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Writer needs help: legal defense fund.

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Engaging the public in policy development: the National Bioethics Advisory

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First Hungarian, internet-based prospective, multicenter study: the


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The virtual lecture: delivery of live and recorded presentations over the


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EASCP adopts the new EUROQUANT server fully developed by members of the


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Urology sites on the Internet and search tips for Internet browsers.

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Web reports.

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Arthritis Research: more than a journal (http://arthritis-research.com).

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'ArzneiForsch/DrugRes'--Active presence in the Internet.

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Open clinical trials for HIV/AIDS treatments.

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Status report on HIV vaccine development.

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Tips and tools for people taking HAART.

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Genetic Simulation Library.

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A manufacturer's perspective: Hewlett Packard Y2K action plan.

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Acquisition, storage, and transmission of multi-species electrocardiographic


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Internet access in the libraries of the National Network of Libraries of


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Promoting interaction between organizations of medical librarians and health

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The digital library: an oxymoron?

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Strategies and measures for our next century.

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Biomedical research publishing: radical changes ahead.

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The role of an academic center in promoting common goals.

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The Internet--a new information medium for nurses--Part II.

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Website review.

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Discovery and development of antineoplastic agents from natural sources.

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Patient resources: your patient has cancer: the American Cancer Society has


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Lipodystrophy and altered body shape in HIV: a protease inhibitor side effect?

What do you tell your patient?

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Voice recognition technology reconsidered.

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Health promotion and case management outcomes.

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Jump-start your entry into cyberspace.

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Not so lovely spam.

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Taking charge of your computer: bookmarks and cookies.

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Present technology and future applications.

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Patient information materials in oncology: are they needed and do they work?

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Magnetic resonance imaging of embryos: an Internet resource for the study of

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Web alert.

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Genomics and array technology.

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The changing challenges of nomenclature.

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'Real time' case management keeps patients out of hospital.

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The Kidney Development Database.

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Electronic medical records in clinical diabetes care.

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InfoRAD explores strategies for integrating images, data.

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Transmission protocol speeds image data sets through PACS.

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Starting places for Web-surfing critical care nurses.

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[Internet and data bases as a part of physician's daily work at the community

health center]

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[Future of scientific journals--will the main stream of information dry out the

16000 creeks?]

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22417: Sariola H.

[Duodecim journal now on the internet:http://www.duodecim.fi]

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[A global perspective on evidence-based medicine]

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The Internet in dental education.

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Oriental and occidental cultural differences--their possible influences on

global dental education and learning.

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The origins of education--from Plato to the Internet.

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World Wide Web and Internet: applications for radiologists.

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EUFORA mailing list: a European forum for radiologists.

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The human immunoglobulin heavy variable genes.

Exp Clin Immunogenet. 1999;16(1):36-60. Review.

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