4. The author mentions that the Killm-Ijim forest has a nice climate

-The purpose of the passage is to explain……………

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163-The purpose of the passage is to explain……………..

.A)some experimental methods of geological investigation
***B)why geology is a science suitable for enthusiasts' contribution
C)gradual developments in the field of geology over the years
D)why it is so difficult to gather geological informationE)how experts analyse geological data gathered in the field
164-It is clear from the passage that complex equipment for geological investigation………… .
A)is vital to almost every part of the geologist's work
B)is of no use whatsoever in the development of geologyC)may be easily mastered and used by the amateur
***D)only plays a small part in the field of geology
E)is much the same as that used in other scientific fields22

  • OF THE countries of Latin America none has had a more melancholy history than Paraguay. For nearly 180 years from 1811, when the country became independent from Spain, it had a succession of dictators, some bad, some very bad. One allowed no newspapers or schools. Another confiscated half the country. When Alfredo Stroessner was overthrown in 1989 it was assumed that Andres Rodriguez, the general who organised the coup against his old master, would be a dictator too. To many people's astonishment, in Paraguay and abroad, he freed political prisoners, ended the ban on opposition political parties, lifted newspaper censorship, reached an accord with his critics in the Roman Catholic church, and successfully stood for president in what was acclaimed as the cleanest dirty election in the country's history.

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