2017 Vendor Education Post Assessment

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2017 Vendor Education Post Assessment

  1. Risk factors for heart attacks that can be modified by lifestyle changes and medications include:

    1. Smoking, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol

    2. Age, smoking, hypertension, sedentary lifestyle

    3. Smoking, family history, high cholesterol, obesity

    4. Diabetes, smoking, hypertension, family history

  2. The three Diversity and Inclusion Focus Areas are:

    1. Employee Engagement, Recruitment, Peace

    2. Recruitment, Peace, Customer Experiences

    3. Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Customer Experiences

  1. What does PHI stand for?

    1. Patient health information

    2. Patient history information

    3. Personal health information

    4. Protected health information

  1. What is the standard for accessing patient information?

    1. A need to know for the performance of your job

    2. If a physician asks you the diagnosis of the patient

    3. Just because you are curious

    4. You are a relative of the patient

  1. Which of the following is NOT a function of the Privacy Rule?

    1. Informs patients of their rights

    2. Requires privacy & confidentiality of protected health information

    3. Requires healthcare facilities to teach patients about privacy & confidentiality

    4. Requires the security of PHI in all forms

  1. How does ransomware infect computer systems?

    1. By phishing emails

    2. Malicious attachments

    3. Infected websites

    4. All of the Above

  1. Using the same password for each account is a good security practice and will make password management easier.

    1. True

    2. False

  1. It is acceptable to download software and install it on my AtlantiCare workstation.

    1. True

    2. False

  1. Calls placed into the compliance hotline have the following protections in place, except:

  1. You may report anonymously.

  2. Callers are protected by the Federal Medical Leave Act.

  3. No retaliation for reporting.

  4. All complaints are documented and investigated.

  5. Report only certain activities that appear to violate AtlantiCare’s Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Compliance (Code of Conduct) or any other policies and government laws and regulations.

  6. B and E

  1. AtlantiCare’s Social Media Policy #4313 applies to me:

  1. When using social media as part of my job

  2. When using AtlantiCare-owned devices

  3. On my personal social media networks

  4. When using my own device

  5. All of the above

  1. I am permitted to post a picture of a patient after he or she has left my unit and is no longer a patient?

      1. True

      2. False

  1. National Patient Safety Goals for 2017 include which of the following?

      1. Identify patients correctly 

      2. Improve staff communication

      3. Use medicines safely

      4. Use alarms safely

      5. Prevent infections

      6. Identify patient safety risks

      7. Prevent mistakes in surgery

      8. All of the above

  1. We document near misses, facility issues, vandalism, threats, theft, property damage, and patient or visitor injuries in Quantros. 

  1. True

  2. False

  1. Which of the following are parts of EMTALA?

  1. New Jersey Universal Transfer Form 

  2. EMTALA applies to ALL hospital employees

  3. Medical screening and further stabilizing treatment may not be delayed to inquire about the individual's insurance or payment information.

  4. Every patient must be screened by a qualified medical provider within 4 hours of presenting to the Emergency Department or elsewhere on hospital property to determine if there is an “emergency medical condition” or active labor.

  5. All of the above

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