1. Some hot rods are made from. A. small vans

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1. Some hot rods are made from _____.

A. small vans

B. old cars

C. new trains

D. big ships

2. What is this book about?

A. big birds

B. fast rides

C. healthy meals

D. famous people

3. It took _____ to build the cool ride that can fly.

A. 7 minutes

B. 3 months

C. 11 years

D. 15 days

4. The fastest car's engines come from a _____.

A. jet plane

B. ship

C. motorcycle

D. train

5. One cool ride can even _____.

A. sing

B. draw

C. fly

D. walk

6. The fastest car can go _____ miles per hour.

A. 139

B. 74

C. 763

D. 28

7. One cool ride can skip across _____.

A. caves

B. stars

C. water

D. countries

8. What can pollute the air?

A. gas

B. light

C. water

D. trees

9. What does the Batmobile have?

A. hair

B. wings

C. hands

D. feet

10. The fastest car has _____ engines.

A. two

B. twenty

C. seven

D. forty

11. An _____ helps a car move.

A. antler

B. outlet

C. import

D. engine

12. One car was _____.

A. from the future

B. on the moon

C. in a black hole

D. in a movie

13. One car is called the _____.

A. Catvan

B. Dogtruck

C. Horsecycle

D. Batmobile

14. What does the Batmobile look like?

A. a lion

B. a star

C. a shoe

D. a bat

15. Something that does not waste energy is _____.

A. flat

B. efficient

C. flexible

D. hot

16. An efficient car needs just a little _____.

A. speed

B. gas

C. air

D. tire

17. How fast something moves is its _____.

A. height

B. length

C. speed

D. weight

18. Hot rods have _____ engines.

A. strong

B. green

C. flat

D. weak

19. Most cars have one _____.

A. engine

B. wheel

C. seat

D. wing

20. The Batmobile's wings pop up when it _____.

A. slows down

B. starts

C. goes fast

D. stops
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