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["Open access" is good! Try it yourself]

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An Internet-based patient-provider communication system: randomized controlled


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AAO maintains your continuing education credits from AAO-sponsored events,


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Gender, Internet identification, and Internet anxiety: correlates of Internet


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KORA-gen--resource for population genetics, controls and a broad spectrum of

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What works. Putting a price on underpaid claims.

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Practical ethics. Organ donors by Internet.

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Put it in writing!

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dbQSNP: a database of SNPs in human promoter regions with allele frequency

information determined by single-strand conformation polymorphism-based methods.

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LOVD: easy creation of a locus-specific sequence variation database using an

"LSDB-in-a-box" approach.

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Steroid phobia and adherence--problems, solutions, impact on benefit/risk


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Do scientific publications change anything?

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eLearning techniques supporting problem based learning in clinical simulation.

Int J Med Inform. 2005 Aug;74(7-8):527-33.

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