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21675: Tunstall-Pedoe H, Kuulasmaa K, Mahonen M, Tolonen H, Ruokokoski E,

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Contribution of trends in survival and coronary-event rates to changes in

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African American treatment advocacy funding available, May 14 deadline.

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Model AIDS program housed in African-American church.

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21679: [No authors listed]

Gates Foundation donates $25 million for AIDS vaccine.

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Mixed response to NIH's web journal plan.

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From the Food and Drug Administration.

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The collaborative pediatrics self-study site for on-line self-assessment for

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Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder not just for children anymore.

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21690: [No authors listed]

Resources in wound care: 1999 directory.

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21691: [No authors listed]

CDC responds to 'urban legend' HIV scare. Centers for Disease Control and


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21692: [No authors listed]

Clinical trial web site updated.

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Potpourri II.

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Privacy, confidentiality, and security in information systems of state health


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Investigating prion diseases on the Internet.

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Newborns as clients: net resources of interest.

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New & emerging technologies. Going where we've never gone before.

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Is information knowledge? Does it matter?

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An investigation into the perception of dominance from schematic faces: a study

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The Missouri Developmental Disability Resource Center: a Web site responding to

the critical need for information of parents with a child with a disability.

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Remote delivery of cognitive science laboratories: a solution for small

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Measuring study time distributions: implications for designing computer-based


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Automated grading of homework assignments and tests in introductory and

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GPT.EXE: a powerful tool for the visualization and analysis of general

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Protein loops on structurally similar scaffolds: database and conformational


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Scripting Wizards for Chime and RasMol.

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21717: [No authors listed]

Study marks fifteenth year.

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21718: Engle L.

Read all about it.

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21719: Eley S.

Nutrition research using electronic mail.

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The security blanket.

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Complementary and alternative medicine use by patients with inflammatory bowel

disease: An Internet survey.

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21722: Koyani S.

Patients resources: cancer survivorship information resources from the US


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Multimedia educational services in stereotactic radiotherapy.

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Oncology clinical trials.

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Are you ready? Y2K compliance issues.

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Realizing the promise: delivering pulmonary continuing medical education over

the Internet.

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21727: Share RM.

How a complete novice came to write a medical Web site. The St. Thomas'

Hospital, London, Lupus Trust Web Site.

CIN Plus. 1999 May 1;2(2):12, 10-1. No abstract available.

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Web applications for total quality management.

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The Y2K leap and other ponderables to investigate using Internet resources.

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Antibiotic resistance and the new plagues for the 21st century.

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21732: [No authors listed]

Web alert.

Curr Cardiol Rep. 1999 May;1(1):1-4. No abstract available.

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21733: Huntley AC.

Publishing dermatology therapy reviews on-line.

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How to evaluate educational radiology sites on the Web.

Diagn Imaging (San Franc). 1999 May;21(5):75, 78, 81 passim. No abstract


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Guide to nursing organizations '99.

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Web monitor. Some sites for advanced practice nurses.

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Developments and challenges in family practice nutrition education for

residents and practicing physicians: an overview of the North American


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Education in periodontology. A need for a new teaching model.

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A survey of the computer literacy of undergraduate dental students at a

University Dental School in Ireland during the academic year 1997-98.

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21740: Nogler M, Wimmer C, Mayr E, Ofner D.

The efficacy of using search engines in procuring information about orthopaedic

foot and ankle problems from the World Wide Web.

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21741: Fernandez E.

[Presentation: Medline in Internet]

Gac Sanit. 1999 May-Jun;13(3):239-40. Spanish. No abstract available.

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A survey of web resources for basic cancer genetics research.

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21743: Egger E.

Reinventing health care: marketing consultant offers cures for what ails

today's system.

Health Care Strateg Manage. 1999 May;17(5):12-3. No abstract available.

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21744: Gillespie G.

But are they satisfied? Technology enables organizations to get faster and more

accurate results from patient satisfaction surveys.

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21745: Ackerman J.

A man on a mission. Interview by John McCormack.

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Records on the Net: an update.

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The virtual team: strategies to optimize performance.

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21748: Uphoff B, Winn J.

The health care profit pool: who stands to gain and lose in the digital


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Web sites of tomorrow: how the Internet will transform healthcare.

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Rethinking the CPR: is perfect the enemy of the good?

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Decommissioning of radiological facilities.

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"Web revolution" is changing healthcare.

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21753: [No authors listed]

SC starts on-line physician comparison data system.

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Computer imaging and workflow systems in the business office.

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Using Internet technology to extend access to legacy systems.

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21756: Rode D.

HCFA's Web site can be a valuable tool.

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21757: Weiss DA, Ricci RJ.

See the light: Project Spectrum solves some of healthcare's most challenging IT


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Resistance testing: a primer for clinicians.

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Digital debut. Newbie.net.

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Marketing nets out. Spending--and expecting--more than ever, hospitals and

systems take their message to the Web.

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Using the Internet for postgraduate medical education.

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A web-based approach for electrocardiogram monitoring in the home.

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Curriculum for building medical resources on the Internet--experience in


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PCASSO: a design for secure communication of personal health information via

the internet.

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Healthcare @ the speed of thought.

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Malpractice risks in cyperspace.

Iowa Med. 1999 May-Jun;89(3):15. No abstract available.

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Irish health care Web sites: a review.

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Substance abuse resources on the Internet.

J Am Acad Nurse Pract. 1999 May;11(5):211-3. No abstract available.

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21769: Ebell M.

Information at the point of care: answering clinical questions.

J Am Board Fam Pract. 1999 May-Jun;12(3):225-35. No abstract available.

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21770: Nolen S.

Urban legend on Internet a headache for poison center, Procter & Gamble.

J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1999 May 1;214(9):1304, 1312. No abstract available.

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Use of Internet-based resources to support an introductory animal and poultry

science course.

J Anim Sci. 1999 May;77(5):1306-13.

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21772: Sherry E.

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery on the Internet.

J Bone Joint Surg Br. 1999 May;81(3):558. No abstract available.

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21773: Hirsch R.

The brave new world of healthcare e-commerce.

J Cardiovasc Manag. 1999 May-Jun;10(3):13-4. No abstract available.

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21774: Oka A, Harima Y, Nakano Y, Tanaka Y, Watanabe A, Kihara H, Sawada S.

Interhospital network system using the worldwide web and the common gateway


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Interactive web-based radiology teaching file.

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Distributing digital imaging and communications in medicine data and optimizing

access over satellite networks.

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Digital photography of digital imaging and communications in medicine-3 images

from computers in the radiologist's office.

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PMID: 10342209 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
21778: Lutzker S, Le V, Perez-Young I, Arribas E, Ernst R, Kawashima A, Sandler


A desktop digital imaging and communications in medicine picture archiving and

communications system with multiple monitors using Windows '98.

J Digit Imaging. 1999 May;12(2 Suppl 1):191. No abstract available.

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21779: Henri CJ, Cox RD, Rubin R, Bret PM, Couch GG.

Evolution of a filmless digital imaging and communications in

medicine-conformant picture archiving and communications system: design issues

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