9-sinf uchun 1-Nazorat ishi

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mirzo ulubek sho va olim, 9-sinf-chorak
4-Nazorat ishi.
Mavzu: School and Community.

Nazorat shakli: Test.
1. Choose the best answer what types of schools are there in England and Wales. There are …. Schools there.

a). five types of c). three types

b). four types of d). six types of e). seven types of

2. What age do children go to school in England and Wales.

a). at the age of 7 c). at the age of 5

b). at the age of 6 d). at the age of 4 e). at the age of 3.

3. What are private school called in England and Wales.

a). public schools c). nursery schools e). junior schools

b). comprehensive schools d). infant schools

4. How do your parents get to work? They get to work …

a). at half past b). from time to time c). by bus

d). they respect people e). together

5. Why do your parents work. They work ….

a). to meet with their friends c). they wouldn’t like to sit at home

b). to wear a uniform d). in order to earn money

e). to bay something

6. Choose the synonyms The state nursery schools are not for all.

a). comprehensive c). grammar schools

b). kindergarten d). private e). high

7. National flags and emblems.

a). garland b). head c). king d). policy e). taken

8. Choose the antonym Better late than never.

a). good b). worse c). bad d). nice e). O.K

9. E. Newton was born in a little village

a). lived b). came in to the world c). came in d). found e). died

10. …. St of January is …. holiday of all people in …..

a). the/on/the c). the/a/a

b). a/the/the d). the/the/a e). -/the/a

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