1509 April 28 2015 walk in the reality of your victory

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1509 April 28 2015 walk in the reality of your victory

[Music] [singing] Forward, forward, running the race. We are moving --

Trunell: That your latter days are going to be better than your former days.
[Music] [singing] Help me sing it now. Forward, forward, running the race. We are moving forward, forward, forward by faith. Sing it again forward by faith. Come on lift your voice and say, forward by faith. I can't hear you.

Alexis: Life is in the power of the tongue. You and I need to open our mouths and say what we want to see. We need to open our mouths and learn to agree with God.

[Music] [singing] Forward by faith. We’re going to stay strong moving forward by faith, forward by faith. We're moving. Forward by faith. Yeah. Forward by faith. No matter what comes our way. Forward by faith. We're pressing on every day. Forward by faith. Yeah, we're moving forward by faith.

Trunell: Welcome to the Forward by Faith television broadcast. We're the Felder’s, and we're excited that you're here on today.

Alexis: We believe God has a word just for your life. Let's listen to what doth sayeth the Lord.

Trunell: The Bible says in 2 Kings 6:16, don't be afraid. Because those who are with us, are more than those who are with them. Look at your neighbor and say, “Walk in the reality of your victory.” Tell somebody else, “Walk in it baby, walk in it, walk in the reality.” Come on, tell them let's get real now, let's walk in it. Now give Him some praise if you know you got victory. Hallelujah, you may be seated. Walk, walk in the reality of your victory. Let me just check, do I have any real folks in the house? Come on, some real folk. Just let me see you. If I got any real people in the room. Yeah, yeah, yeah, see that's a good thing because people pride themselves on being real. They pride themselves on being realistic, on dealing in reality and dealing in the facts and not being hoodwinked, bamboozled and run amok and living in some dream and fairyland. Tell somebody, “I'm real.” I wanted tell you this morning that the longer I live, and the longer I walk with God, the more I realize that there is more to reality than a manifested physicality. In other words, there's more to what's really real than what you can see, taste, touch, smell and hear. Do you need to tell somebody? There's more to real than this. See every day, whether you know it or not, you are dealing with the ultimate reality that's governing what you think is real. There's some stuff that's going on behind the scenes that’s pulling the strings, that is manifest in stuff in front of you that makes you think that it's more real than the God that you serve. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago the Lord told us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and against rulers of the darkness of this world? And I get spiritual wickedness in high places. Grab your neighbor and tell them, “We are in a wrestling match right now.” Come on, pull their shoulder, pull their hand, tell them, “Wake up, we're in a wrestling match.” We've got principalities. Somebody say principalities. We got powers. Somebody say powers. We got rulers of darkness. Somebody say rulers of darkness. You all remember, let me give you a quick review, remember we talked about those principalities. That they are the administrative demons who give assignment to other demons and they are over certain regions. Somebody say principalities. Then there are powers that emanate their power of darkness just like cell towers and radio towers. There are some 99 radio stations that impact the Chicagoland area. You don't see the waves going back and forth, but there's somebody in a station that's talking trash that's impacting somebody in a car going down the road. That how it is with demonic influence. There are royal powers of darkness that move to try to blanket certain regions and certain churches with divisions and schisms and lust demons and crazy demons from the back pew to the pulpit. Folks acting buggy and don't even know why they're acting buggy. Tell your neighbor there's as wrestling match going on. Then there's rulers of darkness that are over continents and over countries and they sit in high places. And there's a war going on in a dimension that you don't see. There's the heavenlies where God sits. There's the atmospheric heaven where the rain came down, but then there's the heavenlies where there's as fight going on for the souls of men and women trying to get the victory over your thought life, over your love life, over your giving life. Somebody ought to hear me up in here. Smack your neighbor and tell them there's a war going on whether you like it or not. And see and the reason I did that quick review is because you need to be cognizant of the real reality; there is always a group of demonic forces that are trying to keep you from walking in your victory. The enemy has peeped in on the congress of God who has legislated you are the head and not the tail. So they go before and try to interrupt what God has for you, but somebody ought to holler what God has for me is for me, and there is no devil in hell, or in the atmosphere, is going to keep me from getting what God has me. I can only imagine what God is going to release for me in the year 2013. Somebody ought to give God a shout of victory. Holler, get ready for what God  touch three people and tell them, “It’s on the way, it's on the way.” Act like you want it, act! See I know, I know, some of you are like that little fool, he's crazy. He's gets to hollering like he wants to fight. What's wrong with him? Because here's what I understand that we forget; whether you know it or not, you are always at war. Devil doesn’t care about your white robe. He doesn't care about your deacon badge. He doesn't care nothing about your biz, (?) your BMW, your mama, your daddy, your job, your money. Every time God allows you to get up, you might take a day off, but the devil doesn’t take a day off. They're on their job 24/7. Tell anybody, “I don't feel like I'm at war.” You want a little cute, privatized religion. But what you need to understand is if you didn’t want to fight, you shouldn't