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NCI site design guidelines.

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In your daily quest for news and information, do you prefer print publications

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Computer and Internet applications for psychological treatment: update for


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[The Icelandic Medical Journal on the Internet [Editorial].]

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Promoting patient safety and enabling evidence-based practice through


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Plotting the course of technology.

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Quantify technology's benefits.

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7449: [No authors listed]

Health plan's sales team visits hospitals to boost website use.

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7450: [No authors listed]

Doctors use web tool to compare practice based on case mix, acuity.

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[Medicine by e-mail]

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Unclaimed prescriptions after automated prescription transmittals to


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Carpe diem. Retooling the publish or perish model into the share and survive


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A letter in response to improving the quality of care in physician office

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Virtual access. Despite concerns, more physicians are realizing the value of

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New rules, same complaints. Web site posts gripes about work-hours violations.

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Government veterinary surgeons website.

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[Influenza surveillance in Germany]

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Milton and Galileo would back BMJ on free speech.

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Europe's researchers up in arms over clinical-trial rules.

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Access to JAMA.

JAMA. 2004 Jan 21;291(3):370-1. No abstract available.

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Online consumer surveys as a methodology for assessing the quality of the

United States health care system.

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The porn factor.

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Surgical quality: review of Californian measures.

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Presentation on websites of possible benefits and harms from screening for

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Fluctuations in network dynamics.

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Open access to science and culture.

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Taxonomy: impediment or expedient?

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The pharmaceutical supply chain: a perfect storm is brewing.

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Prediction of posttranslational modifications using intact-protein mass

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TopNet: a tool for comparing biological sub-networks, correlating protein

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Identification of polymorphic tandem repeats by direct comparison of genome

sequence from different bacterial strains: a web-based resource.

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Development and validation of the CAM Health Belief Questionnaire (CHBQ) and

CAM use and attitudes amongst medical students.

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Preserving today's scientific record for tomorrow.

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7503: Swartz SH, Cowan TM, Batista IA.

Using claims data to examine patients using practice-based Internet

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