A1 First class 一级 aa always Afloat, All After

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A1 First class 一级

AA Always Afloat, All After 始终保持漂浮;在一切…之后

A/A All About 一切关于

AAA Association of Average Adjusters 海损理算师协会

AAA WIWL Always Afloat Always within I.W.L(institute warranty limit)


AAAA Always Afloat Always Accessible 在水中供随时使用的

AAR Against All Risk, All and Any Risk 针对所有风险,所有的风险

AARA Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area 阿姆斯特丹—艾恩德霍芬—鹿特丹区域

ABB, ABBR Abbreviation 缩写词

ABDNT Abandonment 放弃

AB-LOG Abstract Log Book 舱面摘要日记

ABR Abreast 并列,并排

ABS American Bureau of Shipping 美国船级社

ABT About 关于,大约

ABV Above 以上…

A/C Account Current 往来账户,活期存款账户,流通账户

ACC, ACCPT Acceptance, Accepted 接受;赞同

ACCOMM Accommodation 住处,停留处

ACCT, ACT, A/C Account, Accountant 账户;会计师

ACDG According 依照

ACDGLY, ACCRDGLY Accordingly 相应地

ACK Acknowledge 承认,告知已收到

ACKGT Acknowledgement 答谢的表示,确认收到的信

ACOL After Completion Of Loading 装货完成后

ACP Anchors and Chains Proved 锚和锚链检验合格

ACPT Accept 接受,承担责任

ACS Application for Cargo Shipment 装船申请书

ACS PAY Accounts Payable 应付账款

ACTRUS Automatically Controlled Turbine Rung Up System


ADCOM, ADD COMM Address Commission 订舱佣金,租船佣金

ADD, ADDR Address 目前地址

ADDL, ADDTL Additional 附加的

ADJ Adjustment, Adjust 调整,使…合适;

ADV Advise 建议,劝告;通告

ADVAL, A/V, ADV Ad Valorem, According to Value 按照税运价

AE After End 完结后

A/E Auxiliary Engine, Accept/Except 辅助动力机;

AF, ADVFRT Advanced Freight, Advance Freight 预付运费

AFF Affirmative 肯定的

AFFREIGHTMENT The hiring of a ship in whole or part

AFIA American Foreign Insurance Association美国国外保险协会

AFMT After Fixing Main Terms 固定主要条款之后

AFRA Average Freight Rate Assessment 平均费率

AFT At or towards the stern or rear of a ship

AG Ace Group, Arabian Gulf, Agent General

AGCY Agency

AGD Agreed


AGMT, AGRMT Agreement

AGN Again

AGT Agent

AGW All Going Well

AGWI Atlantic, Gulf, West lndia's Limit

AGW WP UCAE All going well weather permitting unforeseen circumstances always excepted

AH After Hatch, Antwerp/Hamburg range

AHF American Hull Form(insurance policy)

AHFDA American Hull Form, Deductible Average

AHL Australian Hold Ladders

AI In the meantime

AID Agency for International Development

AIMU American Institute of Marine Underwriters

AITH FORM American Institute Time Hull Form of Policy

AK MARINE America Korea Marine

ALLOC Allocation

ALRDY Already

ALT Altered, Altitude, Alternative, Alternatively

ALW Allowance

AM Above Mentioned

AM, TLO & EXS American TLO disbursements clauses including excess liability

AMA American Maritime Association


AMDT Amendment

AMMI American Merchant Marine Institute

AML Absolute Maximum Loss

AMT Amount

AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System

A/N Arrival Notice

ANAL Analysis, Analytic, Analogy

ANS Answer

ANTE Before

A/O(AO), A/OR And Or

AOA Any One Accident

AOB Any One Bottom, Any Other Business

AOL Any One Loss

AOO Any One Occurrence

AORF Aft Or Forward

AOTA Australia Overseas Transport Association

AOV Any One Vessel

AOVOY Any One Voyage

AP Additional Premium, After Part, Authority to Purchase, All Purpose

AP(APD) Account Paid

AP(APA) Account Payable

APBH After Peak Bulkhead

API American Petroleum Institute, Arbitrary Scale for Specific Gravity

APL As Per List

APMT Appointment

APORT Airport

APPD Approved

APPLN Application

APPR Apprentice, Approve

APPROX Approximate, Approximately

APPT Appoint

APPTD Appointed

APR April

APS Arrival Pilot Station

APT After Peak Tank

AR All Risk, Arrival, Arrive, Arrival and Return

ARD(ARND) Around

ARGMT Arrangement

ARP All Risk Policy

ARRTL Arranged Total Loss

ARVD Arrived

AS After Sight, Account Sales, Alongside

AS, ACS Application for Cargo Shipment

A/S Alongside

ASAP As Soon As Possible

ASBA TANK VOY Association of Ship Broker & Agents Tanker Voyage charter party

ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations

ASF As Follows

ASGD(ASG) Assigned

ASGMT Assignment

ASSN Association

ASSO Associate

ASST Assistant

A/T American Term(grain trade)