have got saved. If you didn't want to fight, you shouldn't have entered the kingdom of God. If you didn't want to fight, you sure shouldn't have joined this church. Because what you need to understand is after you got saved, you were birthed into the Kingdom of God. And because you chose sides, the kingdom of light don't like the kingdom of darkness. And the kingdom of darkness has hell against the kingdom of light. And the kingdom suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. And if you’re going to be on the Lord's side, you might as well put them up and get ready to take the enemy out. Tell your neighbor, “Put them up. Put up or shut up!” It’s time to fight the good fight of faith, and since you are in the fight, you might as well win. Tell your neighbor, “We win, we win.” I know you want to do it, what's wrong with him? See here's the deal, I wish I could give you the good news that if you behave yourself, act domesticated, and come to church and not bother anybody, nobody is going to mess with you. But then I'd be liar. Because look at verse 8, it says, “Now the king of Aram was at war with Israel.” It didn’t say Israel was at war with the king of Aram. It said the king of Aram was at war with Israel. It didn’t that Israel was at war with the king of Aram. Here the children of Israel are having a war that they didn't ask for. Do you not understand that it makes no difference whether you act nice, domesticated, anointed, demure, and not mess with anybody? Just because you wear the label of God's child. Just because the blood is on you. The enemy sayeth, “How dare you receive the prosperity of God and think I'm going to leave you alone.” So he'll make your child act the fool, make your spouse act the fool, make you pray for your spouse to come to church, and once they get saved, make you act a fool. Because there's a war going on, and the enemy wants to win by any means necessary. Tell your neighbor again, “Get ready to fight.” See but what the enemy keeps forgetting is to read the end of the story. He might start the fight, but Jesus is going finish that Mama Jama. Do I have anybody in here who knows you're on the winning side? The deal is he tries to make you think what you see is your real reality so that you'll act in line with what you see instead of the real reality of your victory. See I understand, “But Reverend, how do I walk in the reality of my victory?” I’m glad the smart, 11 o'clock service asked. How do you do it? Hear me real good, might want to write this down, put it on your mirror. It’s, in order to manifest the reality of your victory, you must understand that Godly counsel and divine connectivity is key to you walking in victory. Who are you connected to? And do they have enough anointing on them to get you out of the hell that you're going through? Listen to me, the Bible says in Psalms 1:1, you read this and you learn this in Sunday school, listen, it says, “Blessed the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly. Nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on that law doth he meditate day and night.” Ask your neighbor, “Should I sit next to you? Or should I disconnect?” Come here, this text shows you, daughter, that there are two types of counsel: there's the counsel of the wicked, and there's the counsel of the Godly. There's divine counsel, and there's demonic counsel. There's Godly women counsel and there's silly sister girl counsel. Oh, you all need to hear me up in here. And you're going to get counseled one way or the other, it depends on who you open your ear gate to. Oh, you all need to hear me. Look at verse 8, it says, "After conferring with his officers, the king of Aram said, ‘I will set up my camp in such and such a place.’” You all thought that was from us didn't you? That's from the Bible. Tell your neighbor, “Such and such.” “In such and such a place,” – look now – “the king of Aram conferred with his counsel to set up camp against the children of God.” The reality is the enemy will always consort and counsel with other folk to come up against you. The king of Aram conferred with his counsel. Oh, but the king of Israel conferred with his counsel. Look at verse 9 it says, “The man of God sent word to the king of Israel.” Tell your neighbor, “I got a word.” “He said, ‘Beware of passing that place because of the Armenians are going down there.’ So the king of Israel checked on the place indicated by the man of God. Time and time again Elisha warned the king so that he was on his guard in such and such a place.” Hear me, the enemy always conspires against you. The enemy, have you ever noticed, that folk who don't like you, can get on the same page even if they don't like one another just to come against you? Have you ever noticed that folk on your job, they didn't have anything in common, but when you started walking with your little nasty anointed self, and then they would come up against you and plot against you, you know, haters always come together. Can I help you all in here? Your enemies are like cockroaches. If you got one cockroach, there's always a whole bunch of baby cockroaches. But what I love about cockroaches is they can't stand the light. You come down -- don't act like you never had an apartment or been to grandma's house in Mississippi where you had to sleep with your eyes open because if you turn the light on, the cockroaches would scatter. See, but you need a word because when get a word, the word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your pathway. You don't need anybody to tell you about your cockroaches. All you need is a word from the Lord, and when you flip that word on, your enemies are going to scatter. Tell your neighbor your enemy is going to scatter if you get a word from the Lord. The king of Israel got a word from his man of God. And when the man of God gave him a word, it flipped a light on the enemy’s plans. You are a royal priesthood, you're a kingdom of priests. So when the word of God comes, my job, Dr. Alexis' job, is to partner with you for you to get a word for your enemy. Because what God has for you is for you. You don't need to ask anybody, “What she say?” All you need is a word from God at the 11 o'clock service even at the benediction. At the benediction God