A fibre Channel switch has eights ports and all ports must be operational 24 X However, a failure of Port occurs on a particular week as follows

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What does the "X" represent in the graphic?






What are the essential components of an object in an object-based storage system?

Object ID, metadata, file path, and LUN ID

File path, object ID, data, and file name

Data, user-defined attributes, metadata, and object ID

LUN ID, data, object ID, and user-defined attributes


A company needs to transmit data over long distances between their disparate FC SANs at multiple geographic locations. Which recommended protocol should be adopted by the company?






Based on the graphic, what does the "X" represent?

FCoE port

FCIP port

iSCSI port

FC port


What is an advantage of implementing email archiving?

Reduce redundant emails in a mailbox to facilitate faster recovery

Increase the mailbox space by moving old emails to archive storage

Provide high availability and continuous access to business emails

Reduce the cost of managing the email archiving server and storage


If a configuration management database (CMDB) system contains different configuration items (CIs), what is considered a CI?

Customer feedback

Governance procedure

Security guideline



What is the fundamental unit of data transfer in an FC network?






What is the time taken by the platter of a hard disk drive to position data under the read/write head?

Disk service time

Rotational latency

Seek time

Data transfer rate


What will enable a company to plan for the frequency of their backups?

Recovery Time Objective

Mean Time Between Failure

Recovery Point Objective

Mean Time To Repair


What is the advantage of adopting OpenID by an organization?

Eliminates a phishing attack while exchanging IDs across data centers

Provides authorization control that enables a client to access protected resources

Allows an individual to specify and perform an action on the storage system

Eliminates the need to deploy a separate authentication system


When using the erasure coding technique in an object-based storage system, data is divided into 8 data segments and 4 coding segments. What is the maximum number of disk drive failures against which data is protected by the configuration?






What is an accurate statement about NAS?

Enables both UNIX and Microsoft Windows users to seamlessly share the same data

Enables NAS clients to seamlessly access files only over FC networks

Uses flat address space to enable a large number of files to be stored

Uses only a proprietary operating system and integrated hardware components


What accurately describes an NDMP-based backup in a NAS environment?

Requires a direct connection between the NAS device and the application servers

Backup data is sent directly from a NAS device to the backup device

Requires less bandwidth to transfer data from the application server to the NAS device

Backup data is sent directly from the application server to the NAS backup device


What provides users with self-service access to pre-defined storage services?

Service catalog

Control plane

Service discovery

Storage controller


A company's assets are continuously under attack. To deploy a security control mechanism to protect these assets, what should be considered?

Minimize the work factor

Limited access to assets by unauthorized users

Easy access to assets by authorized users

Maximize the attack surface


Which Dell EMC product provides scale-out NAS?


Elastic Cloud Storage




What is an accurate statement about a Converged Network Adapter (CNA)?

Physical adapter that provides the functionality of only a standard iSCSI HBA in a single device

Physical adapter that provides the functionality of both a standard NIC and an FC HBA in a single device

Physical adapter that provides the functionality of both a standard NIC and an iSCSI HBA in a single device

Physical adapter that provides the functionality of only a standard NIC in a single device


If an attacker installs malware on an end-user's computer, which type of attack does this represent?



Keystroke logging



What describes the anomaly-based detection technique?

Scans for a digital signature to authorize storage and network traffic

Scans, analyzes, and detects various unknown events

Scans email attachments to see if an attacker has changed the signature

Scans for known patterns to detect an intrusion in the network


What is an accurate statement about cache vaulting?

Contents of cache is dumped to a set of physical storage drives during a power failure

Only writes to the cache are stored in a mirrored location during a power failure

Cache data in multiple locations is made coherent during a power failure

Seals the cache and rejects any further reads or writes during a power failure


What is an advantage of performing capacity monitoring in a storage infrastructure environment?

Rapidly identifying component failures that may lead to storage unavailability

Proactively preventing service outages due to the lack of storage space

Efficiently tracking unauthorized access to the storage infrastructure elements

Automatically identifying configuration changes to the storage infrastructure elements


The graphic represents an FCIP tunnel configuration that merges two Fibre Channel SANs at either end of the tunnel. Which types of ports do the labels "X" and "Y" represent on the FCIP gateway?

X = F_port and Y = E_port

X = VF_port and Y = E_port

X = EX_port and Y = VE_port

X = E_port and Y = VE_port


In a Fibre Channel (FC) protocol stack, what is the function of the FC-1 layer?

Provide transmission words, primitive signals, and link initialization

Provide standards for physical interface, media, and transmission of bits

Provide fabric services, classes of service, and flow control

Provide application interfaces and map several protocols to FC layers


Which system has a chassis with slots holding multiple servers and provides an integrated power supply, cooling, networking, and management functions?

Blade compute system

Rack-mounted compute system

Mainframe compute system

Tower compute system


Which items are found in an iSCSI address?

IP address, TCP port number, and iSCSI name

IP address, FC port number, and iSCSI location

MAC address, FC port number, and iSCSI location

MAC address, TCP port number, and iSCSI name


What is an advantage of deploying a storage area network (SAN) in a data center environment?

Allows a faster access rate by removing the complications of network setup

Provides a direct-attached connection between compute systems and storage

Enables data replication between storage systems across different locations

Reduces the network traffic between compute systems and consolidated storage


Why do organizations prefer to adopt cloud-based archiving?

Avoid performing backup and replication for production data

Rapid development and deployment of cloud-based archiving applications in-house

Eliminate the capital and operational expenditure of data archiving

Support massive data growth and data retention requirements


Which functionality is provided by the REST API in a software-defined storage environment?

Integration and access to external cloud storage services

Resource abstraction across storage systems to improve utilization

Creation of a single storage pool spanning across the underlying storage infrastructure

Automatic execution of tasks using pre-defined workflows


During a write split operation in continuous data protection (CDP) replication, one of the I/Os is received by the local CDP appliance. Which component received the other I/O?

Remote CDP appliance

Remote replica volume

Production volume

Local replica volume


Which security control allows a client to access protected resources from a resource server on behalf of a resource owner?



LUN Masking



What is the correct sequence of steps to perform a scale-up NAS I/O operation?

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