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Federal, State and local law enforcers tackle deceptive spam and internet


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Diabetes technology news. International Consortium completes human genome


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[Duodecim journal even more electronic]

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[Report from the editorial board]

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A home care update.

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Experiences of physicians who frequently use e-mail with patients.

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Readers perspectives. Wireless networks will be mission-critical I.T. tools for

most health care provider organizations in the year 2010.

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Electronic claims growth remains stubbornly slow.

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e-health rises from the ashes.

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Reinventing the house call.

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Internet use by physicians and its impact on medical practice-an exploratory


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Determinants of the use of health plan information in formulating health plan

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Cost-effective advertising through TV and newspaper "banner" ads.

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A new year of opportunities.

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Health-related Internet use, coping, social support, and health indicators in

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The clinical and cost-effectiveness of pulsatile machine perfusion versus cold

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non-heart-beating donors.

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Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of acute hospital-based spinal cord

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10733: Cody J, Wyness L, Wallace S, Glazener C, Kilonzo M, Stearns S, McCormack

K, Vale L, Grant A.

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