9-sinf uchun 1-Nazorat ishi

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mirzo ulubek sho va olim, 9-sinf-chorak
6-Nazorat ishi.
Mavzu: Advertising and marketing

Nazorat shakli: Test
1. Read and choose the best answer.

It’s got 5 stripes: blue, red, white red and green. There is a crescent and 12 stars in the top left hand corner. The crescent means newly independent country and the stars represent the different provinces of the country. What flag is it?

  1. New Zealand b) Australia c) Uzbekistan d) USA

2. Choose the best answer to the question.

What is the official name of the UK?

England b) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

c) Britain d) Great Britain

3. Find the element that you can’t see on American Flag.

  1. leaf b) stars c) white stripes d) red stripes

4. Find the country in which emblem you find flowering valley.

  1. USA B) UK c) Australia d) Uzbekistan

5. Find the right answer to the question.

When was the sovereign Republic of Uzbekistan founded?

a) December 8, 1992 b) August 31, 1992 c) September 1, 1992

d) March 2, 1993

6. Find the right answer to the question.

What does ‘Constitution’ mean?

  1. the system of laws and principles for governing a country or an organisation

  2. believing in or practising the principle of equality.

  3. the group of people who govern

  4. a person who has been chosen to act for someone else or for a group of people

7. Complete the sentence.

The US president ... for four years.

  1. elect b) elects c) elected d) is elected

8. Complete the sentence.

The British Houses of Parliament ... right beside the River Thames.

  1. situated b) is situated c) are situated d) situates

9. Complete the sentence.

Uzbekistan ... into twelve regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

  1. is divided b) are divided c) dividing d) divide

10. Choose the right answer to the question.

How many parts does the UK Parliament consist of?

  1. 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

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