2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament Questions by Subash Maddipoti Seeding Round A

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Questions by Subash Maddipoti

Set M
M1. This man created the “Battle of Cascina” cartoon for the Hall of Five Hundred in the Palazzo Vecchio. His late commissions included converting part of the Baths of Diocletian into the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and the discordant vestibule of the Laurentian Library. In addition, he designed the piazzale of the Capitoline Hill, and the tomb of Julius II. FTP, identify this sculptor of “Moses,” and a famous “Pieta” in St. Peter’s.

Answer: Michelangelo di Buonarroti (accept either name)

M2. Clermont is implored to perform a certain act by the title character of one by George Chapman about Bussy d’Ambois. Henry Chettle’s Tragedy of Hoffman is another example of this genre, which also the forms the title of a Cyril Tourneur work. John Marston’s one is about Antonio, but the original was about Hieronimo. FTP, identify this drama in which redress for an injury is sought, a genre begun by Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedie.

Answer: revenge tragedy

M3. His image greatly grew after defeating the “Pottawatomie Giant,” Jess Willard. Another opponent was a former Argentinian bottle washer, but Louis Firpo proved to a difficult matchup. He had already defeated the European champion, George Carpentier, before his first loss came in the “Battle of the Century.” His second loss to that opponent might have been due to a controversial long count. FTP, name this boxer who twice lost to Gene Tunney.

Answer: Jack Dempsey

M4. This nation’s first prime minister was Henry Sewell, though its longest serving one was Richard John Seddon, whose Labor Party introduced social security in 1898. The 1852 Constitution Act divided it into six provincess, eleven years after the British gained sovereignty with the Treaty of Katangi. FTP, identify this nation first sighted in 1642 by Abel Tasman, home to the Maori and such cities as Christchurch and Wellington.

Answer: New Zealand

M5. A value without dimensions, it is equal to the diameter of a tube times the mass density times the average velocity, all divided by absolute viscosity. The classification is turbulent when it is greater than 2,000 and laminar when below 2,000. It is a criterion of whether fluid flow is absolutely steady or contains small, unsteady fluctuations. FTP, identify this value in fluid mechanics, named for the Brit who formulated it.

Answer: Reynolds number

M6. The two main groups of them were believed to be the Ekwesh and Teresh. The first war against them was in the fifth year of King Merneptah, while the second was during the reign of Ramses III. Both the Hittites and Egyptians fell prey to their surprise attack. FTP, identify this group of aggressive peoples that invaded throughout the eastern Mediterranean in the 13th century BC, a group named for the fact that they came from the water.

Answer: Sea Peoples

M7. His first major part was as Colin in Gandhi, and he’s currently working on The Gangs of New York, due out next year. His choice of a role in Stars and Bars was a bad one after a solid performance in The Unbearable Lightness of Being, but he is better known in his country as the son of a Poet Laureate. FTP, identify this actor who won an Oscar for My Left Foot and also starred in In the Name of the Father and Last of the Mohicans.

Answer: Daniel Day Lewis

M8. The excitement begins when the protagonist is convinced to go on a trip by his brother and falls asleep while at a hunting lodge at Streslau. He assumes a new role, where his enemies include Rupert of Hentzau and the ambitious Black Michael. He falls in love with Princess Flavia while posing as the king, whose life he must save. FTP, identify this novel about the adventures of Rudolf Rassendyll in Ruritania, a work by Anthony Hope.

Answer: Prisoner of Zenda

M9. This process may not occur for up to 40 years in humans, though it does happen to over 400,000 cells during the lifetime. During it a cell division occurs, wherein the smaller cell is known as a polar body. Following it the egg cell is carried into the fallopian tubes where it is ready for fertilization. FTP, identify this process in which the primary egg cell becomes a mature ovum.

Answer: oogenesis

M10. He used a net gained from Ran to capture the rich dwarf Andvari. In turn, he would be captured by Thiazi and released only when he promised Idun’s apples of youth. His wife, Sigyn, is eternally loyal to him. This son of the giant Farbauti and the giantess Laufey is a definite playa, as he got down with Svadilfari to produce Sleipnir and also got freaky with Angerboda, resulting in three demonic offspring. FTP, name this Norse trickster.

Answer: Loki

M11. Because of his busy schedule he would send his wife, Alice, to observe team practices. The “V trick” was part of his new “mass momentum” style. Among his innovations were the creation of an “All-America” team, tackling below the waist, and the down-yardage system. FTP, identify this student, coach, and player at Yale in the late 19th century, considered the father of American football.

