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perceived health status in adolescents]

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World Health Organization develops guidance for vaccine safety information on

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Science's next generation finds its own way.

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Trial registration: ignored to irresistible.

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Systematic review: an evaluation of major commercial weight loss programs in

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Web and telecounselling in Australia.

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By the numbers. Top 20 pharmaceutical companies ranked by U.S. sales, November

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[From paper to Internet-based manuscript submission]

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Environmental health: an opportunity for health promotion and disease


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Aspects of residency programs' web sites important to student applicants.

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Online bioterrorism continuing medical education: development and preliminary


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Web-based learning in residents' continuity clinics: a randomized, controlled


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MOFOID--not only the protein modeling server.

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[Rupture of the pectoralis major muscle -- causes, diagnosis, treatment]

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[Experimental models in research]

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4328: Back O, Vahlquist A, Andersson A.

Acta Dermato-Venereologica becomes its own publisher and moves towards open


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[Hans Berger (1873-1941)--the history of electroencephalography]

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[Computerization and the importance of information in health system, as in

health care resources registry]

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[National public health information system]

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[Development of information system at Sestre Milosrdnice Clinical Hospital]

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[Information system in primary health care]

Acta Med Croatica. 2005;59(3):209-12. Croatian.

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