1 Phonetics as a branch of linguistics

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ekz fonetika
Informational Style

The most neutral among styles is informational style (formal, neutral) which we employ in educational descriptive narratives, press reporting and broadcasting.

In these texts loudness Is stable or normal, diminishing towards the end of the passage. The rate of speech does not vary greatly, the tempo is marked as moderate, pauses are not prolongued, rhythm is organized properly. We pay special attention (accent) on the most important semantic centers of the passages (singling out the main ideas). Here we resort to such terminal tones as falling, mid-level and low rising. There are no great contrasts between accented and unaccented segments of phrases.

In informational dialogues when we have a speaker and a listener we must support the attention of the speakers towards each other. The utterances are not complete, great is the role of pauses and paralinguistic factors - gestures, body movements, noises and so an. Interjections and pause-fillers are frequent. Speech arc not emotional (neutral) because the speaker tries to be objective.

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