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Bartels, W., Athayde, S., Mello, R., Sobreiro, T., Almeida, J., Bernasconi, P., Olival, A., Simao, B., Albernaz-Silveira, R., Baby, A. L. T., Blau, I., Brasil, W., Castorino, A. B., Farias, R., Gislon, L., Grabert, M., Guerra, R., Rossete, A. N., Schuster, E. M., Schutz, D., Seluchinesk, R. D. R., da Silva, S. A., Folhes, R. T., Buschbacher, R. (2016). Who Counts Resilience and Whose Resilience Counts? Reflections on Applying the Resilience Alliance Workbook along a Contested Amazonian Frontier. Sustentabilidade em Debate, 7(2), 135-151.

Bartz, J. A., Huber, D., Stahl, S. L., Lee, J. H., Spiceland, D., & Elkahky, M. T. (2016). Susceptibility of lenticels within the stem depression of tomato fruit to bacterial soft rot. Plant Disease, 100(9), 1906-1909.

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Bateman, C., Sigut, M., Skelton, J., Smith, K. E., & Hulcr, J. (2016). Fungal Associates of the Xylosandrus compactus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae, Scolytinae) Are Spatially Segregated on the Insect Body. Environmental Entomology, 45(4), 883-890.

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Beeson Jr., R. C. (2016). Evapotranspiration and above ground biomass of Acer Rubrum from liners to 8 m tall trees. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 7(17), 2440-2456.

Belhaj, K., Cano, Liliana M., Prince, David C., Kemen, Ariane, Yoshida, Kentaro, Dagdas, Yasin F., Etherington, Graham J., Schoonbeek, Henk-jan, van Esse, H. Peter, Jones, Jonathan D. G., Kamoun, Sophien, Schornack, Sebastian. (2016). Arabidopsis late blight: infection of a nonhost plant by Albugo laibachii enables full colonization by Phytophthora infestans. Cellular Microbiology, 19(1), doi: 10.1111/cmi.12628.

Benny, G., Ho, H.-M., Lazarus, K., & Smith, M. (2016). Five new species of the obligate mycoparasite Syncephalis (Zoopagales, Zoopagomycotina) from soil. Mycologia, 108(6), 1114-1129.

Bentivenha, J. P., Paula-Moraes, S. V., Baldin, E. L., Specht, A., da Silva, I. F., & Hunt, T. E. (2016). Battle in the New World: Helicoverpa armigera versus Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). PLoS ONE, 11(12), e0167182.

Bentley, M. T., Hahn, D. A., & Oi, F. M. (2016). The Thermal Breadth of Nylanderia fulva (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Is Narrower Than That of Solenopsis invicta at Three Thermal Ramping Rates: 1.0, 0.12, and 0.06 degrees C min(-1). Environmental Entomology, 45(4), 1058-1062.

Berger, S., Madeira, P. T., Ferrell, J., Gettys, L., Morichetti, S., Cantero, J. J., & Nunez, C. (2016). Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Identification and Documentation of ALS-Resistance in Argentina. Weed Science, 64(2), 312-320.

Bergsten, S. J., Koeser, A. K., & Stewart, J. R. (2016). Evaluation of the Impacts of Salinity on Biomass and Nutrient Levels of Agave Species with Agricultural Potential in Semiarid Regions. Hortscience, 51(1), 30-35.

Bergua, M., Kang, S.-H., & Folimonova, S. Y. (2016). Understanding superinfection exclusion by complex populations of Citrus tristeza virus. Virology, 499, 331-339.

Bergua, M., Phelan, D. M., Bak, A., Bloom, D. C., & Folimonova, S. Y. (2016). Simultaneous visualization of two Citrus tristeza virus genotypes provides new insights into the structure of multi-component virus populations in a host. Virology, 491, 10-19.

Berlinsky, D. L., Watson, M. T., DiMaggio, M. A., & Breton, T. S. (2016). The Use of Tricaine Methanesulfonate, Clove Oil, Metomidate, and 2-Phenoxyethanol for Anesthesia Induction in Alewives. North American Journal of Aquaculture, 78(1), 84-91.

Beuzelin, J. M., Wilson, B. E., VanWeelden, M. T., Meszaros, A., Way, M. O., Stout, M. J., & Reagan, T. E. (2016). Biology and Management of the Mexican Rice Borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) in Rice in the United States. Journal of Integrated Pest Management, 7(1), 7. doi:10.1093/jipm/pmw006.

Beyer, H. L., Gurarie, E., Borger, L., Panzacchi, M., Basille, M., Herfindal, I., Van Moorter, B., Lele, S., & Matthiopoulos, J. (2016). “You shall not pass!”: Quantifying barrier permeability and proximity avoidance by animals. Journal of Animal Ecology, 85(1), 43-53.

