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[Public accessibility to the journal of Internal Medicine through J-STAGE ]

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[Severe acute respiratory syndrome, avian influenza, the World Health

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[The German Network for Evidence-based Medicine -- DNEbM]

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Accessibility of web sites containing colorectal cancer information to adults

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Outcomes of a Web-based patient education program for asthmatic children and


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Buying prescription drugs on the internet: promises and pitfalls.

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Working Party.

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Side-effects of allergen-specific immunotherapy: a prospective multi-centre


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New drugs of abuse in North America.

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A critical appraisal of internet resources on colorectal cancer.

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Pulling the plug on hi-tech child abuse.

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PowerPoint presentations to the video game generation.

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Sawatzky-Dickson D, Suderman E.

A survey study of pediatric nurses' use of information sources.

Comput Inform Nurs. 2006 Mar-Apr;24(2):105-12.

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