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E-dating, identity and HIV prevention: theorising sexualities, risk and network


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How can health services effectively meet the health needs of homeless people?

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Over-the-internet availability of hormonal contraceptives regardless of risk


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Public acceptance of drug use for non-disease conditions.

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Ethics update: lessons learned from Terri Schiavo: the importance of healthcare

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Servers for protein structure prediction.

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The Jerusalem TeleRehabilitation System, a new low-cost, haptic rehabilitation


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Systematic review of antimicrobial treatments for diabetic foot ulcers.

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Web portals.

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Music therapy in the treatment of multiple sclerosis: a comprehensive

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The use of an Internet-based Ask the Doctor Service involving family

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Cybermedicine and the gastroenterologist.

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Process evaluation of an innovative healthy eating website promoting the

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Web tool promotes design excellence.

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Simplifying data collection for process evaluation of community coalition

activities--an electronic web-based application.

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