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Appendix 6: How could the cleaning service be improved?

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Appendix 6: How could the cleaning service be improved?

As I mentioned above the cleaners were more of a nuisance that anything. Especially in our flat I never really saw them do anything and yet we're getting charged for their services. They can also be very noisy which is annoying if you're trying to sleep or study and furthermore they've even knocked on our doors which I thought wasn't allowed.

better communication and approachable

Better timing

By providing essential things in the flat like refusal bags, hand washing liquids in toilets and so on.

Clean rooms as well

Cleaning can be done a bit more thoroughly.

cleaning process (kitchen, bathroom) and garbage bags. The recycle process is not efficient. The Boxes are too small.

Cleaning staff , do not clean. Often i have come into the kitchen after a member of cleaning has been in there and found it in a worse state then before. Cleaning staff often sit in the corridors talking rather than cleaning. On several occasions i have found that the cleaners are using our kitchen as a place to commune and gather, this includes consuming our food in our kitchen. The cleaning service is in dire need of improvement

Cleaning staff that have a better command of the English language, and don't smell. Also, not washing up dishes - the gesture is much appreciated but not when food is left on the "cleaned" crockery.

come in frequently

Encourage students to do their own cleaning, we are adults. The cleaners do a good job, they just do too much for the majority of students that don't appreciate them. Some students do clean, but a lot are lazy. 'Encourage' students to at least wash their own dishes.

i hope that students don’t have to throw the rubbish bags

I think the cleaners do not have anything to do most of the time, because the kitchen is clean. This service could be even less frequent.

In the first semester we couldn't tell there had been cleaners in the kitchen. It has improved slightly this semester though.

pay the cleaners more

please tell them to stop stealing the toilet rolls we leave in the bathroom

Possibly use a different kind of cleaning stuff on hobs as they give off smoke when turned on after cleaning.

Sarah was absolutely amazing. I only put yes for this question so I could leave a comment about her, she was wonderful

she moans when we hant had chance to wash up dish from breakfast as we have lectures so we can’t do them till when we get back, she makes their own cup teas with our own supplies which is not on and they shouldn’t touch our belongs as we dont no what they may do to them.

Students should need to clean the entry if they mess it. And they do it obviously!

The cleaner always working when I was going to prepare lunch, so please change their working time, give 1-2 hours lunch time for us.

The cleaner does nothing but get in the road. We have piles of our own dishes beside sink to wash and the cleaner just throws them all the sink. I have had utensils broken because of this. If you wake up and go to get breakfast they get annoyed and walk out. If a floor or worktop looks untidy they do not enter the room atal and just put bleach in toilet. Cleaners have meeting in our kitchen having cups of tea, they have even got together in our shower room for a chat and it feels very uncomfortable especially if you want shower because there could be 3 or 4 gathering.

the cleaners could take some/all of the rubbish out

The cleaners should actually clean instead of sitting on the table eating food and drinking tea!

The cleaning staff did the bare minimum, and the end result was never very good. Also the cleaner was rude.

The cleaning staff should be effective and clean all the communal areas. Many cleaner skip their jobs.

the rings on the cooker have chemicals that give off a plastic smelling smoke which has set off the fire alarm before. which is always after the cleaners have cleaned the kitchen. they also always put dirty washing on the draining board which is for clean washing and usually gets mixed up with the clean washing. they also removed everything from our kitchen notice board for no reason.

the staff never keep to the time stated. i wait till after twelve but quite often there just starting my flat at 13:30

The staff providing the Housekeeping service is very nice and good. However, the vacuum cleaners on our floor for example they don't work. We have to pay for toilet paper as well as garbage bags by yourself... even though we are really paying a lot for the accommodation...

there could be a vacuum cleaner provided to use it any time.

they can take out the trash for us.

though I do not have any problems and complains, but some of my friends are strongly dissatisfied with cleaning services in kitchens.

To spend less time especially at the meal time

toilets and the kitchen should be cleaned everyday.

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