ATA Actual Time of Arrival

ATD Actual Time of Departure

ATDNSHINC Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included

ATL Actual Total Loss, Atlantic

ATRS American Tanker Rate Schedule

ATSBE All Time Saved Both Ends

ATSOA American Tramp Ship Owner's Association

ATT Attached

ATTD Attendant

ATTN Attention

ATTY, ATTNY Attorney

ATUTC Actual Times Used to Count

ATWT Atomic Weight

AUTH, AUTHY Authority

AUXB Auxiliary Boiler

AUXE Auxiliary Engine

AV, AVRG Average

AVE Avenue

AV DISBTS(DISB) Average Disbursements

AVLBL Available

AWIWL Always Within Institute Warranty Limit

B Breadth, Bag, Bale

BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor

BAL, Blnce Balance

BALDRIA Timber C/P from Baltic to Alexandra

BALTWOOD Chamber of Shopping Baltic Wood Charter, 1926, Adopted For Leningrad Trade
BAREBOAT CHTR Bareboat Charter-Owners lease a specific ship and control its technical

management and commercial operations only.

BB Ballast Bonus, Below Bridge, Bill Book, Both-to-Blame

BBB Before Breaking Bulk

BBC Bare-Boat Charter

BBCHP Bareboat Charter Hire Purchase

BBCL Both to Blame Collision Clause

BC Bunker C, Bale of Cotton

BCAUS Because

BCI Baltic Cape Size Index

B/CPTY Bale Capacity

BCTOC Busan container terminal operation

B/D Bank Draft, Bar Draft

BD Bond, Brought Down

BDI Baltic Dry Index, Both Dates(Days) Inclusive

BDS Boards

BDLS Bundles

B'DOWN Breakdown

B/E Bill Of Exchanging, Bill Of Entry

BEA Bill Of Exchanging Act 1882

BEACON Chamber of Shipping British North American (Atlantic) Wood Charter Party 1914

BEATS Both Ends All Time Saved

BENDS Both Ends (Load & Discharge Ports)

BEG Beginning

BENDS Both Ends

BEP Break Even Point

BFI Baltic Freight Index

B/FORE, B4,BFR Before

BFR Belgium France

BFSL Being Full Signed Line

BFWL Being Full Written Line

BG Bag, Being

B/G Bonded Goods

BGE Barge

B/H Bill of Health, Bordeaux to Hamburg Inclusive, Breast/Hamburg Inclusive

BHD Bulk Head

BHF Bulk Harmless Fertilizer

BHI Baltic Handy Index

BHP Brake Horse Power

BHPT Broken Hills Proprietary Transportation

B & IMC Baltic & International Maritime Conference

BI Both Inclusive

BIA British Insurance Association

BIBA British Insurance Brokers Association

BIFFEX Baltic Future Freight Index

BIG British Insurance Group

BIMCO The Baltic and International Council

BIS British Information Services

BIZ, BNSS Business

BK Book, Backwardation, Bank

BKD Booked

BKGD Background

BKGE Breakage

BKP Book Post

BKT Basket, Bracket

B/L Bill of Landing

BL1 Bale

BL2 (Bill of Lading) A document signed by the carrier which acts as a

Contract of Affreightment, a receipt and evidence of title to the cargo.

