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Welcome to cyberspace.

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Enter your e-mail address: how German Internet users manage their e-mail


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Variations in internet-related problems and psychosocial functioning in online

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6904: [No authors listed]

Obesity epidemic creates demand for online solutions.

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Discontinuous buffer systems operative at pH 2.5 - 11.0, 0 degrees C and 25

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A cluster of leptospirosis cases in canoeists following a competition on the

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Effectiveness of a TEOAE-based screening program. Can a patient-tracking system

effectively be organized using modern information technology and central data


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The Internet's impact on policy evaluation: information compression and


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1st International Conference on Panic Attacks: diversity of theories and

treatments. september 5-8, 2003, London.

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Mission statements: what do they tell us about family medicine training


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6913: Butzlaff M, Vollmar HC, Floer B, Koneczny N, Isfort J, Lange S.

Learning with computerized guidelines in general practice?: A randomized

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