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Our "Collegium Antropologicum" officially the most improved social science

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[Medical Centre for Quality in Medicine 1995-2002--seven years of creating and

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Berry good news, but not for decaf teas.

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Public measures of hospital quality coming.

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Making connections across an enterprise. Enterprise resource planning systems

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I.T. part of payers' new game plans. Payers are using software to improve

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Forty to one. Healthcare organization collects on the uncollectable and gains

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9572: [No authors listed]

Center uses Web images to aid diabetes treatment.

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Electronic system places patients in post-acute care.

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Review of evaluations of educational approaches to promote safe storage of


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Medical student awareness of sexual health is poor.

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9583: [No authors listed]

Report: professionals upbeat about adoption of e-health applications.

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Web at bedside.

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Broadcasting surgeries on the Web.

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Information sources and their use by parents of children with ophthalmic


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Finding sex partners on-line: a new high-risk practice among older adults?

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Act now on crucial healthcare efforts. Government action, technology changes,

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The design and construction of an interactive website concerning biomedical


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9599: [No authors listed]

The Cat Group launches policy statements and website. Policy statement 1:

timing of neutering.

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Internet resources for neurologists.

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Research and regulatory actions: a continuing circle of events.

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Postcementation hypersensitivity: scientific data versus dentists' perceptions.

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Human genetics information on the Web.

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The application of online surveys for workplace health research.

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Hepatitis B and you: a patient education resource for pregnant women and new


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A smart shopper's guide to buying drugs online.

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Electronic freedom of information: challenges facing the regulators and the


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eBay sells capital idea.

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Searching for and selecting a nursing facility.

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A consumer health record for supporting the patient-centered management of

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Modular representation of the guideline text: an approach for maintaining and

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Analysis of user-satisfaction with the use of a teleconsultation system in


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Tecan's Jan Timmers' view of tomorrow's trends and training. Interview by

Carren Bersch.

MLO Med Lab Obs. 2003 Jun;35(6):32-3. No abstract available.

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9623: New Zealand Dental Association www.nzda.org.nz.

New Zealand Dental Association practice guidelines on evidence-based dentistry.

N Z Dent J. 2003 Jun;99(2):30-2.

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Online medical journals: need of the hours.

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Associations between smoking and heritable temperament traits.

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SPINE 2: a system for collaborative structural proteomics within a federated

database framework.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Jun 1;31(11):2833-8.

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Addressing the need for education: curriculum development for nurses about

intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Nurs Clin North Am. 2003 Jun;38(2):185-204.

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9628: Edmunds M.

Take action against refused prescriptions.

Nurse Pract. 2003 Jun;28(6):54. No abstract available.

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Keeping up with medical information: a Website to help.

Oncology (Williston Park). 2003 Jun;17(6):768-70. No abstract available.

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Evaluating the reliability and validity of three tools to assess the quality of

health information on the Internet.

Patient Educ Couns. 2003 Jun;50(2):151-5.

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The effects of war on children in Africa.

Pediatr Surg Int. 2003 Jun;19(4):227-32. Epub 2003 Apr 26.

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Comparison of information about the quality of apparel in three retail formats.

Percept Mot Skills. 2003 Jun;96(3 Pt 1):839-46.

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9633: [No authors listed]

E-prescribing slashes pharmacy costs 10% in 6 months.

Perform Improv Advis. 2003 Jun;7(6):81-3. No abstract available.

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9634: Abrams SM, Hyland A, Cummings KM.

Internet cigarette purchasing among ninth-grade students in Western New York.

Prev Med. 2003 Jun;36(6):731-3. No abstract available.

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Structural proteome of human colostral fat globule membrane proteins.

Proteomics. 2003 Jun;3(6):897-905.

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Patterns of searching for information on the World Wide Web: a pilot study.

Psychol Rep. 2003 Jun;92(3 Pt 2):1091-6.

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9637: Wann DL, Friedman K, McHale M, Jaffe A.

The Norelco Sport Fanatics Survey: examining behaviors of sport fans.

Psychol Rep. 2003 Jun;92(3 Pt 1):930-6.

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Social image of students who shop and don't shop online.

Psychol Rep. 2003 Jun;92(3 Pt 1):823-7.

PMID: 12841449 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

9639: Glanville J, Wilson P, Richardson R.

Accessing the online evidence: a guide to key sources of research information

on clinical and cost effectiveness.

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