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oreilly @ internet medicine show.

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Clinical Positron Imaging and the Transition Towards an On-Line Electronic


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Surfing the Web beats pounding the pavement.

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Internet offers direct access, new ways of providing information to customers.

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Participatory design of an Internet-based information system for aging services


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New interactive Web site on cholesterol reduction.

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More red ink in 1999; better things to come?

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The Web's role in an emergency.

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Winning over physicians.

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With worries galore, should health care rely on the Internet?

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Centre for Health Information Quality.

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NHSweb Directory: pointing NHSweb users to relevant knowledge bases.

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Quality report cards market your services.

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Are you online?

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If silence = death, will numbers = answers?

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Internet usage and potential impact for acute care hospitals: survey in the

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Getting the right tool for the job.

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[Should PACS be developed?]

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Highway to health: on-line health education.

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Strategies for addressing priority information problems in health policy and

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Web-based resources for retrieving health policy information: NLM and beyond.

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The retrieval problem for health policy and public health: knowledge bases and

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More websites for women's health.

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Cancer information from the National Cancer Center, Japan. Information

Committee of the National Cancer Center, Tokyo.

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BIOETHICSLINE on the World Wide Web.

Kennedy Inst Ethics J. 1998 Dec;8(4):467-8. No abstract available.

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[ORBIT-NET. Discussion forum on orbitology on the internet]

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Will the year 2000 shut down the Internet?

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A new gene Web site for all.

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The demise of public data on the web?

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100,000 protein structures for the biologist.

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Arise, go forth, and solve structures.

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Systematic reviews. Cochrane Stroke Group.

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[Internet in consultation--headed for trouble?]

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Logging on to the Net.

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Hazmat havoc.

Occup Health Saf. 1998 Dec;67(12):42-4. No abstract available.

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Web sites help oncology nurses to strengthen leadership positions, easily

access resources.

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22944: Preising M, Lorenz B.

IRPA scientific newsletter--a new website to integrate data on hereditary

retinal disorders.

Ophthalmic Genet. 1998 Dec;19(4):213-4. No abstract available.

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