2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament Questions by Subash Maddipoti Seeding Round A

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Questions by Subash Maddipoti

Set K
K1. William Blake produced an 1825 version illustrated by 21 watercolors. Its author who lived between 500 and 250 BC likely used an Edomite folktale as its framework, and a later writer or editor added the character Elihu. Its title character survives boils, poverty, and the condemnation of his friends Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. FTP, name this book of the Old Testament, about the a devout man of God, who suffers immeasurably as a test

Answer: Book of Job

K2. It utilized a crystal of nickel to diffract a beam of electrons. One of its theorizers would win a Nobel with G.P. Thompson, who suprisingly was not the other namesake participant. As a result of it, strong evidence was provided to support de Broglie’s hypothesis that matter has a wave nature. FTP, name this experiment carried out at Bell Labs in 1925 and named for the two scientists who performed it.

Answer: Davisson-Germer experiment

K3. After training as a fashion photographer, she takes pictures of her boss’ home in Martha’s Vinyard. Her father is a bibliophile chauffeur who allows her to go away to Paris to study. She explains to Linus Larraby that her name comes from Song 3 of Milton’s Comus. FTP, identify this movie originally starring William Holden, Humphrey Bogart, and Audrey Hepburn, later remade with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond in the title role.

Answer: Sabrina

K4. Currently numbering around 70,000 members, it was created following its founder’s resignation from the Fellowship of Reconciliation. One of its first acts was a sit-in at a Chicago coffee shop, a new thing at the time. Its most memorable act was sending “Freedom Riders” throughout the South in May 1961 to test segregation laws. FTP, identify this voluntary interracial organization established by James Farmer in 1942.

Answer: CORE or Congress of Racial Equality

K5. Much of his early work was done with a former student, Luther Gulick, who was a pioneer in the YMCA. He and Gulick argued that the evolution of the human “race” had contributed to our need to play. This appeared in his classic two-volume work on adolescence in 1905. FTP, identify this child psychologist and founder of the American Journal of Psychology, considered the father of American psychology.

Answer: Granville Stanley Hall

K6. Billy Le Fever eventually becomes the governor of the title character, who only truly respects his Aunt Dinah. His older brother Bobby dies in London, and his uncle briefly courts Widow Wadman. His name was supposed to be “Trismegistus,” but Susannah mispronounced it. Captain Toby is his uncle and Walter is his absurd father. FTP, name this character, whose confusing narration makes up a novel by Laurence Sterne.

Answer: Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy

K7. He learned his sport while growing up at Germantown Cricket Club. He would refuse to sign with Charles Pyle, who wanted to start up a pro tour. Calvin Coolidge demanded an explanation for this man’s suspension from Davis Cup play. All together, he won seven singles titles at Forest Hills and three Wimbledons. FTP, identify this early American great, a tennis player known as “Big Bill.”

Answer: Bill Tilden

K8. One example of overactivity is Fellens disease, while another is Hashimoto’s disease. Its parafollicular cells secrete calcitonin, and it can easily be stained due to the presence of colloid within its cells. It uses doses of iodine to synthesize its two main hormones T3 and T4, which help regulated metabolism. FTP, identify this bi-lobed endocrine organ that lies around the upper trachea.

Answer: thyroid

K9. Some of his ambitious pieces, like “Pugilists” and “Perseus with Medusa’s Head” are now in the Vatican. He went to London to give his opinion on the Elgin Marbles and did a life-size “Venus and Mars” group while there. His most famous works are the tomb of Clement XIII, various busts of Napoleon, and the masterful “Venus Victrix.” FTP, name this Neoclassical master, and Italian sculptor of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Answer: Antonio Canova

K10. He ordered no crops to be planted for a year and no milk to be used. In addition, all women found pregnant were slain with their husbands. He left no offspring, despite a harem of 1,200 women, and he doted upon his mother Nandi, whose death made him crazy. After the death of Dingiswayo, he took command, raiding throughout Natal. FTP, identify this 19th century chieftain, the best-known ruler of the Zulu.

Answer: Shaka

K11. Rosalie is a made while Plymdale, Stutfield, and Jedburgh are three upper-class ladies. After the Duchess of Berwick leaves, the title character is angered by the appearance of a name in her husband’s bank book. Earlier, in her misunderstandings she decided to succumb to her admirer Lord Darlington but was saved by Mrs. Erlynne, who is actually her mother. FTP, identify this Oscar Wilde play revolving around the title object.

