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Marketing Department

La Salle University is seeking applicants for a full time, non tenure track instructor/assistant professor position in marketing beginning August 2014, pending final budgetary approval. In order to be considered for the position, required credentials are: 1) be fully qualified for AACSB-PQ faculty status, 2) an MBA from an AACSB accredited master’s program 3) minimum of 10 years work experience in marketing with at least 5 years in sales, 4) teaching experience in business at the college/university at undergraduate and MBA levels. This position requires teaching undergraduate and MBA marketing courses (4/semester) including an interest in sales and sales related areas (e.g., sales management, sales analytics and sales presentation media). Teaching summer and brief intersession courses are also a possibility. We are developing a sales concentration and expect this individual to work in building relationships with industry and alumni for their support of and involvement with a career-focused sales program. The position requires interest in and enthusiasm for advising and mentoring students’ career development and to contribute to typical service work in an AACSB accredited school of business. Experience with the Lasallian mission1 and educational approach are highly desirable. This position can be renewed on a year-to-year basis and carries a full benefits package.

Qualified and interested candidates should email a current CV and cover letter to FT_MKTPosition@lasalle.edu. The 3 letters of reference should be emailed to the same address with the candidate’s name in the subject line. This position is open until filled.

La Salle University is a Roman Catholic university in the tradition of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds who can contribute to our unique educational mission. For a complete mission statement, visit http://www.lasalle.edu/mission.


The position

  • This is a non-tenure track Assistant Professor/instructor position beginning in August 2014. The position can be renewed on a year-to-year basis. Renewal is dependent upon performance appraisal. We have had 2 non tenure track faculty in the last 20 years.

  • The teaching load is 4 courses per semester. Additional intersession and summer teaching is a possibility. Courses will be undergraduate and MBA marketing courses, day and night sections at our main and satellite campuses. We have ample pedagogical and technical support for faculty to develop their teaching and course management skills. Online and hybrid teaching is expected; support exists to help with these types of courses.

  • All marketing faculty advise undergraduates and serve on committees and related service work.

  • All fulltime marketing faculty have the opportunity to participate and chaperone the department’s travel study programs which currently visit Europe (Germany and France) and China (Beijing and Shanghai).

  • Industry experience is highly desirable as Lasallian education has a strong practical and applied focus. While we expect faculty to be primarily focused on their teaching and other responsibilities, faculty are encouraged to be involved with industry in consulting and research as time and their other responsibilities allow.

  • We do not offer individual tracks within the marketing major, however we are currently designing a sales-CRM program. We have just completed building an interactive skills behavioral training facility that centers on sales training and other interactive skills. We are planning to build a sales training center in our new building.

  • Because marketing departments treat non tenure track appointments in different ways, here’s how we manage ours: we make every effort to have non tenure track faculty play a key role in meeting the department’s goals and mission. Non tenure track faculty have developed new courses, presented new pedagogical approaches at marketing conferences and played a key role in determining our future plans. Non tenure track faculty participate in tenure and promotion discussions. Non tenure track faculty can be eligible for sabbatical leave. Our current full time, non tenure track faculty member has been with the department for 9 years and the other was with the department for 8 years before retiring. Non tenure track faculty are eligible for Tuition Exchange and reimbursement when they reach the mandatory employment time for the benefit.

The Department

  • The marketing department has had no voluntary turnover other than retirements in over 20 years. The department currently has 3 tenured and 1 non-tenured fulltime appointments; a full time tenure track appointment will be joining us in fall, 2014. We are a very collegial group and over the last few years have had several co-authored conference presentations and journal publications.

  • The department currently has over 280 majors and about 50 minors. About 30% of all marketing majors become dual majors, usually getting a finance or management degree along with marketing.

  • The department has a strong internship program; a majority of majors do an internship or co-op and many do more than one. The nature of our undergraduate is that most have jobs along with attending school. Our students have had co-ops and internships with JnJ, SAP, Vanguard, Subaru of America, Enterprise, AmerisourceBergen, The Naval Supply Station, GE, Burlington Coat Factory, several local advertising agencies, TV and radio stations and local professional sports teams. The internship program is currently supervised by the chair and all faculty mentor marketing internships.