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Blancato, V. S., Pagliai, F. A., Magni, C., Gonzalez, C. F., & Lorca, G. L. (2016). Functional Analysis of the Citrate Activator CitO from Enterococcus faecalis Implicates a Divalent Metal in Ligand Binding. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, 101, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2016.00101

Bliss, C., Andersen, P., Brodbeck, B., Wright, D., Olson, S., & Marois, J. (2016). The influence of bahiagrass, tillage, and cover crops on organic vegetable production and soil quality in the southern coastal plain. Sustainable Agriculture Research, 5(2), 65-82.

Blosser, E. M., Stenn, T., Acevedo, C., & Burkett-Cadena, N. D. (2016). Host use and seasonality of Culex (Melanoconion) iolambdis (Diptera: Culicidae) from eastern Florida, USA. Acta Tropica, 164, 352-359.

Blythe, E. K., Tabanca, N., Demirci, B., Tsikolia, M., Bloomquist, J. R., & Bernier, U. R. (2016). Lantana montevidensis essential oil: Chemical composition and mosquito repellent activity against Aedes aegypti. Natural Product Communications, 11(11), 1713-1716.

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Boughton, E. H., Boughton, R. K., Griffith, C., & Bernath-Plaisted, J. (2016). Reproductive traits of Lachnanthes caroliniana (Lam.) Dandy related to patch formation following feral swine rooting disturbance. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, 143(3), 265-273.

Bourguignon, T., Scheffrahn, R. H., Nagy, Z. T., Sonet, G., Host, B., & Roisin, Y. (2016). Towards a revision of the Neotropical soldierless termites (Isoptera: Termitidae): redescription of the genus Grigiotermes Mathews and description of five new genera. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 176(1), 15-35.

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Bracho, R., Natali, S., Pegoraro, E., Crummer, K. G., Schadel, C., Celis, G., Hale, L., Wu, L., Yin, H., Tiedje, J. M., Konstantinidis, K. T., Luo, Y., Zhou, J., & Schuur, E. A. G. (2016). Temperature sensitivity of organic matter decomposition of permafrost-region soils during laboratory incubations. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 97, 1-14.

Branco, S., Bi, K., Liao, H.-L., Gladieux, P., Badouin, H., Ellison, C. E., Nguyen, N. H., Vilgalys, R., Peay, K. G., Taylor, J. W., & Bruns, T. D. (2016). Continental-level population differentiation and environmental adaptation in the mushroom Suillus brevipes. Molecular Ecology, doi: 10.1111/mec.13892.

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Buchanan, J. W., Reecy, J. M., Garrick, D. J., Duan, Q., Beitz, D. C., Koltes, J. E., Saatchi, M., Koesterke, L., & Mateescu, R. G. (2016). Deriving Gene Networks from SNP Associated with Triacylglycerol and Phospholipid Fatty Acid Fractions from Ribeyes of Angus Cattle. Frontiers in Genetics, 7, 116, doi: 10.3389/fgene.2016.00116.

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Burkett-Cadena, N. D., Gibson, J., Lauth, M., Stenn, T., Acevedo, C., Xue, R. D., McNelly, J., Northey, E., Hassan, H. K., Fulcher, A., Bingham, A. M., van Olphen, J., van Olphen, A., & Unnasch, T. R. (2016). Evaluation of the Honey-Card Technique for Detection of Transmission of Arboviruses in Florida and Comparison with Sentinel Chicken Seroconversion. Journal of Medical Entomology, 53(6), 1449-1457.

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Buschbacher, R., Athayde, S., Bartels, W., & Mello, R. (2016). Resilience Assessment as a Tool for Understanding the Amazon Frontier as a Social-Ecological System. Sustentabilidade em Debate, 7(2), doi:10.18472/SustDeb.v7n2.2016.15134.

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Campbell, B., Khachatryan, H., Hall, C., Behe, B., & Dennis, J. (2016). Crunch the Can or Throw the Bottle? Effect of “Bottle Deposit Laws” and Municipal Recycling Programs. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 106, 98-109.

Campbell, J. W., Cabrera, A. R., Stanley-Stahr, C., & Ellis, J. D. (2016). An evaluation of the honey bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) safety profile of a new systemic insecticide, Flupyradifurone, under field conditions in Florida. Journal of Economic Entomology, 109(5), 1967-1972.

Campbell, J. W., Ivrin, A., Irvin, H., Stanley-Stahr, C., & Ellis, J. D. (2016). Insect visitors to flowering buckwheat, Fagropyrum esculentum (Polygonales: Polygonaceae), in North-Central Florida. Florida Entomologist, 99(2), 264-268.

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Canfield, D. E. J., Bachmann, R. W., Stephens, D. B., Hoyer, M. V., Bacon, L., Williams, S., & Scott, M. (2016). Monitoring by citizen scientists demonstrates water clarity of Maine (USA) lakes is stable, and not declining, due to cultural eutrophication. Inland Waters, 6, 11-27.

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Cao, Z., Sui, S., Yang, Q., & Deng, Z. (2016). Inheritance of Rugose Leaf in Caladium and Genetic Relationships with Leaf Shape, Main Vein Color, and Leaf Spotting.

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