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A case of a false positive result on a home HIV test kit obtained on the


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Swedish Match: sucked into controversy, worldwide.

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Wired hospitals: safety net. Creating a national patient record system is a

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[An examination in comparison Web site with other root on the revised

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A novel mutation in the FOXL2 gene in a Chinese family with blepharophimosis,

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Software solutions.

Nature. 2005 Jul 28;436(7050):600. No abstract available.

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Ethics debate is what put Newcastle paper in the news.

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FAST DB: a website resource for the study of the expression regulation of human

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Internet-based search of randomised trials relevant to mental health

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Psychophysiological effects of a web-based stress management system: a

prospective, randomized controlled intervention study of IT and media workers


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2720: Tillhammar P.

[Open access is not only a vision. The development towards free access to

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