Answer: Walter Camp

M12. It was partially set up due to exclusion from the World Anti-Slavery meeting eight years earlier. On the first of its two days, the Declaration of Sentiments was read. Of its 12 resolutions, 11 passed unanimously, with only the 9th, a demand for the right to vote, passing narrowly. FTP, identify this 1848 meeting in New York convened by Lucetia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Answer: Seneca Falls Convention

M13. One his ballet collaborations with Picabia included a film sequence from a Rene Clair picture. His ballet Parade had a scenario by Jean Cocteau, and he received critical acclaim for a work based on Plato entitled Socrate. This man’s Mass of the Poor was written while he was under the influence of the Rosicrucians. FTP, identify this eccentric mentor to “Les Six,” who composed Desiccated Embryos and Gymnopedies.

Answer: Erik Satie

M14. Among the friends he made in his travels was the “matchless and unmatchable Jack Chase,” to whom he dedicated his last novel. His poetry would be collected in Battle-Pieces and he wrote of the Revolutinary War and a man who pretends to marry his illegitimate half-sister in Israel Potter and Pierre. FTP, name this author of Mardi, The Piazza Tales, Redburn, Typee, and Billy Budd.

Answer: Herman Melville

M15. One of the characters, Shakuni, is a master of dice. Of the heroes, the eldest, though virtuous, gambles away a palace, while another has a demon son named Ghatochkatha [guh-toch-kuth-aa]. Karna fights with Duryodana and his brothers, the Kauravas, while the strongest of the Pandavas is Arjuna. FTP, identify this work that contains the Bhagavad Gita, a long ass Indian epic.

Answer: Mahabarata

M16. Among the compounds he discovered were gallic, prussic, malic, tartaric, and oxalic acid. In addition he discovered glycerine, and his notes were used by Alfred Nobel. In his only publication Chemical Observations and Experiments on Air and Fire, he pointed out a discovery for which credit would be given to an Englishman. FTP, identify this 18th century Swedish chemist who anticipated Joseph Priestley’s discovery of oxygen.

Answer: Carl Wilhelm Scheele

M17. Pico Mogoton in the country’s Cordillera Entre Rios is its highest point and lies on its northern border. There is a discontinuous belt of active volcanoes on its Pacific coast, and an earthquake devastated the capital in 1972. The Coco River, forms much of its northern border, and the San Juan River comes from its namesake lake, the largest in Central America. FTP, what is this southern neighbor of Honduras, with its capital at Managua?

Answer: Republica de Nicaragua

M18. Six days after being appointed minister of foreign affairs he signed the oppressive Treaty of Schonbrunn. He managed to convince Prince Karl von Hardenberg not to follow the revolutionary example of South Germany before resigning in 1848. He always felt stifled by the two men he served under, Francis I and Joseph II. FTP, name this advocate of balance in power in Europe, the Austrian minister who called the Congress of Vienna.

Answer: Klemens von Metternich
M19. At the time of its completion its individual parts were termed Novella. The first tells of the canonization of a native of Prato, and another popular deals with the sexual advances of a monk upon Alibech. More famous ones include those of Gilette, Narbonne, and Griselda. 10 days go by as some Florentine men and women esape the plague and tell some stories. FTP, identify this famous cycle of 100 stories by Boccaccio.

Answer: the Decameron

M20. Their former lead singer’s vocals can be heard at their best in the sweet “My How You’ve Grown.” Other notable songs of theirs include “Time has Fallen” and “Circle Dream,” while their last big hit was an Unplugged cover of “Because the Night. FTP, name this band, whose Our Time in Eden, featured “These Are Days” and “Candy Everybody Wants” as well as the vocals of Natalie Merchant.

Answer: 10,000 Maniacs

M21. With William R. Corliss he wrote Man and Atom, which outlined the uses of his major discovery. After two years studying under Gilbert Lewis, he would collaborate with Edwin McMillan on radiochemical identification of elements using the cyclotron. This work led to nine new finds in 1941. FTP, name this American scientist who won the 1951 Nobel for his discovery of plutonium and several other elements.

Answer: Glenn Seaborg

M22. In his Manual of Political Economics he advanced his theory of pure economics and his analysis of ophelmity, or power to give satisfaction. After succeeding Leon Walras as chair of economics at the University of Lausanne, he introduced his “curves of indifference” and his law of income distribution. The author of the seminal Mind and Society, FTP, identify this Italian economist best known for his namesake optimality.

Answer: Vilfredo Pareto

M23.Instead of a fiddle and a whip, he was what the father brought back from the trip to Liverpool. On his first night at the house, he was left out on the landing by Ellen Dean in the hopes that he would be gone by morning. This was just the first in a series of abuses, especially from Hareton, that eventually led to his seeking revenge. FTP, name this love of Catherine Earnshaw, one of the main characters in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.