BLC Ben Line Container

BLDG Building

BLNC Balance

BLR Boiler

BLS Bales

BEAM The Maximum Breadth of a ship

BM Board Measure(Timber), Bosuns' Mate, Bending Moment

B/N Booking Note, Boat Note

BN Been

B/O Brought Over

BO Buyer's Option, Branch Office

BOB Bunker On Board

BOD Bunkers On Delivery

BOFFER Best Offer

BOOKG, BKG Booking

BOR Bunkers On Redelivery

BOS Bill Of Sight

BO'SN(BOSUN) Boat Swain

BOT Board Of Trade

B/P Bills Payable, Between Perpendiculars, Bill of Parcels

BP Booking Prospect

BPB Bank Post Bill

BR Boiler Room, Builders Risks, Book of Reference, Bill Receivable

B/R Bills Receivable

BRAIL Bottom Rail

BRITCONT Chamber of Shipping General Home Trade Charter 1928

BRL Barrel

BRKGE Brokerage

BROB Bunkers Remaining on Board

B/S Balance Sheet, Breaking Stress, Bill of Sale, Bill of Store

BS Boiler Survey

BSA Basic Slop Allocation

BS/P Bills Payable

BSS Basis

BSS 1/1 Basis 1 Port to 1 Port

BST British Standard Time

BT Berth Terms

BTB Back To Back

BTC RATE Berth Term Charter Rate

BTHU British Thermal Unit

BTM Bottom

BTN Brussels Trade Nomenclature

BTOB British Transport Dock Board

BTO BLAME Both To Blame

BTU Boat of Trade Unit

BTWN Between

BUNDLING This is the assembly of pieces of cargo, secured into one manageable unit.

This is relevant to items such as Structural Steel, Handrails, Stairways etc. Whilst this is a very flexible description, a rule of thumb is to present cargo at a size easily handled by a large (20 ton) fork lift truck.

BUNKERS Name given for vessels Fuel and Diesel Oil supplies

(Originates from coal bunkers)

BV Bureau Veritas

BW Ballast Water/Brackish Water, Black & White, Both Wigs

BWAD Brackish Water Arrival Draft

BWT Boiler Water Treatment

BWTK Bleeding Wing Tank

C/A Correction Advice, Centiare, Court Of Appeal, Chartered Accountant

CACTLVO Compromised &/or Arranged &/or Constructive Total Loss of Vessel Only

CAD Cash Against Documents

CAF Currency Adjustment Factor, Cost And Freight

CALC Calculate

CANC Cancelled

CANCL Cancelling Date


CAP Captioned, Capsule

CAPT Captain

CARE Cooperative for American Relief to Everywhere Inc.

CB, C/B Charter Base, Caustic Boiler, Centre of Buoyancy

CBF Container Booking Forecast

CBFT, CFT, CUFT Cubic Feet

CBM Cubic Meter

CBS Container Booking Summary, Chartered Shipbrokers

CBT Clean Ballast Tank

CBTM Centre Bottom Tank

CC Carbon Copy, Cubic Contents, Cancellation Clause, Collecting Commission

CCD Container Cargo Depot

CCL Customs Clearance

CCR Crown Cases Reserved

CCV Carrier's Convenient Vanning

CCY Convertible-Currency

C/D Collection & Delivery, Carried Down, Certificate of Deposit, Current Density,

Commercial Dock, Consular Declaration

CD Country Damage, Canadian Dollar, Container Deport

CDD Certificate of Disability for Discharge

CDT Centre Deep Tank

CDV Current Domestic Value

C/E Customs Entry, Chief Engineer

CERT, CERTIF Certificate, Certification, Certify, Certified

CF Cost and Freight, Carried Forward, Cubic Feet, Carried Forward,

Clearing & Forwarding

CFM Confirm, Cubic Feet Per Minute

CFO Calling For Orders, Channel For Order, Coast For Orders

CFR (or C&F) Cost and Freight

CFR Code of Federal Regulation

CFS Container Freight Station, Cubic Feet per Second

CG Coast Guard, Consul-General, Centre of Gravity

CGA Cargo's Proportion of General Average

CGACT Carriage of Goods By Sea Act 1924

CGE Carriage

C.G.F PROCEEDS Credit Given For Proceeds

C.G.F REC Credit Given For Recovery

CGME China, Glass, Marble, Earthenware

CGO Cargo

CGFP Credit Given For Proceeds

CGOH Cargo Hold

CGUIDE Cell Guide

CHGS Charges

CHNL Channel

CHOP Charterer's Option

CHOPT Charterers Option

CH.PPD Charges Prepaid

CHQ Cheque

CHRG Charge

CHS Continuous Hull Survey

CHTRS Charterers

CI Consular Invoice, Cost and Insurance

CIB Corporation of Insurance Brokers

CIE Captain's Imperfect Entry

CIE Cost, Insurance, Freight

CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a nominated

port or place of discharge.

CIF & C Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission

CIF & I Cost, Insurance, Freight and Interest

CIFCI Cost Insurance Freight London Terms

CIFLT Cost Insurance Freight London Terms

CII Chartered Insurance Institute

CIR Circular, Commissioners of Inland Revenue

CK Check

CKD Completely Knocked Down

CL Craft Loss, Clause

CLD Cleared Through Customs, Cleared, Called

CLMS Claims

CLP Container Load Plan

CLR Clear, Centre of Lateral Resistance of a Boat

CM Comma

CMD Commissioned

CMDTY Commodity

CMPL Complete

CMNT Cement

CMR Convention In The Contract For The International Carriage Of Goods By Road

CMS Combined Marine Surcharge, Continuous Machinery Survey

CN Credit Note, Consignment Note, Cover Note

CNCL Cancel

CNEE, CON(S) Consignee

CNFM Confirm

CNR Charterers Not Reported

CNTR Container

C/O Chief Officer, Cash Order, Certificate of Origin, Cost Of, Care Of

CO Cylinder Oil, Company

COA Contract of Affreightment - Owners agree to accept a cost per revenue tonne

for cargo carried on a specific number of voyages.

