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Providers should bookmark the website of HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service


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22445: [No authors listed]

New tobacco industry documents Website unveiled.

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CHAusa helps members secure corporate compliance.

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Ready for the empowered consumer? Providers need retailer's attitude.

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Caregiving from a distance.

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6th International HUGO Mutation Database Meeting, March 27, 1999, Brisbane,


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A model for change to evidence-based practice.

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Excellent article on Web search tools.

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CoPreTHi: a Web tool which combines transmembrane protein segment prediction


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Web-based training: a new paradigm in computer-assisted instruction in


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Development of a cross-thesaurus with Internet-based refinement supported by


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Journal accessibility through Webpages.

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New methods of seafarer's training: an internet "refresher course on first-aid

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Selective guide to current reference sources on topics discussed in this issue.

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Selective guide to current reference sources on topics discussed in this issue.

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Practice brief. Patient photography, videotaping, and other imaging (updated).

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The basis for using the Internet to support the information needs of primary


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Pediatric Web. Professional journals.

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NIH office of recombinant DNA activities.

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DogMap: an international collaboration toward a low-resolution canine genetic

marker map. DogMap Consortium.

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Netview--Internet sites offering online CME.

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First anniversary of the first electronic peer-reviewed pharmaceutical sciences


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Electronic mailing lists.

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The history of poisoning in the future: lessons from Star Trek.

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How to search for information on transcultural nursing and health subjects:

Internet and CD-ROM resources.

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WebWatch--women's health. Hair, skin, and nails.

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Keeping the surfing patient from drowning?

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[Preparation of the database and the Internet (WWW) homepage for regulations on

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The current state of infectious disease: a clinical perspective on

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Luminescence on the internet

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World wide web: opportunities, challenges, and threats.

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Guiding parents' use of the Internet for newborn education.

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The promise of wireless access.

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Standards move to center stage.

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The issues and forces that shape informatics.

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[Information technology in medical education]

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