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24325: [No authors listed]

Coalition expands to help consumers. HealthPartners' Internet data provide

hospital comparisons.

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Publisher moving onto Internet for hospital magazines. Electronic quarterly

magazine will promote 'true wellness'.

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Availability of diabetes information on the Internet.

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Genomic medicine. Internet resources for medical genetics.

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Local impact of the NHMRC early breast cancer guidelines: where to from here?

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[Pilot project limited to The Netherlands. Debate on Internet about nursing


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Data analysis using the Internet: the World Wide Web scanning probe microscopy

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Telehealth and the Internet.

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Benefits of the Internet.

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Health information networking via the Internet with the former Soviet Union.

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Delivering health information services and technologies to urban community

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Transitioning to the Internet: results of a National Library of Medicine user


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Multi-media based education.

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Social support "internetworks," caskets for sale, and more: thanatology and the

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The contour test of loudness perception.

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Security measures for protecting confdential information on the Internet and


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Non-profits and the Internet.

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Genitourinary medicine and the Internet No 8.

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Interpreting a sequenced genome: toward a cosmid transgenic library of

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Enhancing quality and controlling costs: using Internet technology to apply

workflow to health care.

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Linking providers and managed care organizations via the Internet.

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Internet-enabled solutions for health care business problems.

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Hacking the health system: using public key infrastructure to protect health

information on the Internet.

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Health care management and the Internet: breaking the barriers of geography and


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How to successfully implement medical education via the Internet.

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Top 10 web sites for hospital managers.

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24356: Bacro TR, Murphy JC, Reeves BA.

Integration of an Internet anatomy review of the knee joint in a rehabilitation

sciences curriculum: "http:/(/)www.musc.edu/chp-rehab/anatomy/ kneedemo.htm".

J Allied Health. 1997 Fall;26(4):159-61. Review.

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Dermatology on the Internet.

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Nothing but net?

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PFDB: a protein families database for Macintosh computers. The effectiveness of

its organization in searching for protein similarity.

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Current awareness services on the Internet.

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Internet safety for schools, teachers, and parents.

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The quality of information on women's health on the Internet.

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24363: [No authors listed]

[When the Internet grows tiresome]

Krankenpfl J. 1997 Oct;35(10):410. German. No abstract available.

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24364: [No authors listed]

Internet chain letters--with a medical twist.

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Internet-based disease and demand management.

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Health care marketing and the Internet.

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Journal searching in non-MEDLINE resources on Internet Web sites.

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UnCover on the Web: search hints and applications in library environments.

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Investing in a master's degree.

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Nurse writers internet and World Wide Web sites.

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The mouse atlas and graphical gene-expression database

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24372: [No authors listed]

Cyberspace teamwork results in Medicare reimbursement. Nurses use the Internet

to support bill.

Telemed Virtual Real. 1997 Oct;2(10):109-10. No abstract available.

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24373: Knudsen JH.

[Endocrinology on the Internet]

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24374: [No authors listed]

Internet ... health-related sites.

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Poison on line--acute renal failure caused by oil of wormwood purchased through

the Internet.

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The ED and the PC. Internet resources for emergency and disaster care.

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Nursing and the Internet.

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Paper problems: Internet/Intranet solutions.

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Internet and obstetrics and gynecology.

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A remote conference system for image diagnosis on the World-Wide Web.

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Alternative medicine on the Internet.

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Using the Internet to augment preventive medicine residency programs.

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Travel medicine: a perspective on the emerging problem of travel-related


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Surgery on the Internet. Conclusion: e-mail newsgroups, and other Internet


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Menopause on the Internet: building knowledge and community on-line.

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The Archives and the Internet.

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How to use and cite Internet resources, with special attention to radiation

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Internet--information super-highway.

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USPHS recommendations for HIV treatment during pregnancy. United States Public

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Do nurses have the information resources and skills for research utilization?

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The information highway for the pediatrician: an understanding of the Internet

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Using the Internet as a pharmacokinetic resource.

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Searching for information on the World Wide Web--a guide for dental health

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Health services, coordination and the Internet.

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Using the Internet for data collection in nursing research.

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24396: [No authors listed]

How to profit from ... the Internet. The web of dentistry.

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Dent Econ 1997 Dec;87(12):45.

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How to profit from ... the Internet. As handy as a Swiss Army knife.

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How to profit from ... the Internet. Like a 'daily electronic study club'.

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It's live and it's through the Internet.

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Computers and the Internet in cardiac care. Will cardiology rise to this

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Escherichia coli O157 infection disaster in Japan, 1996.

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An interleukin-7 internet for intestinal intraepithelial T cell development:

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Strategy and the new economics of information.

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Developing products on Internet time.

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Cloning human beings. Responding to the National Bioethics Advisory

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[Dermatology on the Internet]

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Intranets: the latest trend in the development of broad health networks.

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Helpful Internet sites for HIMs.

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Conducting a literature review on the effectiveness of health care


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24413: [No authors listed]

Web-based patient education becoming a powerful tool in demand management.

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A communication server for telemedicine applications.

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Ophthalmology on the information superhighway: an introduction to the Internet.

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[The nurse and the Internet--foolish or a bright idea?]

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Podiatric Medical Resources on the Internet. An update.

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The Internet and electronic transmission of medical records.

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Molecular databases on the Internet.

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How to get medical information from the Internet.

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A Web-based system for the intelligent management of diabetic patients.

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The Internet and physicians.

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[Microbiology and the Internet]

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Who needs paper? Hospital cooperative moves data to Internet, easing access.

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Midwives, midwifery and the Internet.

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Resources for human genetics on the World Wide Web.

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The need for information-based practice in case management.

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Strategies for getting students on the information superhighway.

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Researching health care topics on the Internet.

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Take steps to assess the quality of cancer information on the Internet.

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PediHeart: pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery on the Internet.

Pediatr Cardiol. 1997 Sep-Oct;18(5):323-5. No abstract available.

PMID: 9270096 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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