can give you a word to blow your enemy off the map. I understand, I understand, I understand. But you need to know something. That's why the enemy comes against real connection. This type of connection, like we got, enemy hates that. Makes him mad. Look at it now, make him mad. Every time Elijah told him to check it out, good God almighty, it was like Elijah said. That type of bond infuriates the enemy. Look at it in verse 11. It says, “This enraged the king of Aram. He summoned his officers and demanded of them.” Now, you all tell me, which one of you all jokers then flips state's evidence and given it over to my enemy? Hear me you all, divine connectivity infuriates because it draws suspicion on the enemy. So much so that it makes the enemy suspicious and paranoid of themselves. Sometimes the enemy isn't [inaudible] you, they just having fits because they're paranoid in and of themselves. See, it's really all about insecurity anyway. That's why they hate you so because when you show up, you set the bar. When jokers want to be lazy and you come in setting the bar, it's a problem for them and they want to hate on you. You know to hear me up in here. But see here's the deal, he said which one of you all did it? One of the officers said, it wasn't one of us, boss. But here's what you need to know, verse 12 he says, it's that Elijah, that prophet, who is in Israel. He tells the king of Israel, man the very words that you speak in your bedroom, he says what you need to understand is you can get a word from the prophet to tell you exactly what your enemy is up to. That's why the enemy tries to come between us and you. Because if he can a schism and get you looking at me crazy, then that time when you were going to get that word, it isn't even about failure. I'm just a broken vessel. But if you pray for me, I'll be able to stay in God's face. And if I stay in God's face, you'll get confirmation so that when the enemy goes check, God will give a checkmate on your enemy. You all need to hear me up in here. You see, if you want to get and walk in manifested victory, let me help you real good, you must remain open to the voice of the prophet and the gift of prophecy. I'm going to give you some grown up word, can you handle it? Tell your neighbor, “Remain open.” Elijah was not just some preacher. He wasn't just a clergyman, he wasn't just Felder. He wasn't just Reverend Felder with the long hair. He was a prophet. Elijah did 14 miracles. Elisha did 28 miracles because Elisha had paid the price to be a prophet. The word prophet in Hebrew is navi. Which means to be a mouth piece of God, which speaks of bubbling over like a fountain. In other words, the prophet tries to keep it down often because when the person starts prophesying it upsets the equilibrium because the prophet doesn't always say what you want to hear. You all need to hear me. But the Bible says in Joel, that “Afterward, my spirit will come upon all flesh and my sons and daughters will prophesy. Oh, men will dream dreams, young men will see,” -- Are you all with me up in here? Prophecy is a spiritual gift that the spirit gives as he determines for the common good. First Corinthians 14:1 says, “Desire spiritual gifts especially the gift of prophecy.” It says, “Allow one to prophecy that it might edify the body.” Good God almighty. Prophecy is what God uses. And sometimes God anoints folks for the office of prophecy. Somebody holler, “The office.” Turn over to Ephesians 4. You all still with me? Good. Ephesians 4:11. This is what we call in charismatic church culture the five-fold ministry gifts. Come on, you have heard this stuff before. This here is what it is. Look at Ephesians 4: 11 it says, “It was he who gave some to be apostles,” -- say one, “some to be prophets,” -- say two, “some to be evangelists,” -- say three, “some to be pastors,” -- say four, “and teachers,” -- say five, “to prepare God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the son of God and become mature.” Somebody say, “Grow up.” “Attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Five-fold ministry gifts: the anointing, the office, the assignment. Like the office of the President, the office of mayor, there is the office of pastor, there is the office of teacher, there's the office of prophet, can I help you? Janet Floyd, who was here last week, walks in the office of the prophet. I have the office. Dr. Alexis has the office of pastor, and we walk with the anointing of the prophetic gift. Oh, let me help you real good. But see when you have the office of prophet, when you have particular office, you got to pay the price for that office. Everybody want to get up and say something, but they don't want to go through the isolation, through the consecration, through the character assassination, through having to fast and pray when everybody else is enjoying stuff. See, here's the deal, when you take on that office as a prophet for real, you unleash the hounds of hell to try to destroy you. Prophet Elisha, see but in order to walk your victory, you got to stay open to the voice of the prophet. Somebody say, “Stay open.” Turn over to Matthew 10. You all are my smart group. You all be like, ‘Don't holler at me, show me.” 10:41, got it? Matthew 10:41 JC says, “Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will received a prophet's reward. And anyone who receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man will receive a righteous man's reward. He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive the prophet's reward. Hit your neighbor and say, ‘There's a reward in the mouth of your prophet.” Tell them again, “There's a reward in the mouth of your prophet.” See, some of us will say, well, Jesus knew that the world has contempt or familiarity. For the prophet those who are called as the mouth piece of God. Even Jesus said that a prophet is not without honor except for in his own hometown amongst his own people, and the Bible says and he could not do many miracles in his own hometown because they were talking about there, isn't that Mary's boy? Isn't that James brother? Isn't that Willy and Mable's child? Oh, you all need to hear me real good. Some of your family members came --
[Music] [singing] Moving forward, forward, forward by faith.