Answer: Lady Windermere’s Fan

K12. He enunciated the principle of radiative equilibrium as well as the role of radiation in the transport of heat in stellar processes. Independently of Arnold Sommerfield, he gave the complete theory of the Stark Effect, and gave the first exact solution of Einstein’s general gravitational equations. But he is best known for theorizing that bodies of sufficient mass would have an escape velocity greater than the speed of light, thereby creating black holes. FTP, name this German who thus defined his namesake “radius.”

Answer: Karl Schwarzschild

K13. Emil Kraepelin was the first to differeniate it, though he used a term from B.A. Morel that has not survived. Kurt Goldstein showed its sufferers’ tendency to withdraw into a concrete frame of reference. Some psychiatrists hold that it is divided into a nuclear and acute variety but its current classification has four types. Those are simple, disorganized, catatonic, and paranoid. FTP, identify this group of mental disorders.

Answer: schizophrenia

K14. He was all set to star in a comedy titled Romeo Must Live, but the budget on the movie fell through. Some of his inventions have included an extra large free throw hoop for Shaquille O’Neal and a dissolvable tampon. His only major movie role was opposite Courtney Thorne Smith in the very unfunny Chairman of the Board. FTP, identify this man who seems to have a prop for everything, a goofy comedian with out-of-control red hair.

Answer: Carrot Top

K15. The city itself is the administrative seat of its namesake province, bordered on the north and west by Kiangsu Province and on the south by Chekiang Province. Cultural features of its old city include the Yu-Yuan garden and the Former Temple of Confucius. It sits on the coast of the East China Sea, north of Hangchow Bay and south of the mouth of the Yangtze River. FTP, what is this Chinese city, the first opened to the west and China’s largest?

Answer: Shanghai

K16. His novel Solus Rex began to appear serially but was never finished. He is not known for his plays, which include The Event and The Waltz Invention. Writing under the pen name of V. Sirin for many years, this author’s first novels in English were Bend Sinister and The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, while The Gift returned to his native tongue. FTP, name this author of Despair, Invitation to a Beheading, Pale Fire, and Lolita.

Answer: Vladimir Nabokov

K17. Their own sacrament, the consolamentum or baptism of the soul, was administered by laying on off hands, and only the Pure Ones, or Cathari, received it. They believed that redemption meant liberating the soul from the flesh, and they condemned sex, marriage, and even animal products. Pope Innocent III had Simon de Montfort lead a crusade against them. FTP, identify this medieval religious sect named after a town in southern France.

Answer: Albigenses or Albigensians

K18. It is the primary setting of the poem “Spoils of Annwfn.” It is home to a sisterhood of nine healing maidens who are led by a famous fairy. First mentioned in the Vita Merlini, some monks claimed that this mythical location was actually Glastonbury. It supposedly translates to “isle of the apples,” according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. Presided over by Morgan le Fay, FTP, identify this mythical island where Excalibur was forged.

Answer: Avalon

K19. It was composed in three weeks, and the composer left the orchestration to his friend Ferde Grofe. After the composer was approached by Paul Whiteman, he came up with this work for 8 violins, 2 string basses, banjo, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 pianos, 3 saxophones, 2 horns, and percussion. FTP, identify this symphonic work composed in a jazz style, a colorful 1924 creation of George Gershwin.

Answer: Rhapsody in Blue

K20. Both isomer shifts and hyperfine structure splittings are readily resolved in spectra created via this phenomenon. It is usually measured using a Doppler-velocity spectrometer. Generally restricted to emissions with less than 150 kilo electron-volts of energy, it has been observed in more than 35 isotopes. FTP, identify this recoil-free nuclear process permitting the resonance absorption of gamma rays.

Answer: Mossbauer effect

K21. He was foaled by My Charmer and sired by Bold Reasoning. Initially purchased for 17,500 dollars by Mickey Taylor and Jim Hill, this animal turned quite a profit. At the time, his sale for twelve million dollars to Brownell Combs was a record sum until surpassed by the 20 million paid for Spectacular Bid in 1980. FTP, identify this first unbeaten horse to win the Triple Crown, doing so in 1977.

Answer: Seattle Slew

K22. Following the publication rejection of her first novel, The Professor, she began a tale inspired by her childhood time spent at Pension Heger. After staying for a year with Harriet Martineau, she visited her future biographer, Elisabeth Gaskell. Among her lesser known novels are Shirley and Villette. FTP, identify this woman who wrote as Currer Bell, the author of Jane Eyre.

Answer: Charlotte Bronte (prompt on just last name)

K23. Emile Zola depicted this man’s financial problems in L’Oeuvre, though he was actually able to sell his Boulevard des Capucines for a fair sum. His romance with Camille Doncieux was depicted in his canvas The Woman in the Green Dress. However he is better known for studies at Argenteuil as well as the cathedral at Rouen. FTP, name this painter of Impression Sunrise and numerous water lillies.

