A study of the Solar Radiation Effect on the 3-µm Channels of the High-Resolution Infared Radiation Sounder

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AMS Journals (M-O)

A Study of the Solar Radiation Effect on the 4.3-µm Channels of the High-Resolution Infared Radiation Sounder

McMillin, Larry M.

2000 October

Notes and Correspondence / Journal of Applied Meteorology

Meeting summary

Maturi, Eileen M.

2001 March


Observations of the 40–50-Day Tropical Oscillation – A Review

Madden, Roland A.

1994 May


The Generalization of Semigeostrophic Theory to the β-Plane

Magnusdottir, Gudrun

1990 July

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Semigeostophic Theory on the Hemisphere

Magnusduttir, Gudrun

1991 June

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

On Moist Quasi-Geostrophic Barotropic Instability

Mak, Mankin

1983 October

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Diabatic Divergence Profiles in Western Pacific Mesoscale Convective Systems

Mapes, Brian E.

1995 May

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Generation of Gravity Waves by Jet Streams in the Atmosphere

Mastrantonio, G.

1976 September

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

The National Meteorological Center’s Quasi-Lagrangian Model for Hurricane Prediction

Mathur, Mukut B.

1991 June


Evolution of Slantwise Vertical Motions in NCEP’s Mesoscale Eta Model

Mathur, Mukut B.

1999 January


On the Use of Lower Saturation Criteria for Release of Latent Heat in NWP Models

Mathur, Mukut B.

1983 September


A Quasi-Lagrangian Regional Model Designed for Operational Weather Prediction

Mathur, Mukut B.

1983 October


A Dynamical Model of the Stratospheric Sudden Warming

Matsuno, Taroh

1971 November

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Vertical Propagation of Stationary Planetary Waves in the Winter Northern Hemisphere

Matsuno, Taroh

1970 September

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Atlantic Hurricane Season of 1990

-Annual Summaries

Mayfield, Max

1991 August


Simulated Radiance Patterns for Finite Cubic Clouds

McKee, Thomas

1976 October

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Scattering of Visible Radiation by Finite Clouds

McKee, Thomas B.

1974 October

Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

Effects of Cloud Shape on Scattered Solar Radiation

McKee, Thomas B.

1978 March


The Evolution of Balanced, Low-Mode Vortices on the β-Plane

McWilliams, James C.

1986 May

Journal of Physical Oceanography

Artificial Skill and Validation in Meteorological Forecasting

Mielke Jr., Paul W.

1996 June

Weather and Forecasting

Role of Baroclinic Instability in the Development of Monsoon Disturbances

Mishra, S. K.

1980 February

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

Accuracy of Finite-Difference Methods Applied to the Advection Equation

Molenkamp, Charles R.

1968 April

Journal of Applied Meteorology

Geostrophic Vortex Motion

Morikawa, G. K.

1960 April

Journal of Meteorology

On the Estimation of Planetary Boundary Layer Variables in Mature Hurricanes

Moss, Michael S.

1975 November


Modulation of Eastern North Pacific Hurricanes by the Madden-Julian Oscillation

Maloney, Eric D.

2000 May 1

Journal of Climate

Variational Data Assimilation with an Adiabatic Version of the NMC Spectral Model

Navon, I. M.

1992 July


Monte Carlo Significance Testing as Applied to Statistical Tropical Cyclone Prediction Models

Neumann, Charles J.

1977 November

Journal of Applied Meteorology

A Simple Parameterization of Land Surface Processes for Meteorological Models

Noilhan, J.

1989 March


Sampling Errors in the Estimation of Empirical Orthogonal Functions

North, Gerald R.

1982 July


Scale-Controlled Objective Analysis

Ooyama, Katsuyuki

1987 October


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