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Digital image archive of the American Eugenics Movement: this rare collection

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students, educators, and the general public.

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Extra! Extra! Free data available on the web.

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Healthcare Informatics 100. Company profile: Healtheon Corp. Second time's a


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MisHIN: an outreach program to help practicing physicians keep up with medical


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GeoSentinel: the global emerging infections sentinel network of the

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Autoimmune diseases.

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Web sites worth watching.

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My furry friends.

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A new CIO's agenda: be careful what you wish for because you just might just

get it!

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Preparing for 2000.

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21649: Franke J.


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Surfing the Net.

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How patients use the web for second opinions.

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VHA to launch Internet package for docs. Alliance will compete with for-profits

in offering on-line business and clinical support services.

Mod Healthc. 1999 May 31;29(22):34-5. No abstract available.

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21657: Sherrid P.

What's up, doc.com? Health care moves closer to the digital age with the merger

of WebMD and Healtheon.

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Accrual strategies for phase I trials with delayed patient outcome.

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Evidence exists for some advertising claims made on the internet.

BMJ. 1999 May 29;318(7196):1484. No abstract available.

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Europe's molecular biologists could join global e-journal plan.

Nature. 1999 May 27;399(6734):292. No abstract available.

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On the virtual couch.

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21662: James JS.

Medical marijuana: AIDS-related information in the new Federal report.

AIDS Treat News. 1999 May 21;(No 319):6-8.

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21663: [No authors listed]

Medicaid early treatment bill now in Congress.

AIDS Treat News. 1999 May 21;(No 319):5.

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21664: Tobias T.

Updated HIV treatment guidelines available.

AIDS Treat News. 1999 May 21;(No 319):3.

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The Web and conflict of interest.

Science. 1999 May 21;284(5418):1274-5. No abstract available.

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Biology in three dimensions.

Curr Biol. 1999 May 20;9(10):R350. No abstract available.

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[Genetic causes of hearing loss--status and perspectives]

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Take a world view.

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Homeopathic e-mail.

Time. 1999 May 17;153(19):77. No abstract available.

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FramePlot: a new implementation of the frame analysis for predicting

protein-coding regions in bacterial DNA with a high G + C content.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1999 May 15;174(2):251-3.

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Websites in brief.

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21672: [No authors listed]

HIV-treatment guidelines.

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21673: Chatonnet A, Hotelier T, Cousin X.

Kinetic parameters of cholinesterase interactions with organophosphates:

retrieval and comparison tools available through ESTHER database: ESTerases,

alpha/beta Hydrolase Enzymes and Relatives.

Chem Biol Interact. 1999 May 14;119-120:567-76.

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21674: Bell CS.

The best Web sites for doctors.

Med Econ. 1999 May 10;76(9):81-2, 87-8, 93 passim. No abstract available.

PMID: 10537742 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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