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research results has already started]

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Lighting the way: luminary project proposes solutions for a safer, cleaner


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Thomas E. Ludwig: Charles L. Brewer Award for Distinguished Teaching in


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[Systematic drug documentation]

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[Patients' mailbox and electronic prescription]

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Resources for preceptors.

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Protecting youth online: family use of filtering and blocking software.

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Minimizing risks to children when they access the world wide web.

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Media literacy for clinicians and parents.

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Addicted media: substances on screen.

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The internet and children: advantages and disadvantages.

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The Joanna Briggs Institute: its contribution to evidence-based practice.

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A framework for technology assessment: approaches for the selection of a home

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Allergic reaction.

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International communication via the Internet: Turkish nursing students'


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Identifying research priorities for the health care of children and


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The morning after on the internet: usage of and questions to the emergency

contraception website.

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Lessons from Darwin: evolutionary biology's implications for Alzheimer's

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Deliberate self-harm in children and adolescents: a research update.

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Cyber solutions to practice problems.

Dent Today. 2005 Jul;24(7):122-3. No abstract available.

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