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Readers' responses to the webcast video editorial entitled "resuscitating the


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[Erection due to 'high flow' priapism in a 5-year old: an emergency]

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Readers' responses to the webcast video editorial entitled "the American

healthcare 'system' in 2005--part 7".

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A life science Semantic Web: are we there yet?

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Health care report cards: pass or fail?

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How technology cuts staff costs.

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By the numbers. 25 busiest community hospital emergency departments ranked by

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'Are we there yet?'.

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The effect of web-based, personalized, osteoarthritis quality improvement

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A comparative analysis of case presentation modalities used in clinical

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Wired for education: AAFP takes major CME initiative to the Web.

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Validity and reliability of an internet-based temporal gait assessment tool

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correlation access number and Japanese cedar pollen counts]

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PC_Eyewitness: a computerized framework for the administration and practical

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Selecton: a server for detecting evolutionary forces at a single amino-acid


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[The televisit system in patients care after discharge in clinical use--first


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Male infertility on the Internet: an analysis of web-based resources.

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Web-based research of lower urinary tract symptoms that affect quality of life

in elderly Japanese men: analysis using a structural equation model.

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'Nobody likes damaged goods': the experience of adult visible acne.

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Evaluation of internet websites about retinopathy of prematurity patient


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Psychological investigation of the structure of paranoia in a non-clinical


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Development and initial validation of the Brunel lifestyle physical activity


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3467: Krakowski I, Theobald S, Fabre N, Delorme T, Binhas M, Collin E, Duclos

R, Jaulmes D, Luu M, Rostaing-Rigattieri S, Rousselot H, Torlotin G, Vuillemin


[Full version of the 2005 Standards, Options and Recommendations for the

management of procedure-related pain (lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration or

biopsy, blood sampling) in adult patients with cancer.]

Bull Cancer. 2005 May 1;92(5):465-88. Review. French.

PMID: 15932811 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

3468: Jack SM, Bouck LM, Beynon CE, Ciliska DK, Mitchell MJ.

Marketing a hard-to-swallow message: recommendations for the design of media

campaigns to increase awareness about the risks of binge drinking.

Can J Public Health. 2005 May-Jun;96(3):189-93.

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3469: Aller RD.

Linking software making gains and foraying into new domains.

CAP Today. 2005 May;19(5):29-30, 32-4, 36-8 passim. Review. No abstract


PMID: 15991794 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
3470: Vlasnik JJ, Aliotta SL, DeLor B.

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