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New technology offers 'real time' picture of patients' status.

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A review of risk factors for child pedestrian injuries: are they modifiable?

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The orthopod e-mail list.

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Dermatology resources on the internet: a practical guide for dermatologists.

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Disability information on the Internet.

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Podiatric medical resources on the Internet. A second update.

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Quality information for solving clinical problems.

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Pediatric web.

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Emergency medicine resources on the Internet.

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On-line resources for otolaryngologists.

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Internet Medline providers.

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Application of multimedia in electronic communication of scientific


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Organizing American grass roots physicians around quality: the Project

Solo/Physicians Information Exchange experience.

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[The virtual university in medicine. Context, concepts, specifications, users'


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[A plan of the life-long learning support system of UOEH--possibility for the

introduction of distance learning system by the Internet]

J UOEH. 1998 Sep 1;20(3):201-12. Japanese.

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