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Web services in the life sciences.

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Cancer data coming soon to laptops everywhere.

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Science education: a neuroscientist's view of translational medicine.

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Visualization-based discovery and analysis of genomic aberrations in microarray


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[Positive attitude to prescription of generic preparations. Report from the

Genvagen-project in western Gotaland]

Lakartidningen. 2005 Jun 13-26;102(24-25):1911-3. Swedish. No abstract


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Reigniting the charge for IT. Leavitt will spearhead federal effort to develop

national healthcare IT network, but question remains: who will pay?

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[The Danish Cholecystectomy Database--DCD]

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To protect the innocent. Learning to keep sexual predators at bay.

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Online music model could work for journals.

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Drug companies monitor web chat for adverse reaction reports.

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Gay men who look for sex on the Internet: is there more HIV/STI risk with

online partners?

AIDS. 2005 Jun 10;19(9):961-8.

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3181: Sealfon A.

Readers' and author's responses to the webcast video editorial entitled

"pandemic flu: we are not prepared".

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