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Press kit leads to wide, consistent coverage of Parma Hospital honor.

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OHSU web site readers have access to distinctive information. How to e-mail a

child in the hospital; where to find a midwife.

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New Jersey hospitals renew their identities; part of Meridian Health. Raising

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The role of poison control centres in the protection of public health: changes

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Poisonings resulting from the ingestion of magic mushrooms in Krakow.

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Teaching efforts to spread TME surgery in Sweden.

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[From PICO to search terms on the Internet: how to find relevant information?

New coxibs: do they have a better gastrointestinal safety?]

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New approaches to health promotion and informatics education using Internet in

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Invisibility, safety and psycho-social distress among same-sex attracted women

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The growing complexity of international policy in intellectual property.

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Acceptability of less than perfect health states.

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Health. Care. Anywhere. Today.

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Innovation in telehealth and a role for the government.

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IT-based diagnostic instrumentation systems for personalized healthcare


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Central IT-Structures for Integrated Medical Research and Health Care of Viral

Hepatitis - Hep-Net.

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A Multi-Source Information System via the Internet for End-Stage Renal Disease:

Scalability and Data Quality.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005;116:994-9.

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MetaSurv: Web-Platform Generator for the Monitoring of Health Indicators and

Interactive Geographical Information System.

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Health information on the internet: evaluating greek health portals and

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Collaborative Approaches to e-Health: Valuable for Users and Non-users.

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Experimenting with Case-Based Reasoning to Present Educative Health Information

on the Internet: The Example of SeniorGezond.

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User acceptance of and satisfaction with a personal electronic health record.

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Refinement of an automatic method for indexing medical literature - a

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MobiDis: Toward a Patient Centric Healthcare Information System.

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2005;116:557-62.

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Object-oriented implementation for the dual surface minimisation algorithm.

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Computed Quality Assessment of MPEG4-compressed DICOM Video Data.

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The Baltic Health Network - Taking Secure, Internet-based Healthcare Networks

to the Next Level.

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4899: Masic Z, Novo A, Masic I, Kudumovic M, Toromanovic S, Rama A, Dzananovic

A, Bander I, Basic M, Guso E, Balta E.

Distance learning at biomedical faculties in bosnia & herzegovina.

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