COACP Contract of Affreightment Charter Party

COB Closing of Business, Cargo On Board

COC Central Operations Committee

COD Cash On Delivery, Charge of Destination

COFG ACT Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act

COGSA, Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act(U.S)

CO-INS Co-insurance

COL Collision

COLL DGE Collision Damage

COLLN Collision

CLT, COLCT Collect

COM, COMM Commission

COMB Combination, Combining

COMD Commander

COML Commercial

COMM Communication

COMP Composit

COMPD Compromised, Compound

COMPEN Compensation

COMPLD Complete

COMBO Tokyo bay와 같이 여러 port로 이뤄진 경우 port shifting을 조금 싸게 하는 것

CON Contract

CONCN Concentration

COND, CONDTN Condition

CONF Conference

CONN Connecticut

CON ROD Connecting Rod

CONS Consumption

CONSGT Consignment

CONSPIC Conspicuous

CONST Constant

CONT continent of Europe

CONTACT DGE Contact damage

CONTD Continued

CONTR Contracted

CONTRA Opposing

CONTRIB Contribution, contributor

CONV Conveyance, Conventional, Converted

CONWOOD The Baltic and International Maritime Conference Wood Chamber 1937

COP Custom Of Port

C ORE 7 Iron Ore C/P From Mediterranean to U.K

C ORE 8 Iron Ore C/P From North Spain to U.K

COS Chief Of Staffs, Cash On Shipment

COW Crude Oil Washing

CP (or C/P) Charter Party, Charter Party of Cargo Prospects, Candle Power

CPA Clams Payable Aboard, Closest Position of Approach,

Certified Public Accountable

CPD Charterers Pay Dues

CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee

CPM Cycles Per Minute

CPP Clean Petroleum Products

CPT Carriage Paid To

CQD Customary Quick Despatch

C/R Chief Radio Operator

CR Current Rate, Credit, Crane, Carrier's Risk


CRISTAL Contract Regarding an Interim Supplemental to Tanker Liability for Oil


CRS Cranes

CROB Cargo Remaining on Board

CRL Craft Loss

CRO Cancelling Returns Only

CRN Crane

CRT Crate

CS Continuous Survey, Casualty Station

C/S.C Cases, Case

CSCG Container Service Consultative Group

CSD Closed Shelter Deck ship

CSK Cask

CSM, CMS Continuous Survey Machinery

CSO Cargo Shipping Order

CSP Container Service Port

CSSC Consortium Standard Slot Consumption

CST Central Standard Time

CST Container Service Tariff

CST Centistoke

CT California terms, Cubic Tonnage

CTC Corn Trade Clause

CTGE Cartage

CTL Constructive Total Loss

CTLO Constructive Total Loss Only

CTM Cash To Master

CTN Carton


CTR Container Fitted

CTS Crates

CUB Cubic

CUCM Cubic Centimeter

CUD Could

CUFT Cubic Feet

CUM Cubic Meter

CUR Currency, Current, Now

C/V/E Cabling /Victualing /Entertainment

CVC Consecutive Voyage Charters

CW Commercial Weight

CWO Cash With Order

CWT Hundredweight

CY Container Yard

CYL Cylinder

CZ Canal Zone


D Depth, Draft

D, USD Dollar(US dollar)

DA Deductible Average

D/A Disbursement Account

DAA Document Against Acceptance

DAC Deferred Attachment Clause

D/AF Discharge Afloat

DAMFORDET Damages for Detention. Penalty if cargo is not ready when ship arrives for working (1st day of Laycan). This is not detention which is charged for ships time on delay. If the cargo is ready there is no DAMFORDET.

DAP Diammonium Phosphate

DAPS Days all Purposes (Total days for loading & discharging)

DARC Dangerous Awkward Reefer Container

DAS Delivered Alongside Ship

DB Debit, Donkey Boiler

D.B. Day Book, Deals and Battens

DBB Deal, Battens and Boards

DBK Draw Back

DBL Double

DBT Double Bottom Tank

DBUE & B Double Bottom Under Engines and Boiler

D/C Deviation Clause, Detention Clause, Direct Current

D/D Dry Dock

DD Delivered, Dated

DDA Direct Discharge Additional, Dangerous Drugs Act

DDO Despatch Discharging Only

DDS Delivered In Sound Condition

DD/S Delivered Sound

DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid.