Answer: Claude Monet

2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament

Questions by Subash Maddipoti

Set L
L1. Azolan is the servant of the protagonist, whose manipulations include those over Chevalier Danceny, a young but naïve man. The protagonist seeks to win over Madame de Tourvel after he finds fifteen-year Cecile too easy a conquest. It centers on the plots of Madame de Merteuil and the devlish Valmont. FTP, identify this 1782 epistolary novel by Chorderlos Laclos that inspired the movie Cruel Intentions.

Answer: Les Liaisons Dangereuses or Dangerous Liaisons

L2. Her father supposedly got into a fight with Howard Stern as well as some other stars backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. Her first major role came as Marta in Barcelona, and she once claimed to have invented the post-it note in a movie. Other roles include those in At First Sight and The Mimic. FTP, name this actress who won an Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite, the star of The Replacment Killers and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

Answer: Mira Sorvino

L3. Their cases would be brought twice before the Supreme Court in Powell and Norris. The last known survivor was Clarence Norris, while Haywood Patterson was the one who suffered the most. The youngest, who was 12, was the only one who did not receive the death sentence, though all but Patterson would be paroled by 1948. FTP, identify these nine black men charged with raping two white women in 1931 in Alabama.

Answer: Scottsboro Boys

L4. French influence is evident in his three keyboard suites as well as his eight motets. Mainly known for his liturgical compositions, it was for St. Sebald’s Cathedral that he composed the famous Magnificat Fugues. While organist at Erfurt, he came to know the entire Bach family. FTP, identify this 17th century German best-known for his Canon in D.

Answer: Johann Pachelbel

L5. It is a common molecular enantiomorph that was first isolated by Carl Scheele in 1780. It can be produced during cases of vaginal infection, but this compound also known as 2-hydroxypropionic acid, occurs much more in other situations. It can be oxidized by oxygen with the rest being converted to glycogen. FTP, identify this substance, which is built up in cases of muscle exhaustion

Answer: lactic acid

L6. About the size of France, this body came to its current size during the Miocene. It is fixed against Edward VII Peninsula to the east, while an area at its west, McMurdo Sound, became a staging site for many expeditions. First spotted in 1841 by its namesake, FTP, identify this world’s largest floating body of ice, a famous shelf in Antarctica.

Answer: Ross Ice Shelf

L7. During his stay at the Villa Bruscoli, he is read tales of Kim and Fabrizio in The Charterhouse of Parma. He vaguely recognizes the man with the bandaged hands, and also known of the young Sikh sapper, Kip, who has an affair with his nurse. Caravaggio blames this man for his loss of some fingers and tells Hana that he was a Hungarian spy named Almasy. FTP, identify this title character of a Michael Ondaatje novel.

Answer: The English Patient

L8. Upon his return the Ley Lerdo was passed and he presided over his nation’s Supreme Court. For a three year period he had lived in poverty in New Orleans, from where he supported the Ayutla revolution. In his last years as a government official he fought against foreign occupation by Emperor Maximilian. He was discriminated against as a Oaxaca Indian, yet he still served as president. FTP, identify this Mexican national hero and four-time president.

Answer: Benito Juarez

L9. Its namesake wrote about it in Mathematical physics, but it was actually invented by Vinfredo Pareto. Each axis represents a good, and two opposite corners represent the two individuals in the economy in question. Each point represents some allocation of the goods between the two people, with indifference curves added in. FTP, identify this box named for an Irish economist.

Answer: Edgeworth Box

L10. Her name can be suffixed with kamata or ratri, which mean “earth-mother” and “night” respectively. Also known as Kottavei, in her form of Bhavatarini, or the redeemer of the universe, she stands over her spouse. Among the possessions in her four arms are a sword, and the severed head of a demon, though her garland of severed human heads is scarier. FTP, identify this fearsome consort of Shiva, considered a Hindu death goddess.

Answer: Kali

L11. Classes in it include monoplacophora, which was believed to be extinct, and polyplacophora, which includes chitons. Most animals in this phylum have a radula, a rough organ used to scrape or bore to obtain food, and a mantle, a fold in the body wall that secretes calcium carbonate. FTP, name this phylum whose more common classes include gastropoda and cephalopoda and such organisms as squid and octopuses.

