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10 NOVEMBER 2004

The Power Group recently celebrated 21 years of success at its annual cocktail function, which was held at the Durbanville Racecourse. Today the Power Group employs 1700 people and is not only at the forefront of the construction industry, but is widely recognised as an industry leader in terms of empowerment.
Graham Power, the Executive Chairman of the Group, and André du Preez, MD of Power Construction, thanked stakeholders for their support and introduced Nikamandla Construction, the latest BEE initiative, specialising in the rehabilitation of roads: milling, cold in-situ recycling, asphalting and general surfacing throughout Southern Africa. This announcement follows on the success of Khayalethu Projects, Sibakhulu Construction and Hughmic Construction.
During 2004 the Group also expanded to Gauteng with the establishment of Power Construction North. Other divisions within the Group include Power Construction West Cape, Power Construction Coastal, Power Developments, Power Building and Power Construction Roads.

December 2004 

Power Developments launches Atlantis Shopping Centre
Puts people's spending power back into the community


For the previously disadvantaged community of Atlantis, shopping used to be an inconvenient and often unsafe trip. Much of the town's retail spend was also finding its way to Table View and elsewhere.


That's history, thanks to the opening of the Atlantis Shopping Centre earlier this month by the new owners, Power Developments.


"A gift that keeps on giving"


The opening ceremony was accompanied by another, equally meaningful event - with far-reaching benefits for residents of Atlantis: Graham Power, CEO of the Power Group of Companies, has pledged a commitment to giving 10% of the centre's profits back to the community. This will be put to work to "meet the needs of the people".


Shoprite is the anchor tenant of the sprawling centre along Wesfleur road. Of the tenant mix, 75% are national companies. This demonstrates the optimism that business people have in Atlantis and its economy. The mix includes retailers like Pep, Dunns, Ackermans, Choice Clothing and Vodacom, eateries like Wimpy, and financial institutions such as ABSA, Standard Bank, African Bank and Capitec Bank.


Keeping it local


Centre Manager Tony September says the centre is already providing employment opportunities; service contracts such as cleaning and security went to local companies.


Another community figure and representative of small business development in Atlantis, Clive Snyers, says that despite joblessness, the 120 000 strong community has the buying power to support the centre. It will also create social upliftment and economic empowerment. And it will attract shoppers from Mamre and Darling, increasing local retail spend, even at the informal traders around the centre.


At the opening, Power Developments Director Gerhard Nel thanked various role-players and wished the community well.


Kevin Momberg and Danny Olifant, councillors for Atlantis, expressed their thanks and appreciation on behalf of the people of Atlantis.





December 2004 


Atlantis kry nuwe koopsentrum - en Power Developments laat die Rande vir die gemeenskap inrol.


Vir die voorheen benadeelde mense van Atlantis was inkopies doen altyd ongerieflik, en dikwels gevaarlik. Boonop het baie besteebare geld die dorp uitgevloei, Table View toe of selfs verder suid.


Nie meer nie. Die spoggerige Atlantis Winkelsentrum is pas deur die nuwe eienaars, Power Developments, oopgestel.


"'n Krismisboks wat aanhou gee"


Die nuwe sentrum beteken 'n dubbele bonus vir Atlantis: Graham Power, Uitvoerende Hoof van die Power Maatskappyegroep, het hom daartoe verbind om 10% van die sentrum se winste aan die gemeenskap terug te gee. Dit sal help om "in die behoeftes van Atlantis se mense te voorsien".


Shoprite is die ankerhuurder, en 75% van die huurders is groot maatskappye soos Pep, Dunns, Ackermans, Choice Clothing, Vodacom, Wimpy, ABSA, Standard Bank, African Bank en Capitec Bank.


Tony September, die Sentrumbestuurder, sê die sentrum skep reeds werksgeleenthede; dienskontrakte vir die skoonmaak en sekuriteit is aan twee plaaslike maatskappye toegeken.


"Van ons mense vir ons mense"


Clive Snyers, ook 'n gesiene gemeenskapsfiguur en verteenwoordiger van kleinsake, sê die sowat 120 000 inwoners het ten spyte van werkloosheid, tog die koopkrag om die nuwe sentrum te ondersteun. Boonop sal dit klante uit Mamre en Darling trek, wat plaaslike besteding sal bevorder, selfs by die informele handelaars buite die sentrum.


By die opening het Power Developments Direkteur, Gerhard Nel, vele rolspelers bedank en die gemeenskap alles van die beste toegewens.

Raadslede Kevin Momberg en Danny Olifant het hul dank namens die mense van Atlantis uitgespreek.

March 2003
Environmental care makes Power Group a winner
The Power Group has received the PMR Diamond Environmental Care Award in recognition of the efforts the company has made to promote environmental care on site, wherever it is engaged in construction.
The group provides a range of civil engineering, blacktop paving, manufacturing and township development services with major contracts that spread across the Western, Eastern and Southern Cape. The PMR award is based on the cmpany’s overall environmental management policy and plan, the procedures that have been put in place to ensure that construction work has the minimum effect on the natural environment and that all site personnel are inducted and adhere to the environmental policy.
Significant environmental issues include the protection of fauna and flora during cnstruction and prohibiting tree removal without approval from the person in charge.

Special areas such as wetlands are demarcated and protected. The Power Group’s standard operating procedures outline the safe storage and use of hazardous materials to prevent spillage and contingency plans in the event of such as accident.

Another important aspect is waste management and separation of hazardous and general waste. Hazardous waste is kept in special bins and disposed of at an approved waste disposal site.
Graham Power, chairman of the Power Group, said these principles were also applied in the Thesen Islands development in Knysna.

March 2003

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