DDP Delivered Duty Paid.

DE Dent

DEC Declaration, December

DED Deductible

DEF Deferred Account

DEG Degrees


DERG, DEM Demurrage

DEMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship

DEPT Department

DERR Derricks

DES DEM Despatch Money and Demurrage

DESP Despatch

DESTN Destination

DET Detail, Determiner

DET Detention (See DAMFORDET)

DEU Due To

DEVN, DEV Deviation

DF Dead Freight

DF L Draft Full Load

DFL Dutch Florin


DG Dangerous Good, Diesel Generator

DGA Dangerous Good Anchorage

D½D Despatch Half Demurrage

DHDATSBE Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends

DHDWTSBE Despatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends

DIC Delivered-In Charges

DIOT Daily Including Overtime

DIFF Difference

DISB, DISBT, DISBS Disbursement

DISC Discharge, Discussion

DISCH Discharge

DISPT Displacement

DIST Distance

DIV Division, Dividened

DK Deck

DKL Deck Load, Deck Loss

DK LONGY Deck Longitudinal

DKS Decks

DKR Danish Krone

DLA Direct Loading Additional

DLO Dispatch Loading Only

D'LONG Difference In Longitude

DLOSP Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway)

DM Deutch mark

DMG Damage

DMP Difference of Meridional Parts

D/N Debit Note

DNRCAOSLONL Discountless and Non-Returnable Cargo and/or Ship Lost or Not Lost

DNV Det Norske Veritas

DO Diesel Oil

D/O Delivery Order

DOC Document of Compliance, Document

DOD Date Of Delivery

DOLSP Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot (Norway)

DOP Dropping Outward Pilot 出口引水员下船时

DOS Documents

DOT Department of Transport, Department of Overseas Trade

DOZ Dozen

DP Documents Against Payment, Direct Port, Delivery Port

DPR Daily Pro Rata

DPT Discharging Port

DPV Duty-Paying Value

DR Doctor, Double Reduction Gearing

D/R Deposit Receipt, Dock Receipt, Deferred Relate

DRC Damaged Received In Collision( or Condition )

DRK Derrick

D/S Days After Sight, Dry-Dock Survey

DSO Deck Stowage Only

DST Daylight Saving Time

DT Deep Tank, Double Time

DTBA Date To Be Advised

DTD Dated

DTL Detail

DTR, DRCTR Director

DUP Duplicate

DUR Duration

D/V, DV Dual Valuation, Despatch Vessel

DVLPMT Development

DVP Duty-Paying Value

DW, DWT Dead Weight

DWC Dead Weight Capacity

DWCC Dead Weight Cargo Capacity

DWE Deck Watch Error

DWH Waste Head Donkey Boiler

DWN Down

DWT Deck Watch Time


EA Each

E&EL Each and Every Loss

E&EO Each and Every Occurrence

EANDOE Errors and Omission Excepted

E/B East Bound

EC East Coast

ECCA East Coast Central America

ECCP East Coast Coal Port

ECGB East Coast of Great Britain

ECM European Common Market

ECSC European Coal and Steel Community

ECT European Container Terminus

ED Existence Doubtful, Extra Duty

EDC Estimated Tim of Completion

EDH Efficient Deck Hand

EDO Equipment Despatch Order

EDPS Electronic Data Processing System

EE Errors Excepted

E/EA Each and Every Accident

EEC European Economic Commission(or Community)

EEE, ERR Error

EFF Effective, Efficiency

EFTA European Free Trade Area (or Association)

E.G Exempli Gratia(For Example)

EGGS Exhaust Gas Generating System

EIR Equipment Interchange Receipt

EIU Even if Used

EJFC Europe/Japan Freight Conference

E.K. Even Keel

EL Employer's Liability

ELEC Electric

ELECTRO Electronic

ELTCN Electrician

ELVENT Electric Ventilation

ELY Early

EMA European Monetary Agreement

EMERG Emergency

EMPL Estimated Maximum Probable Loss

ENCL Enclosure

ENG Engine

ENTD Entered

ENV Envelope

EOHP Except Otherwise Herein Provided

EOM End Of Month

EOHP Except Otherwise Herein Provided

E/OR Error and Omissions Excepted

EO SURVEY Engine Room and Zero Survey

EP Estimated Position

EPC Export Price Control

EPI Earned Premium Income

EPT Excess Profits Tax

EPU European Payments Union

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