Acronyms and Abbreviations A/dacg arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group

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Acronyms and Abbreviations

A/DACG Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group

ABS Automated Battlebook System

ACC Army Contracting Command

ACO Administrative Contracting Officer

ACOM Army Command

ACP Army Campaign Plan

AERC Architectural-Engineering Resource Center

AFSB Army Field Support Brigade

AFSBns Army Field Support Battalions

AI ARFORGEN Integration

AL&T Acquisition, Logistics and Technology

AMC Army Materiel Command

AMCISS Army Materiel Command Installation Supply System

AMCOM Aviation and Missile Command

AMSTAC Automated Manifest System – Tactical

ANAB ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board

AOR Area of Responsibility

APfM Army Portfolio Management System

APS Army Prepositioned Stock

AR Army Regulation

AR2B Army Requirements and Resourcing Board

ARCENT Army Central Command

ARFORGEN Army Force Generation

ARI Automatic Reset Item

ARSIDS Army Reserve SARSS Informational Database System

ASA(ALT) Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology)

ASC Army Sustainment Command

ASCC Army Service Component Commands

ASL Authorized Stockage List

ASP Ammunition Supply Point

AUTH Authorized

AWRDS Army War Reserve Deployment System

BCT Brigade Combat Team

BDE Brigade

BLST Brigade Level Support Team

BN Battalion

BSC Balanced Score Card

C&A Certification and Accreditation

C2 Command and Control

C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

CAC Common Access Card

CARC Chemical Agent Resistant Coating

CASCOM Combined Arms Support command

CAVERS Command Asset Visibility Equipment Redistribution System

CC Condition Codes

CDRL Contract Data Requirements List

CECOM Communications Electronics Command

CIF Central Issue Facility

CIIP Clothing Initial Issue Point

CIP Continuous Improvement Program

CLIN Contract Line Item Number

CMF Central Management Facility

CO Contracting Officer

COCOM Combatant Command

COIC Command Operations Information Center

CONUS Continental United States

COR Contracting Officer’s Representative

COSIS Care of Supplies in Storage

COTR Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative

COTS Commercial Off-the-shelf

CPAR Contractor Performance Assessment Report

CPCP Corrosion Prevention and Control Plan

CRP Central Receiving Point

CTASC Corps/Theater Automated Data Processing Service Center

DA Department of the Army

DAC Department of the Army Civilian

DCAS Database Commitment Accounting System

DCG Deputy Commanding General

DES Distribution Execution System

DISCOM Division Support Command

DITSCAP DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process

DMC Distribution Management Center

DOC Directorate of Contracting

DOD Department of Defense

DOIM Directorate of Information Management

DOL Directorate of Logistics

DRMO Defense Reutilization Management Office

DTS Defense Transportation System

EAGLE Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise

EFT Enterprise Task Force

EXORD Executive Order

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations

FIRST Field and Installation Readiness Support Team

FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act

FLMS Fleet Management System

FLRC Field Logistics Readiness Centers

FMS Foreign Military Sales

FOB Forward Operations Base

FORSCOM Forces Command

FRAGO Fragmentary Order

FRG Force Requirements Generator

FSC Federal Supply Class

GCSS-A Global Combat Support System - Army

GFE Government Furnished Equipment

GFEBS General Fund Enterprise Business System

GFP Government Furnished Property

HAZMART Hazardous Material Pharmacy

HAZMAT Hazardous Material

HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army

IA Information Assurance

IAW In Accordance With

ICEMP Individual Chemical Equipment Management Program

ICW In Coordination With

IMCOM Installation Management Command

IMI Intensively Managed Items

IML Items Managed List

IMMA Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity

IOC Initial Operating Capability

IPT Integrated Product Team

ISM-CIF Installation Support Module-Central Issue Facility

ISO International Organization for Standardization

IT Information Technology

ITO Installation Transportation Office

JFCOM Joint Forces Command

JM&L Joint Munitions and Lethality

KO/PCO Contracting Officer

KTR Contractor

LAP Logistics Assistance Program

LAR Logistics Assistance Representative

LBE Left Behind Equipment

LCMC Life Cycle Management Command

LEAT Logistics Evaluation & Assistance Teams

LMP Logistics Modernization Program

LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program

LOGSA Logistics Support Activity

LOGTAADS Logistics Army Authorization Document System

LSE Logistics Support Element

LST Logistics Support Team

LTF Logistics Task Force

MATV Military All-Terrain Vehicle

ME Materiel Enterprise

MICAS Mobility Inventory Control and Accountability System

MICC Mission and Installation Contracting Command

MMC Materiel Management Center

MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

MSI Maintenance Significance Items

MTOE Modified Table of Equipment

MTT Mobile Training Team

MWO Modification Work Order

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

NEA Northeast Asia

NETCOM Network Enterprise Technology Command

NMP National Maintenance Program

OCAT Organizational Contracted Augmentation Team

OCI Organizational Conflict of Interest

OCIE Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment

OCONUS Outside the Continental United States

ODC Other Direct Costs

OEF Operation Enduring Freedom

OH On Hand

OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom

OPORD Operations Order

OPSEC Operational Security

OUR Operation Urgent Response

PBUSE Property Book Unit Supply System Enhanced

PCO Procuring Contracting Officer

PDTE Pre-Deployment Training Equipment

PEO Program Executive Officer

PLL Prescribed Load List

PM Program Manager

PWS Performance Work Statement

QA Quality Assurance

QAS Quality Assurance Specialist

QASAS Quality Assurance Specialist for Ammunition Surveillance

QASP Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

QC Quality Control

QCP Quality Control Plan

R&A Reliability and Availability

R2TF Responsible Reset Task Force

RC Reserve Component

RDECOM Research, Development and Engineering Command

RDP Readiness Distribution Program

REIMS Reserve End Item Management Systems

REQVAL Requisition Validation

RICC Rock Island Contracting Center

RIDB Readiness Integrated Database

RM Resource Management

RPAT Retrograde Property Assistance Teams

RSO Radiation Safety Officer

RST Regional Support Team

SA Situational Awareness

SAAS-MOD Standard Army Ammunition System Modernization

SAMS Standard Army Maintenance System

SARSS Standard Army Retail Supply System

SC Supply Class

SDDC Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

SDS Standard Depot System

SEI-CMM Software Engineering Institute-Capabilities Maturity Model

SKO Sets, Kits and Outfits

SOH Safety and Occupational Health

SOP Standing Operating Procedures

SOR Sources of Repair

SPBS-R Standard Property Book System Redesign

SR Stock Readiness

SRS Strategic Readiness System

SSA Supply Support Activity

STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System

STRATCOM Strategic Command

SWA Southwest Asia

TACOM Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command

TCP Transformation Campaign Plan

TDA Table of Distribution and Allowances

TISA Troop Issue Subsistence Activity

TMDE Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment

TM Technical Manual

TMP Transportation Motor Pool

TPE Theater-provided Equipment

TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command

TSC Theater Signal Command

UBL Unit Basic Load

UIC Unit Identification Code

ULLS Unit Level Logistics System

USARC United States Army Reserve Command

USETTI United States Equipment Transfer to Iraq

VIM Virtual Item Manager

WARNORD Warning Order

WMMS Wildcat Maintenance Management System


Class I Rations

Class II Expendables


Class IV Barrier Material

Class V Ammunition

Class VI Sundry

Class VII Major End Items

Class VIII Medical

Class IX Repair Parts

Class X Material to Support Nonmilitary Programs

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