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Web alert.

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Web alert.

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What's new?

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Focus on goals, not technology.

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International health on the World Wide Web.

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Check out marketplace with these data sources.

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Career resources on the Web.

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No waiting.

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PACS: not just for radiologists.

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After midnight: post Y2K computer priorities.

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Linked for better health.

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Cancer sites on the Web.

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Be careful what you ask for!

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What the Internet can do for you. Focus: continuing education.

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Policing the Web. For kids' sake.

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Patients seek medical advice on the Web.

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TOXBASE on the Internet.

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Is E-biomed the future of JACC?

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Legal, ethical, and professional issues to consider when communicating via the

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The genetic revolution: change and challenge for the dietetics profession.

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Nutrition professionals in cyberspace: getting wired for the new millennium.

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Using new technology for nutrition counseling.

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New NABP program combines criteria, inspections to certify online pharmacy


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The millennium enigma: more is less.

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Emergency Medical Services for Children.

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Maltreatment of children.

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Visualisation and integration of G protein-coupled receptor related information

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Recent advances in telemedicine.

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Let (us help) the consumer beware!

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Spotlight on the Internet.

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Bradykinesia akinesia inco-ordination test (BRAIN TEST): an objective

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Perspectives from the prairie: the relationship between nursing regulation and

South Dakota Nursing Work Force Development.

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Getting your CME from a distance; or how to get those last few hours of

category 1.

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Spotting the legal pitfalls of healthcare on the Internet.

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Every ride a safe ride.

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Empowering adolescents with asthma to take control through adaptation.

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[Web radiology servers: advices for users, their development and evaluation of

the quality of sites]

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Projections of population-based twinning rates through the year 2100.

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Developing maternal and child health epidemiology capacity in state and local

health departments.

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E-mail etiquette: tips for effective use.

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Quality improvement initiatives in Brazil: a progress report.

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[New avenues of communication for continuous medical education: first

experiences of live broadcasting of ophthalmologY congresses via Internet]

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Sale of prescription drugs over the Internet.

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Irresistible force called DM facing some immovable objects.

Manag Care. 1999 Nov;8(11):32, 34. No abstract available.

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E-medical category killers: virtual drugstores.

Manag Care Interface. 1999 Nov;12(11):48-50. No abstract available.

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MIE '99. A bridge to knowledge: medical informatics in Europe.

MD Comput. 1999 Nov-Dec;16(6):54-5. No abstract available.

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MEDNET '99. Cybermedicine enters the new millennium.

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The physician and the Internet: observer or participant?

MD Comput. 1999 Nov-Dec;16(6):46-8. No abstract available. Erratum in: MD Comput

2000 Jan-Feb;17(1):12.

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20695: Christensen KE, Longacre JL, Randall VF, Starr SR.

Web conferencing at the USUHS medical school.

MD Comput. 1999 Nov-Dec;16(6):34-5. No abstract available.

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