Web-based drug ordering system for hospitals: from requirements

engineering to prototyping.

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A secure Web-based medical digital library architecture based on TTPs.

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WWW-based continuing medical education: how do general practitioners use it?

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Integrated Internet based tools for learning and evaluating the International

Classification of Nursing Practice.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2000;77:583-7.

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20273: Ambrosiadou V, Compton T, Panchal T, Polovina S.

Web-based multimedia courseware for emergency cardiac patient management


Stud Health Technol Inform. 2000;77:578-82.

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20274: Hejlesen OK, Plougmann S, Cavan DA.

DiasNet--an Internet tool for communication and education in diabetes.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2000;77:563-7.

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20275: Beux P, Duff F, Fresnel A, Berland Y, Beuscart R, Burgun A, Brunetaud

JM, Chatellier G, Darmoni S, Duvauferrier R, Fieschi M, Gillois P, Guille F,

Kohler F, Pagonis D, Pouliquen B, Soula G, Weber J.

The French Virtual Medical University.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2000;77:554-62.

PMID: 11187614 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

20276: Matthies HK, von Jan U, Porth AJ, Tatagiba M, Stan AC, Walter GF.

Multimedia-based courseware in the Virtual Learning Center at the Hannover

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