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Abash Jazz Dragon

Abercrombie, John Animato ECM

While We're Young ECM

Farewell Musicdisc

November ECM

Timeless ECM

Abou-Khalil, Rabih Between Dusk And Dawn MMP

Bukra MMP

Blue Camel Enja

Abrams, M Richard Blu Blu Blu Black Saint

One Line, Two Views New World

Adderley, Cannonball Somethin' Else Blue Note

Adderley, Nat Work Song OJC

Work Song Sweet Basil

Little Big Horn OJC

Affif, Ron 52 Street Pablo

Affinity Plays 9 Modern Classics Music & Arts

Tribute To Eric Dolphy Music & Arts

Air Air Time Nessa

Akiyoshi, Toshiko TA-Lew Tabackin BB Novus

Alden, Howard Your Story - Bill Evans Concord

Take Your Pick Concord

Alexander, Eric Man With A Horn Milestone

Alexander, Monty 3 Originals 74-79 MPS

Allan, Jan (C) JA - 70 Phone Suecia

Allen, Geri Live At The VV DIW

Home Grown Minor

The Gathering Verve

Allen, Harry Day Dream RCA

Allen, Henry 'Red' NY Orchestra 29-30 I & II JSP

His Orchestra 29-33 Classics

HRA 1929-1936 BBC

World On A String RCA Bluebird

Swing Out Topaz

Allison, Mose Sings and Plays Prestige

I Don't Worry About Atlantic

Sage Of Tippo 32 Jazz

AMM The Crypt 12 June 68 Matchless

Nameless Uncarved Blk Matchless

Newfoundland Matchless

Laminal Matchless

Live In Allentown USA Matchless

Amsallem, Franck Another Time A Records

Andersen, Arild Hyperborean ECM

Anderson, Ray Cheer Up hat Art

Heads and Tales Enja

Slideride hat Art

Where Home Is Enja

Anderson, Reid Abolish Bad Architecture Fresh Sound

Apaturia Quintet Apaturia YVP

Arcana Last Wave DIW

Arguelles, Julian Escapade Provocateur

Armstrong, Louis LA & The Blues Singers Affinity

LA 1923-31 JCDS

(C) Hot 5s & 7s 1-3 JSP

LA Vols. 1-7; 3 (C) Columbia

25 Greatest Hot 5s ASV

LA Hot 5s & 7s Classics

Big Bands Vol 1,2 JSP

Complete 5s & 7s Vol 1,2 EMI

LA pre 36, 37-38 Classics

Young LA 30-33 RCA

Pops: 1940 Small Bands Bluebird

Big Band To All Stars RCA

Complete Town Hall RCA

California Concerts 51-55 MCA

Chicago Concert '56 Columbia

Satchmo Vol. 1-3 Jazz Unltd

LA And Duke Ellington Roulette

Portrait of Artist CBS

Art Ensemble People In Sorrow Nessa

Of Chicago Urban Bushman ECM

The Alternate Express DIW

67-68 Nessa

Ayler, Albert In Greenwich Village Impulse

(C) Spiritual Unity ESP

Spirits Rejoice ESP

Azimuth A/Touchstone/Depart ECM

Bailey, Benny No Refill TCB

Bailey, Derek Dart Drug Incus

Compatibles Incus

Figuring Incus

Drop Me Off At 96th Scatter

The Last Wave DIW

Domestic & Public Places Emanem

Soho Suites Incus

Sign of Four Knitting

No Waiting Potlatch

Trio Playing Incus

Bailey, Mildred Rockin' Chair V Discs VJC

Baker, Chet Best Of CB Sings Pacific Jazz

Live At Nick's Criss Cross

Peace Enja

Blues For A Reason Criss Cross

Chet's Choice Criss Cross

My Funny Valentine () Philology

Best Thing For You A&M

Baker, Ginger Goin' Back Home Atlantic

Falling Off The Roof Atlantic

Coward Of The County Atlantic

Ballamy, Iain Acme B&W

Food Feral

Bang, Billy Rainbow Gladiator Soul Note

Valve #10 Soul Note

Bang On Justin Time

Barber, Chris 30 Years CB Timeless

CB Concerts Lake

CB:Volumes 1&2 Dormouse

Panama! Timeless

Barbieri, Gato El Pampero RCA

Latino America Impulse

Last Tango In Paris Rykodisc

Priceless Jazz GRP

Bardo State Orchestra Ultimate Gift Impetus

Barker, Guy Into The Blue Verve