Answer: Heathcliff

2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament

Questions by Subash Maddipoti

Set N
N1. This student of Kekule postulated a centric formula of benzene and proposed a Spannung, or strain theory to explain why carbon rings of five or six atoms are so much more common than any other type. His studies of polyacetylenes and oxonium salts led to his discovery of barbituric acids, the parent compounds of the barbituate sedatives. FTP, identify this scientist who determined the chemical structure of indigo, the German winner of the 1905 Nobel in Chemistry.

Answer: Adolf von Baeyer

N2. It misrepresented the actions of Count Benedetti, who sought assurances that Prince Leopold or any other member of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen family would not seek the Spanish throne. King William I politely refused, but it implied otherwise, making it seem as if the two men had insulted each other. It was mostly fabricated in 1870 by Otto von Bismarck, FTP, identify this document that caused the Franco-Prussian War. Answer: Ems telegram
N3. Originally founded in 874 AD, this city is located on the northern side of Seltjarnar Peninsula. It also lies on the southeastern corner of Faxa Bay and its name translates to “Bay of Smokes.” The president’s residence, Bessastadhir, is situated outside of town, as is Keflavik International Airport. FTP, identify this seat of the Althing, the capital of Iceland.

Answer: Reykjavik

N4. David Werblin agreed to pay him, at the time, a ridiculous 420,000 dollars for three years. His teammate Johnny Sample called him a new breed of player, a player who fulfilled Bobby’s wish on an episode of The Brady Bunch. Bear Bryant coached him well at the University of Alabama. FTP, name this man, who said “We’ll win. I’ll guarantee it,” before beating the Colts in Superbowl III, a Jets quarterback nicknamed “Broadway Joe.”

Answer: Joe Namath

N5. His poems “Clio’s Protest” and The Ridotto of Bath date from his early period. Lord Byron wrote a monody on the death of this author of the plays The Duenna and A Trip to Scarborough. He earned the title of “the modern Congreve” for his staging of various plays at Drury Lane, which he owned much of. FTP, identify this man who created Lady Teazle and Mrs. Malaprop in The School for Scandal and The Rivals.

Answer: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

N6. He wrote his first articles under the pseudonym Aristides. After he began publishing a monthly periodical with Benjamin Lundy, he burned a copy of the Constitution in 1840, denouncing it as a covenant with Death and an agreement with Hell. The state of Georgia would offer 5,000 dollars for his capture. FTP, identify this famous abolitionist, the editor of the anti-slavery The Liberator.

Answer: William Lloyd Garrison

N7. Enskog and Chapman first solved it for more than one case 50 years after its formulation. The one case that had been solvable dealt with molecules that interact with forces that fall of as the 5th power of their separation. It describes how collisions and external forces cause the velocity distribution of a gas to change. FTP, identify this equation named for the Austrian physicist who is associated with both Maxwell and Stefann.

Answer: Boltzmann equation

N8. The preface of this work is aimed especially at Martensen's review of J.L. Heiberg's "Introductory Lectures to Speculative Logic." The author ends by imploring the reader to go further to get to faith with a story about Heraclitus. All of its sections, including “Problemata” are purportedly written by Johannes Silentio, who uses four thought experiments to reconstruct the Abraham and Isaac parable. FTP, identify this work by Soren Kierkegaard.

Answer: Fear and Trembling

N9. The villain, Yves Perret, is played by Jack Palance. The two title characters, rival narcotics cops, are framed and break out of prison to prove their innocence. Teri Hatcher plays “Kiki,” the wife of one of them, who makes fun of an earlier role when he says “Rambo is a pussy.” FTP, name this 1989 movie starring Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone as the title pair of L.A. hotshots.

Answer: Tango & Cash

N10. He became obsessed with the success of his second opera and had a nervous breakdown in 1911 and was institutionalized in 1916. His first opera, A Guest of Honor was followed by the more successful three-act Treemonisha. His greatest hits came following his move to work with John Stark in St. Louis. FTP, identify this man best known for his piano classics “The Entertainer” and “Maple Leaf Rag.”

Answer: Scott Joplin

N11. Early on in the novel we are introduced to a lawyert and native of Milrose, Connecticut – Mr. Waymarsh. One of the title characters carries on flirtations with Maria Gostrey and fails in his mission. The other title character Sarah Pocock from Woolet, Massachusetts can not get her brother Chris to leave Madame de Vionnet. FTP, identify this work centering on Lambert Strethers, a novel by Henry James.

Answer: The Ambassadors

N12. His father was a teacher of penmanship, who let this boy pursue his hobby while working as a bank bookkeeper. He was accused of stealing from the bank to buy a coating machine but was acquitted. FTP, identify this man whose slogan of “You Press the Button, We Do the Rest” was written to describe his Kodak cameras.