Answer: mollusca or mollusks

L12. Her son gave her letters to and cooperated with her biographer James Brabazon. In her later years this author wrote such theological works as Creed or Chaos? In addition to her most famous character, she also created Montague Egg. A noted Dante scholar, her first work was Whose Body? and her anthology The Omnibus of Crime came in 1929. FTP, identify this English creator of Lord Peter Wimsey.

Answer: Dorothy Sayers

L13. After his senior season in high school, this player got only one scholarship offer, from Division II Edinboro College. He is the first player on his team to earn consecutive Pro Bowl selections since Mike Rozier. Selected 14th overall in the 1996 draft, he became AFC Rookie of the Year. FTP, identify this Heisman-winning running back from Ohio State and current Tennessee Titan.

Answer: Eddie George

L14. Its early major engagement was the Battle of Prague, which saw the defeat of the Austrians. The Russians bowed out of it upon accession of Peter III, though fighting still raged across the world. Saxony, Sweden, Russia, France, and Austria were aligned against Great Britain and Prussia, the eventual winners. FTP, identify this war whose American stage was known as the French & Indian War, a war fought between 1756 and 1763.

Answer: Seven Years War (do not prompt on “French and Indian War”)

L15. As a child his sister stole mangoes from their neighbor’s yard. After some convincing from a college friend, he travels to see a village wedding. When the bridegroom turns out to be mad, he gets married instead. His wife dies in childbirth, leaving him with a son, Kajal. He first appears in Pather Panchali and follows in two other movies. FTP, name this creation of Satyajit Ray, who shares his name with a convenience store owner in The Simpsons.

Answer: Apurba Ray

L16. His short story “Patriotism” was made into a 1966 movie. Madame de Sade is the most famous of his plays, but he is better known for a series inspired by a lunar landmark. That series includes the novels The Decay of the Angel and Runaway Horses. Sun and Steel is a group of essays about his country’s shame, and Spring Snow is part of his major series. FTP, identify this author of Sea of Fertility and The Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

Answer: Mishima Yukio

L17. He was killed by Charles Workman and Mendy Weiss. This came after he had revealed a plan of assassination to his colleague Albert Anastasia, who feared reprisals and ordered this man’s death. Actually named Arthur Flegenheimer, this man tried to muscle in on the numbers racket of Bumpy Rollins of Harlem. FTP, identify this gangster pursued by Thomas Dewey, a man they called Dutch.

Answer: Dutch Schultz

L18. Both indium antimonide and gallium arsenide can be made to behave like one. Diffusion, alloying, and ion implantation are just three of the ways that they can be “doped.” Most commonly made using silicon and germanium, they can be of an n-type or p-type. FTP, identify this electronic circuit component that is neither a good insulator or good conductor.

Answer: semiconductor

L19. He was reputed to exclaim, “What an artist dies in me!” before he attempted to commid suicide. Suetonies writes of the magnificence of this man’s vast pleasure park, a complex titled the Golden House. This husband of Poppaea was succeeded by Galba and rebuilt Rome following the great fire of 64 AD. FTP, identify this Roman emperor, the successor to Claudius, who supposedly liked to burn Christians.

Answer: Nero

L20. His collection of short stories, From the Four Winds, and the novel Jocelyn were his first publications. Published under the pseudonym of John Sinjohn, they were written after encouragement from Joseph Conrad, who he met on a merchant ship. The Island Pharisees was the first publication under his own name, with the second being, The Man of Property, the beginning of his great novel sequence. FTP, name this author of The Forsyte Saga.

Answer: John Galsworthy

L21. His creations include the secret society Inver Brass, which appears in two of his novels, both times determining the next president of the U.S. Early works include The Osterman Manifesto and The Parsifal Mosaic. Evan Kendrick is the hero of The Icarus Agenda, while Andrew Trevayne is the hero of Trevayne. FTP, identify this author of The Matarese Circle, an espionage author who wrote a series of books about Robert Bourne.

Answer: Robert Ludlum

L22. Those who worked on it were dispatched by Eleazar, as told in the Letter of Aristeas. The first printed copy of it was in the Complutensian Polyglot. Origen attempted to clean up errors within this work that was commissioned by Ptolemy II Philadelphus. FTP, identify this 3rd century BC work, the earliest extant Greek translation of the Bible, taking its name from the Latin for “70.”

Answer: Septuagint

L23. "Come my heart and make thee clean," says the final aria, "so that Jesus I may bury." In 1829, Felix Mendelssohn conducted the Berlin Singakademie in the epochal revival of this work, performed for the first time since its composer's day. FTP, what work, told by an Evangelist and ending in a dance to the grave, was composed in 1729 by Johann Sebastian Bach?

Answer: St. Matthew Passion

2000 Eric Hillemann Singles Tournament

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