What Love Is Emarcy

Barnet, Charlie Drop Me Off In Harlem MCA

Barron, Kenny Peruvian Blue Muse

Other Places Verve

Green Chimneys Criss Cross

Swamp Sally Verve

But Beautiful Steeplechase

Bartz, Gary There Goes Neighborhood Candid

Alto Memories Verve

Basie, Count (C) American Decca MCA

Listen You Shall Hear Hep

Do You Wanna Jump Hep

CB Vol. 1 1932-1938 BBC

CB 1936 1939; 1938-39 Classics

The Atomic Mr. Basie Roulette

Basie Rhythm Hep

The Golden Years Pablo

Bates, Django Like Life Storyville

Bauer, Conrad Plie Intakt

Bechet, Sidney SB, 1932-1943 BMG/Blubrd

World Fair Concert 58 Vogue

1932-43 Bluebird

Complete Vols 1-4 RCA

King Jazz Vol 1 GHB

Beck, Gordon For Evans Sake JMS

One For The Road JMS

Beckett, Harry Images Of Clarity Evidence

Beiderbecke, Bix BB Vol 1 Singing Blues CBS

Bix & Tram Vol 1 JSP

BB Vol II At Ball CBS

Bellson, Louis Hot Musicmasters

Bendian, Gregg Interzone Eremite

Interstellar Space Atavistic

Berg, Bob Another Standard Stretch

Bergcrantz, Anders C Dragon

Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra ECM

Bergman, Borah A New Frontier Soul Note

First Meeting Knitting

Eight By Three Mixtery

Berigan, Bunny 1935-36, 37, 37-38 Classics

Berkhout, Bernard Royal Flush Timeless

Berne, Tim Diminutive Mysteries JMT

Low Life: Paris Concert JMT

Berry, Chu Blowing Up A Breeze Topaz

Bevan, Tony Big Shots Incus

Twisters Scatter

Bilk, Acker That's My Home Philips

Acker Bilk In Holland Timeless

Paramount Jazzband Lake

Blake, Ran Short Life Of Barbara Monk Soul Note

Painted Rhythms V1 & 2 GM

Blakey, Art A Night At Birdland V 1, 2 Blue Note

(C) AB's JMs w/ Monk Atlantic

Mosaic Blue Note

Free For All Blue Note

Buhaina's Delight Blue Note

The Best Of AB Blue Note

Night In Tunisia Blue Note

Roots And Herbs Blue Note

Blanchard, Terence X () CBS

Romantic Defiance CBS

Jazz In Film CBS

Wandering Moon CBS

Bley, Paul Bebop Steeplechase

Memoirs Soul Note

Open, To Love ECM

Touching Black Lion

Indian Summer Steeplechase

Closer ESP

Annette hat Art

Time Will Tell ECM

Mindset Soul Note

Reality Check Steeplechase

Bloom, Jane Ira The Nearness Arabesque

Red Quartets Arabesque

Bluiett, Hamiet The Clarinet Family Black Saint

Resolution Black Saint

Birthright India Nav

Impossible To Keep India Nav

Live At Carlos I Just A Memory

Live At Knitting Factory Knitting

Blythe, Arthur (C) Lenox Ave. Breakdown Koch

Bonner, Joe Parade Steeplechase

The Lost Melody Steeplechase

Boussaguet, Pierre Trio Europa EmArCy

Bowie, Lester The Fire This Time In & Out

Brackeen, Charles Worshippers Come Nigh Silkheart

Brackeen, Joanne Havin' Fun Concord

Where Legends Dwell Ken

Power Talk Turnipseed

Pink Elephant Magic Arkadia

Braden, Don After Dark Criss Cross

Braff, Ruby Inside & Out Concord

Music From My Fair Lady Concord

Calling Berlin Arbors

First Set Zephyr

Braxton, Anthony 7 Comps (Trio) 1989 hat Art

Quartet (London) 1985 Leo

Quartet (Birmingham) 1985 Leo

Quartet (Coventry) 1985 Leo

Six Monk's 1987 Black Saint

Eugene 1989 Black Saint

London (Solo) 1988 Impetus

Willisau hat Art

4 Ensemble Black Saint

Creative Orch (Koln) 1978 hat Art

Duo (London) 1993 Leo

Trio (London) 1993 Leo

Quartet (Santa Cruz) 1993 hat Art

11 Compositions (Duo) 1995 Leo

Four Compositions (Qt) Braxton House

Sextet (Istanbul) 1995 Braxton House