Answer: George Eastman

N13. They possess a pseudocoel, a fluid-filled body cavity between the digestive tract and body wall, which is believed to be in all 30,000 species of them. These bilaterally symmetrical and elongate organisms can cause a number of diseases including filariasis, ascariasis, and trichinosis. As parasites in humans they occur in the alimentary, or digestive, tracts. FTP, identify this class which consists of the roundworms.

Answer: Nematoda (accept early “roundworms”)

N14. Other than the Papaloapan, most of its rivers are short and swift flowing. Chichon, which erupted as recently as 1982 is not to far away from Chapala, this country’s largest lake. However, the nation’s highest and most notable peaks include Orizaba, Popocatepetl, and Paricutin. FTP, identify this northwest neighbor of Belize, a country with the states of Chiapas, Yucatan, and Baja California.

Answer: Mexico

N15. After marrying actress Luise Rainer, he moved to Hollywood. Winter Journey was the name of a play he wrote in Britain, and it was released in America as The Country Girl. His later plays include The Flowering Peach and The Big Knife, and, like John Milton he wrote a Paradise Lost. FTP, identify this leading dramatist of 1930s America best known for Awake and Sing, Golden Boy, and Waiting for Lefty.

Answer: Clifford Odets

N16. It influenced Hungarian Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, who attempted to teach in this style at the Bauhaus. The artist El Lissitsky typified it in his Berlin sculptures. Spurred by the addition of Antoine Pevsner, and Naum Gabo, this movement spread following the publication of its Realist Manifesto in 1920. FTP, identify this art movement, most associated with the “painting reliefs” of Russian Vladimir Tatlin.

Answer: constructivism

N17. The only major naval engagement was at Han Ko, while defeat at Lesnaya caused one of the combatants to flee to Turkey. One of its participants was forced out with the Treaty of Traventhal, and, after the occupation of Courland, Augustus II of Poland and Frederick IV of Denmark were effectively finished with this war. FTP, identify this conflict between Charles XII and Peter the Great that featured the Battle of Poltava and ended with the Treaty of Nystad in 1721.

Answer: Great Northern War or Second Northern War

N18. The protagonist’s trouble begins when he puts together a trip suggested by Professor Godbole. Though he is redeemed, he decides to move north, where the ending of the novel takes place. He is at first doomed and then saved by Adela Quested who recants her initially false testimony that she was raped in the Marabar Caves by Dr. Aziz. FTP, identify this E.M. Forster novel that depicts the relationship between England and India.

Answer: A Passage to India
N19. The year before their most successful recent season, Sports Illustrated said that punter Paul Burton was their best player. Both Matt O’Dwyer and Brian Musso made it to the NFL, and more recently linebacker Barry Gardner was drafted at a respectable pick. Pat Fitzgerald never made it to the NFL, but D’Wayne Bates did. FTP, name this Big Ten team that went to the Rose Bowl with Darnell Autrey, a school nicknamed the Wildcats.

Answer: Northwestern University

N20. The problems began shortly after the Rev. Charles Ethelston read the Riot Act from Mr. Buxton’s window and radical leader Henry Hunt fled. The brutal saber attacks of the local Salford Yeomanry and the cavalry charge of the 15th Hussars forced the 60,000 attendees at this event to flee, emptying the streets of Manchester. FTP, name this 1819 civil disturbance so-named because of its setting at St. Peter’s Field and the recent Battle of Waterloo.

Answer: Peterloo Massacre

N21. France was the first country to adopt one in 1954 and Michigan employed it from 1953 to 1967 and again from 1975. Only its consumption type is still used today, and calculation of its is made either using the “invoice” or “credit” method. FTP, name this levy on the amount that a business firm adds to the price of a commodity during production and distribution of a good, a tax that is passed on at every stage of production.

Answer: value-added tax

N22. He published a novel, Go Slowly, Come Back Quickly, but he is better known as an actor. The beginning of his career was marked by major roles in Dodworth and Wuthering Heights in 1939, and in his last film, he starred with Peter Sellers in The Curse of the Pink Panther. Among his famous movies are The Guns of Navarone and Death on the Nile. FTP, identify this Brit who won an Oscar for Separate Tables and also starred as James Bond in Casino Royale.

Answer: David Niven

N23, Scientifically, the term is restricted to members of either of two families of fungi, Peronosporaceae and Erysiphaceae, that are parasitic on living plants. Common genera of the second type attack willow, grape, lilac, and dogwoods, creating a cobwebbed pattern on the leaves. FTP, what type of fungi comes in downy and powdery forms, a common term applied to a visible growth on wet clothes, food, or other objects?

Answer: mildew

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