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Sexual experience of female partners of men with erectile dysfunction: the

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Public education: the AUA and AUA foundation.

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Electronic strategies for information and research:

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Online bidding for open nursing shifts.

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Information parents need about preparing formula.

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Another hero for all of us.

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2430: [No authors listed]

Sourcing made easy.

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Development and evaluation of an ODL course on Medical Image Processing.

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E-learning for assistive technology professionals--a review of the TELEMATE


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Evaluation of the e-Learning material developed by EMERALD and EMIT for

diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy.

Med Eng Phys. 2005 Sep;27(7):633-9.

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Challenge-based instruction in biomedical engineering: a scalable method to

increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning in biomedical


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EMIT International Consortia.

Development of educational image databases and e-books for medical physics


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A research program in medical physics for remote students.

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2437: Sprawls P.

Re-engineering the process of medical imaging physics and technology education

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