Ensemble (New York) 1995 Braxton House

Octet (New York) 1995 Braxton House

Brennan, John Wolf Ear of a Raindrop Leo

Breuker, Willem De Onderste Steen Entr'acte

Live In Berlin FMP/BVHaast

De Klap BVHaast

Bob's Gallery BVHaast

Heibel BVHaast

Dezel Kant Op, Dames BVHaast

Sensemaya BVHaast

Parrott BVHaast

Psalm 122 BVHaast

Bridgewater, Dee Dee Love And Peace: Silver Verve

Brignola, Nick On A Different Level Reservoir

Broadbent, Alan Maybeck Concord

with Foster Concord

Personal Standards Concord

Brookmeyer, Bob Back Again Sonet

New Works/Celebration Challenge

Brotzmann, Peter (C) Machine Gun FMP

Dried Rat Dog Okkadisk

Chicago Octet/Tentet Okkadisk

Little Birds I & II FMP

Brown, Clifford CB Big Band In Paris OJC

Jazz Immortal Pacific Jazz

Brownie EmArCy

Compact Jazz: CB EmArCy

In Concert Vogue

Complete BN & PJ Blue Note

Jazz Masters Emarcy

Alone Together Verve

Ultimate CB Verve

Brown, Jeri Unfolding The Peacocks Justin Time

A Timeless Place Justin Time

I've Got Your Number Justin Time

Brown, Marion Recollections Creative Works

Why Not ESP

Porto Novo Black Lion

Brown, Ray Black Orpheus Paddle Wheel

Brown, Reuben Ice Scape Steeplechase

Brown, Sandy McJazz And Friends Lake

Brubeck, Dave Jazz At Oberlin OJC

Time Out CBS

Once When I Was Young Limelight

Time Signatures CBS

Live At Berlin Phil CBS

Bryant, Ray Through The Years 1&2 Emarcy

No Problem Emarcy

Tribute To His Jazz Piano Friends JVC

Burn, Chris Music For 3 Rivers Victo

Navigations Acta

Burrell, Dave In Concert Victo

Windward Passages hat Art

High Won High Two Black Lion

Burrell, Kenny Ellington Is Forever Vol1 Fantasy

Bluesy Burrell OJC

Burton, Abraham The Magician Enja

Burton, Gary Hotel Hello ECM

GB & Keith Jarrett Rhino

Butcher, John 13 Friendly Numbers Acta

Byard, Jaki Out Front OJC

Byas, Don Lover Man Vogue

Byron, Don Tuskegee Experiments Electra

Cables, George Phantom City Contemporary

Night & Day DIW

Person To Person Steeplechase

Cain, Michael What Means This Candid

Circa ECM

Caine, Uri Toys JMT

Mahler In Toblach Winter

Campbell, John After Hours Contemporary

Carroll, Baikida Shadow & Reflections Soul Note

Cappelletti, Arrigo Samadhi Splasch

Carl, Rudiger Book/Virtual COWWS FMP

Carson, Ernie Every Man A King GHB

Southern Comfort GHB

If I Had A Talking Picture GHB

Carter, Benny BC 40-41 Classics

Complete 1930-40 Vol. 1 Charly

All Of Me Bluebird

BC 28-52 RCA

3,4,5: Verve Small Group Verve

Jazz Giant OJC

The King Pablo

Elegy In Blue Musicmasters

Further Definitions Impulse

Carter, Betty Finally, Betty Carter Roulette

(C) Audience with BC Verve

Jazzbuhne Berlin '85 Repertoire

Droppin' Things Verve

Village Vanguard Verve

Look What I Got Verve

It's Not About The Melody Verve

Feed The Fire Verve

Carter, James Real Quietstorm Atlantic

Conversin' With The Elders Atlantic

Carter, John West Coast Hot Novus

Seeking hat Art

Castles of Ghana Gramavision

Carter, Ron Third Plane OJC

Telephone Concord

Celestin, Oscar (C) OC + Sam Morgan Azure

Chaloff, Serge Blue Serge Capitol

Chapin, Thomas Haywire Knitting

Sky Piece Knitting

Night Bird Song Knitting

Charles, Teddy The TC Tentet Atlantic

Cheatham, Doc Black Beauty Sackville

Cherry, Don Montmartre, Vol. 2 Magnetic

Art Deco A&M

Christian, Charlie Genius of Electric Guitar CBS

