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transplant area.

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Rating information on the internet can empower users to make informed


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Criminal exposure.

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[Searching literature]

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Download this!

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[Anesthesia and the Internet]

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Internet mailing lists.

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How can we cope with the Internet?

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[Internet Grateful Med V2.6.2]

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Locating a home page and journal source; hypothermia and the perioperative


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Becoming proactive about birth defects. National Folic Acid Information

Campaign begins.

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Online fund raising--the time is now.

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Building bridges.

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Fleet of innovative, new firms racing to make health care information systems


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HIV/AIDS data on the Internet.

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SOPHE: at the intersection of education, policy, and science and technology.

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What works. Intranet-based directory streamlines network's paging system--saves

$10,000 monthly.

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Coordinate your plans for EMR and PACS investments.

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When NOT to use computers.

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An exploration of helping processes in an online self-help group focusing on

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Dateline--Western Europe. Four countries with national health plans have rolled

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Selling brand MD.

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Nutrition information on the Internet.

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FTC targets HIV home kits from Internet.

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The new scientists, and the new science.

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Can ED patients read your patient education materials?

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Epidemiology and public health journals on the Internet.

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[Bibliographic references made easy with EndNote 3.0 for ophthalmology]

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Printed medical journals - will they survive?

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SNM 1999. Fused image tomography: an integrating force.

J Nucl Med. 1999 Aug;40(8):13N-14N, 17N-18N, 21N-22N passim. Review. No abstract


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Mapping the evidence base of pathology.

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Nursing's role in NetWellness: a children and adolescent health information

resource via the Web.

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The quality of surgical information on the Internet.

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e-merging technology and the care you provide.

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'E-dentities' will reduce Internet security problem.

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E-consumers and e-commerce challenge traditional referral patterns.

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Internet update: hospitals inch toward I-commerce.

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Will the Internet become the ultimate care management tool?

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'Infectious web'.

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Bombarded by stress. Healthy habits to avert burnout.

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Beyond Pierre Robin sequence.

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Developing a distance learning honours degree in health promotion for delivery

using the Internet.

Nurse Educ Today. 1999 Aug;19(6):488-94.

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21242: [No authors listed]

Navigating specialty certification.

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