1 Phonetics as a branch of linguistics

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ekz fonetika
Publicistic style:
The aim of the speaker is to persuade and influence the audience, the substantiate his arguments. Here we can meet all tricks which are based on numerous contrasts in ail prosodic features. Oratorical skills need special training. There are famous schools of public speech makers where intonation plays an important role. Speech of this kind is always prepared. There are different opinions as to whether to make use of different notes (they may distract the speaker is to produce an impression on his listeners, to inspire them, to arouse their enthusiasm). The speaker is concerned about the effect he produces on his listeners. There are great contrasts of pitch, loudness, tempo and tambre accompanied by Kinetics. The clarity of articulation (enunciation) is very strong here every sound must be distinct, together with dignified slow tempo, sonority and resonance, strict rhythm. As one of the aims of the speaker is to entertain his listeners he must combine publicistic style with declamatory, informational and conversational.

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