Trunell: We pray that that word was a blessing to your spirit.

Alexis: And at the end of every broadcast, it's important that you know that you are saved. So I invite you, please, repeat this prayer after me. Dear God, thank you for Jesus. Dear Jesus, come live in my heart, be Lord of my life. Thank you for forgiveness, thank you for a new beginning. Amen.
Trunell: If that's your first time praying that prayer, you indeed are saved. We encourage you to become a part of a Bible believing church, and until next time, we'll see you moving forward by faith.

Alexis: God bless.

[Music] [singing] Forward, forward, running the race.

Alexis: We pray you find encouragement in today's message. If you would like a copy of this anointed message from God, you can visit us online at new faith.org. Or call us at (708)-720-1318 with a donation of $10. If you live or are visiting in the Chicagoland area, come worship with us as one of our three worship services located at 19 South Central Avenue in Madison, Illinois. Thank you for watching and God bless you as we walk together and move forward by faith. Until next time.

[Music] [singing] I can't hear you. Forward by faith. A little bit louder. Forward by faith. We're going to keep pressing on. Forward by faith. We're going to stay strong. Forward by faith. Forward by faith, we're moving forward by faith.

Alexis: [Inaudible] don't you cry over resource because if you lose the resource and still got the source, he will always give you another source. You don't cry over the gift when you still got the giver.

Alexis: Maybe it hasn't happened for you because you haven't learned how to celebrate when it happens for somebody else.
Alexis: Problem with most of us we walk by faith and that's a good thing. But you still need to have a plan.
Alexis: And Herod's job, yeah and he does his job really well. You all can call him what you will, Herod's job is to try to keep you from fulfilling the plan that God has for your life.

Alexis: I don't know what your thing is, but I do believe he brought me all the way from Dallas, Texas to tell somebody in this sanctuary tonight that that's the thing right there that God said I'm getting ready to deliver you from. And you won't even know when it happened, you don't know where it happened, but I'm going to change it just like that.


Alexis: At least 30,000 children die each day in developing countries from malnutrition and disease. And at least 1 million children worldwide do not have consistent safe housing. Where there is a problem we answer. Where there is a need we supply. The Joseph Assignment Global Initiative is a global humanitarian organization that impacts the lives of the world's poorest children and their families. The Joseph Assignment restores lives and revitalize communities through sustainable initiatives. Our core areas of services are: orphans and vulnerable children, healthcare, shelter, food, clean water, education, and green technologies. With this focus, we are able to make a holistic impact across the globe one life a time, one village at a time, one nation at a time for the glory of God with your help.

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