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high-tech health care workplace.

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Clearing the way for self help.

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Online insurance eligibility verification in scheduling. Where do your patients

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Bare necessities for pediatric information sources.

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Nursing diagnosis in the International Classification for Nursing Practice


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The survey says....

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Promotional opportunities are limitless via the World Wide Web.

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Patience with patents.

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Reality orientation in the world of government relations.

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Physicians find a "virtual club" through a Web site called POL (Physicians'


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Help wanted. Employers are finding that the Internet can be a valuable

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Simply stated...on your mark, get set, go.

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The status and future of clinical pathology in Korea.

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Computerized patient records aren't much good if doctors don't use them. Here's

how one hospital got its physicians online.

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Non-linear mechanisms in the brain.

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[The physician's practice on the internet. 1: Experiences with developing a

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Phases and phase transitions of the phosphatidylcholines.

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Internet access to patients' records.

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Patients' records on the Internet: a boost for evidence-based medicine.

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Banned from the Internet. HCFA prohibits transfer of patient-identifiable data.

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[Pharmacotherapeutic compass 1998]

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Electronic records and informal networks.

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Internet virology 101.

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The future of orthopaedics on the Internet.

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Wide-area network connecting a hospital drug informatics center with a


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Internet a valuable resource.

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[Address of the outgoing President]

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A set-theoretic approach to database searching and clustering.

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Reducing cesarean section rates safely: lessons from a "breakthrough series"


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The maxillofacial surgeon's guide to the Internet.

Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 1998 Jun;36(3):215-9.

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23593: [No authors listed]

Data watch. Consumers taking bigger doses of the Internet.

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