Solo Flight Topaz

Christmann, Gunter Here Now Concepts

Christy, June Something Cool Capitol

Misty Miss Christy Capitol

The Song Is June Capitol

Best of the Jazz Sessions Capitol

Circle Paris Concert ECM

Clark, Sonny Leapin' And Lopin' Blue Note

Cool Struttin' Blue Note

Clarke, Kenny Plays Andre Hodeir Philips

Classic Jazz Quartet Complete Jazzology

Clausen, Thomas Psalm Storyville

Clayton, Jay Live At Jazz Alley ITM

Beautiful Love Sunnyside

Clooney, Rosemary Lyrics Of Johnny Mercer Concord

Blue Rose CBS

Clusone Trio Soft Lights & Sweet Music hat Art

Coe, Tony Some Other Autumn Hep

Mainly Mancini Nato

In Concert AB

Days of Wine & Roses Zephyr

Cohn, Al Al & Zoot Chess

Cole, Nat Best Of The NKC Trio Capitol

NKC Trio Vol. 4 Laserlight

Coleman, George My Horns of Plenty Birdology

Coleman, Ornette The Shape Of Jazz To Come Atlantic

Change Of The Century Atlantic

This Is Our Music Atlantic

Free Jazz Atlantic

Golden Circle V 1,2 Blue Note

(C) Beauty Is Rare Thing Rhino

Body Meta Verve

Soapsuds Soapsuds Verve

Colors Verve

Coleman, Steve Tao Of Mad Phat Novus

Coles, Johnny New Morning Criss Cross

Collective Quartet Orca Leo Lab

Coltrane, John Giant Steps Atlantic

Coltrane Jazz Atlantic

My Favorite Things Atlantic

Coltrane's Sound Atlantic

Ole Coltrane Atlantic

Best Of Atlantic

Live At Village Vanguard MCA

European Impressions Bandstand

Afro Blue Impressions Pablo Live

(C) A Love Supreme MCA

JC Quartet Plays MCA

(C) Major Works of JC Impulse

First Meditations Impulse

Live At the VV Again Impulse

Interstellar Space Impulse

Heavyweight Champion Atlantic

Retrospective Impulse

Complete Africa/Brass Impulse

Complete 1961 VV Impulse

Live at VV: Master Takes Impulse

Sun Ship Impulse

(C) Ascension Impulse

Complete Quartet Studio Impulse

Company Fables Incus

Trios Incus

Once Incus

91 (16 & 17) Incus

6+7 Incus

Condon, Eddie Dixieland All-Stars MCA

EC 27-38/38-40 Classics

Town Hall Concerts 3 & 7 Jazzology

Connor, Chris Gershwin Album Of Song Atlantic

Warm Cool 32 Jazz

Cooper, Lindsay Oh Moscow Victo

Copland, Marc Second Look Savoy

Corbett, Jon Another Fine Mess Slam

Corea, Chick Song Of Singing Blue Note

Return To Forever ECM

Light As A Feather ECM

Music Forever: 64-96 GRP

Tones For Joan's Bones Atlantic

Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Blue Note

Jazz Masters 3 Verve

Origin: Live At Blue Note Stretch

Coryell, Larry Shining Hour Muse

Cowell, Stanley Sienna Steeplechase

Close To You Alone DIW

Hear Me One Steeplechase

Angel Eyes Steeplechase

Coxhill, Lol Dunois Solos Nato

Coxhill On Ogun Ogun

Crispell, Marilyn Overlapping Hands FMP

Gaia Leo

For Coltrane Leo

Santuerio Leo

Stellar Pulsations () Leo

Spring Tour 94 Alice

Band On The Wall Matchless

Woodstock Concert Music & Arts

Contrasts: Live At Yoshi's Music & Arts

Nothing Ever Was, Anyway ECM

Criss, Sonny Portrait Of SC OJC

Sonny's Dream OJC

Crosby, Bob BC 1937-1938 CDS

S. Rampart St. MCA

Crusaders Golden Years GRP

Curson, Ted New Thing & Blue Thing Koch

Cyrille, Andrew Nuba Black Saint

Navigator Soul Note

X-Man Soul Note

Good To Go; Tribute to Bu Soul Note

Dapogny, James Original Jelly Roll Blues Discovery

D'Ambrosio, Meredith It's Your Dance Sunnyside

D'Andrea, Franco Airegin Red

Chromatic Phrygian YVP