  • The department has an active American Marketing Association student chapter that does educational, social and service programming.

  • We also are planning on developing a marketing analytics program to increase our majors’ analytical skills. We are seeing increasing numbers of students interested in marketing research and marketing analytics and want to help develop those skills and interests.

  • For over the last 12 years the department has run a successful travel study program under the direction and control of individual marketing faculty (as opposed to contracting with a tour service). We sponsor two courses with travel study components: an international marketing course that travels to Germany and Paris over spring break (each spring semester) and a biannual business travel study trip that goes to Beijing and Shanghai in early may. Marketing faculty chaperone these trips as they help to build association between students and faculty as well as offer a wonderful opportunity to observe international business (we visit businesses during the day). These trips are an opportunity for faculty to get to know students outside of the classroom as well as to participate in discussions between students and executives who work in other countries and cultures as well as who do business throughout the world.

The School of Business

  • La Salle University was founded in 1863 in Philadelphia

  • The School of Business has been in existence for nearly 60 years.

  • We were accredited by AACSB in 1995 and have successfully completed 3 re-accreditation visits.

  • We offer undergraduate degrees in Finance (with individual tracks), Accounting, Management & Leadership, Business Systems & Analytics, International Business and Marketing. We have about 800 business majors. .

  • We offer Full time, Part time and One Year MBA degrees. We have about 90 full time and One Year MBAs and about 450 Part time MBAs. Along with our main campus in Philadelphia we have a dedicated campus (about 60,000 square feet) north of Philadelphia in Bucks County and a leased campus west of Philadelphia used for MBA courses.

  • The University will begin construction on a state of the art new School of Business building this summer. The new building is scheduled to be occupied December, 2015.

  • The School of Business just welcomed a new dean in July of 2013.

  • The School of Business just completed an account review to turn over the marketing of the School of Business to an ad agency for the next 3 years. The agency is managing all creative and marketing strategy as well as media placement and scheduling. School of Business administration and faculty are closely involved with this effort.

The University and Philadelphia

  • La Salle University is a Catholic University in the Lasallian tradition, founded by the patron saint of teaching John Baptiste de la Salle in the late 1600s. Lasallian education has always been guided by combining theory and practice into a practical focus along with helping individuals develop a “life of purpose” characterized by career as an extension of the self, the desire to contribute to others’ lives and to institutions that help others. Worldwide there are nearly one million students under Lasallian education; about evenly split between higher education and K-12. Lasallians have always moved toward educational areas where they perceive a need regardless of students’ faith or ethnicity.

  • Philadelphia is a diverse cosmopolitan city of 1.5 million residents with 4.5 million in the surrounding area. Philadelphia has been recognized for going through a renaissance of sorts over the last 20 years.

  • Economically the region is very diverse and is a hub for the pharmaceutical industry, for higher education, healthcare treatment, research and education, banking and investment. The greater area has significant agriculture and manufacturing. The overall business climate makes Philadelphia ideal for dual career families.

  • The Atlantic coast and Delaware Bay area are a few hours away as are skiing and water-related recreational sports. Similarly, numerous Pocono Mountains resorts offer a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.

  • While a major city Philadelphia offers a variety of housing choices from city, suburban and country living. There are private and public school systems that have received national acclaim. The University participates in Tuition Exchange which can significantly reduce the cost of college education for dependents. Business faculty eligible all have had children utilize tuition exchange both at La Salle and at other universities (e.g., Syracuse University, The University of Delaware, Tulane University, The University of Richmond and The University of Hartford).

  • The city has strong professional sports’ teams (football, baseball, basketball and soccer) and La Salle is part of the famed “Big Five” college basketball group. These games are often played at downtown venues and often sell out. In 2013 the La Salle Men’s Basketball Team made it to the sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament.

  • Culturally Philadelphia is a major arts and cultural center with a vibrant restaurant and entertainment scene. Given the diversity of employers the city is ideal for dual career families.


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