D'Anna, Stefano Leapin' On Splasch

Danielsson, Lars Poems Dragon

Danko, Harold After The Rain Steeplechase

Tidal Breeze Steeplechase

Dapogny, James Original Jelly Roll Blues Discovery

Dato, Carlo Actis Delhi Mambo YVP

Dauner, Wolfgang Pas de Trois Mood

Davern, Kenny Breezin' Along Arbors

Davis, Eddie 'LJ' Very Saxy OJC

Tenor Scene OJC

Davis, Miles Birth Of The Cool Capitol

Walkin' OJC

The Modern Jazz Giants OJC

Cookin' OJC

Relaxin' OJC

Workin' OJC

Steamin' OJC

Chronicle Prestige

Milestones Columbia

Miles Ahead Columbia

Porgy And Bess Columbia

L'Ascenseur Pour Philips

Live At Newport Columbia

(C) Kind Of Blue Columbia

Live In Stockholn 1960 Dragon

Complete CBS with Coltrane CBS

(C) Complete CBS with Evans: Studio CBS

Miles In Antibes Columbia

Complete Concert 1964 Columbia

E.S.P. Columbia

Miles Smiles Columbia

(C)Complete Plugged Nickel Columbia

Highlights from PN Columbia

Complete with Gil Evans Columbia

In A Silent Way Columbia

Bitches Brew Columbia

Jack Johnson Columbia

Live-Evil Columbia

Pangaea Columbia

Aura Columbia

Panthalassa Columbia

Dean, Elton Newsense Slam

Rumours Of An Incident Slam

DeFranco, Buddy Complete Verve BD/Clark Mosaic

DeJohnette, Jack Earth Walk Blue Note

Oneness ECM

Desmond, Paul Easy Living Bluebird

Two Of A Mind Bluebird

Complete RCA 61-65 RCA

Des Plantes, Ted Midnight Stomp Stomp Off

Dick, Robert Tambastics Music & Arts

3rd Stone From Sun New World

Worlds Of If Leo

Instinct Bellaphon

Dickenson, Vic Septet Vanguard

Gentlemen Of Trombone Storyville

Breaks, Blues & Boogie Topaz

Dickerson, Walt To My Queen OJC

D'Imperio, Danny Blues For Philly Joe VSOP

Ditmas, Bruce What If Postcards

Dixon, Bill Nov-81 Soul Note

Papyrus, Vol I Soul Note

Dodds, Baby BD American

Dodds, Johnny JD 26, 27, 27-8 Classics

Blue Clarinet Stomp Bluebird

JD & Jimmy Blythe Timeless

Dolphy, Eric Far Cry OJC

(C) Out To Lunch Blue Note

At The 5 Spot Vol1 Prestige

Memorial Album Prestige

Complete Prestige Prestige

Domnerus, Arne Swedish Rhapsody Phontastic

Face To Face Dragon

Donaldson, Lou Wailing With Lou Blue Note

Doran, Christy Race The Time MGB

Dorge, Pierre Brikama Steeplechase

Douglas, Dave Constellations hat Art

In Our Lifetime New World

Five Soul Note

Charms Of The Night Sky Winter

Convergence Soul Note

Dresser, Mark Force Green Soul Note

Drew, Kenny Jr. Third Phase Jazz City

Secrets TCB

Drummond, Billy Dubai Criss Cross

Dunmall, Paul Ghostly Thoughts Hatology

Bebop Starburst Cuneiform

Eastern Rebellion E R Timeless

Just One Of Those... MusicMasters

Eckstine, Billy I Want To Talk About You Xanadu

No Cover, No Minimum Roulette

Everything I Have Is Verve

Edwards, Teddy Together Again OJC

Ehrlich, Marty Pliant Plaint Enja

New York Child Enja

8 Bold Souls Last Option Thrill Jockey

Either Orchestra Calculus Of Pleasure Accurate

The Brunt Accurate

Eldridge, Roy Heckler's Hop Hep

Little Jazz Verve

Nifty Cat New World

Elling, Kurt The Messenger Blue Note

Ellington, Duke Brunswick 32-35 V. 3 Jazz Info

Swing 1930-38 CDS

DE 37 Vol. 2 Classics

DE 38 Vol. 1&2 Classics

D's Men: Small Grps V 1&2 Columbia

(C) Blanton-Webster RCA Bluebird

Fargo, Nd 11/7/40 VJC

Fargo 1940 Vol.1&2 Tax

Great Ellington Units RCA Bluebird

Black, Brown And Beige RCA Bluebird

At Newport Columbia

Such Sweet Thunder CBS

Side By Side Verve

Afro Bossa Discovery

...Mother Called Him Bill RCA

Back To Back Verve

Blues In Orbit CBS

Afro-Eurasian Eclipse OJC

The Far East Suite Bluebird

Private Collection Saja

V.1: Studio, Chicago 56 Saja

New Orleans Suite Atlantic

Great Original Performances JCDS

DE 39-40/40V1&2/40-41/41 Classics

Complete DE & World Famous Hindsight

In A Mellotone () RCA

Early Ellington GRP

The Duke CBS

Complete RCA 1927-1973 RCA

Ellis, Don Electric Bath CBS/GNP

Ellis, Herb Nothin' But the Blues Verve

El'zabar, Khalil 3 Gentleman From Chicago Moers Music

Dance With Ancestors Chameleon

Freedom Jazz Dance Delmark

Emery, James Standing On A Whale Enja

Spectral Domains Enja

Ericson, Rolf I Love You So Amigo

Erskine, Peter Transition Denon

Ervin, Booker Lament For BE Enja

Freedom Book OJC

Booker N' Brass Pacific Jazz

Escoude, Christian Cookin' In Hell's Kitchen Verve

In LA Emarcy

Eskelin, Ellery Figure Of Speech Soul Note

One Great Day hatology

Eubanks, Kevin Spirit Talk Blue Note

Eureka Brass Band NO Funeral & Parade American

Evans, Bill Everybody Digs BE OJC

Portrait In Jazz OJC

Explorations OJC

(C) Sunday At VV OJC

(C) Waltz For Debby OJC

How My Heart Sings OJC

Undercurrent Blue Note

Solo Sessions Vol. 1 Milestone

Complete Riverside Riverside

Tony Bennett/ BE Album OJC

The Brilliant Timeless

Evans, Bill (ts) Moods Unlimited Paddle Wheel

Evans, Gil Out Of The Cool MCA

Farlow, Tal TF: Jazz Masters 41 Verve

Swinging Guitar of TF Verve

Farmer, Art The Art Farmer Quintet OJC

Portrait Of Art OJC

Modern Art Blue Note

Out From The Past Chess

(C) Blame It On My Youth Contemporary

Something To Live For Contemporary

PhD Contemporary

Favre, Pierre Souffles Intakt

Fedchock, John NY Big Band Reservoir

Feldman, Victor The Arrival Of VF OJC

Fell, Simon Compilation II Bruce

Bogey's Bruce

Foom! Foom! Bruce

Horrors of Darmstadt Shock

Composition 30 Bruce

Ferguson, Maynard The Birdland Dreamband Bluebird

Magnitude Mainstream

Fischer, Clare Blues Trilogy Discovery

Fitzgerald, Ella E Sings Arlen Vol. 1, 2 Polydor

Pure Ella MCA

Rodgers & Hart Songbook V1 Verve

Gershwin Songbook Verve

Cole Porter Songbook 1&2 Verve

Duke Ellington Songbook Verve

Best Of Songbooks Verve

Like Someone In Love Verve

Complete Songbooks Verve

Ella Swings Lightly Verve

Flanagan, Tommy Giant Steps Enja

Jazz Poet Timeless

Lets Enja

Florence, Bob Jewels Discovery

Earth Mama

Ford, Ricky American African Blues Candid

Formanek, Michael Low Profile Enja

Nature Of The Beast Enja

Fraser, Hugh Pas de Problemes CBC

Free Jazz Quartet Premonitions Matchless

Freeman, Bud GreatPerformances CDS

Freeman, Chico The Pied Piper Black Hawk

Destiny's Dance OJC

Quartet India Nav

Focus Contemporary

Friedman, Don I Hear A Rhapsody Stash

My Romance Steeplechase

Frisell, Bill Have A Little Faith Electra

Quartet 96 Electra

Frishberg, David Classics Concord

Fun Horns Live In South America Klangraume

Gaillard, Slim SG 1945, Vol2 Classics

Galliano, Richard Laurita Dreyfus

Gallivan, Joe Origin Of Man No Budget

Galper, Hal Portrait Concord

Ganelin Trio (C) Catalogue Leo

Poco a Poco Leo

...Old Bottles Leo

On Stage...Backstage Leo

(C) Ancora Da Capo Leo

Garbarek, Jan Belonging ECM

Triptykon ECM


Officium () ECM

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