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Understanding Private Wealth Management

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Understanding Private Wealth Management
Some private individuals of means may lack the time, effort, or knowledge to manage their own finances. So they seek the counsel of wealth managers who specialize in managing the finances of private, often high-net-worth individuals (HNWI). HNWIs have unique financial situations that require greater diligence and a higher degree of active management.
Yung ibang private individuals we assume na that they always busy, so some of them is kulang na kulang yung time, effort and maybe knowledge sa pagsasa ayos o pag mamanage nang finance. So they seek tulong or counsel sa mga managers. Wealth managers specially, na nagspecialized nang pag mamanage nang finances or pera nang mga private individuals na karamihan sa mga private individuals na yon is mga HNWI which is yung may mga mayayaman nga na mayroong kakaibang situation in terms of financial na kailangan nang mataas na degree at diligence nang active management.

HIGH NET WORTH INDIVIDUALS – refers to a financial industry classification denoting an individual with liquid assets above a certain figure.

Tumutukoy din ito sa financial industry na kung saan dapat na may mataas na halaga sa kanilang liquid asset dahil ang HNWI ay high demnd na private wealth manager na, if ang isang tao ay maraming pera ay mas maraming trabaho ang kinakailanagn upang ma maintain or ma preserve ang mga asset.
For example kapag ang isang investor ay mayroong 1 Million dollars or 500 million dollars na liquid asset ay kino consider sya isang HNWI.
HNWIs require a more holistic approach to investment management than many financial advisers are capable of providing. HNWIs can have issues with income taxes, estate planning, investment management, and other legal issues that need more attention and specific expertise than traditional investment advisers are qualified to give.
When it comes to investment management nang mga HNWI mas gusto nila yung holistic approach kung saan mas inuuna nang mga feebies financial advisor nila yung mga needs nila for their investment na pasok sa objectives and goals na isinet nila before final investing. Sabi nga dito na HNWI can have issue with income taxes, estate planning, investment management, and other legal issues na mas dapat tutukan ng mga financial advisor other freebies na hindi naman gaanong natututukan ng mga traditional investmet advisor.
Types of Private Wealth Manager
Banks and large brokerage houses – are a middleman who connects buyers and sellers to complete a transaction for stock shares, bonds, options, and another financial instrument. Brokers are compensated in commissions or fees that are charged once the transaction has been completed
Ito yung mga middleman na kung saan ang seller at buyer ay magka connect para sa mga transaction na stock, bonds or another financial instrument. And once na matapos ang transaction na ginagawa nila ay nagkakaroon ito nang charge or commission.
Independent financial advisers - a person who gives advice about and sells investment, insurance and other financial products but who does not work for a bank or insurance company.
Independent adviser will also consider products from all firms across the market, and have to give unbiased and unrestricted advice.
Ito yung nagbibigay advice sayo about sa mga investment, insurance or other financial products na hindi nagtatrabaho sa isang bangko or insurance company. Nagbibigay den nang advice na hindi unbiased sa lahat.
NON INDEPENDENT ADVISOR- may have limitations as to how they can invest your assets, with investment strategies often being preset.
May limitation sila sa pagiinvest nang mga asset mo na kadalasang naka preset yung mga strategies sa investment.
Multi-licensed portfolio managers – refers to investment decision makers. They devise and implement investment strategies and processes to meet client goals and constraints, construct and manage portfolios, make decisions on what and when to buy and sell investment.
Ito yung decision makers nang isang investment na kung saan nang iimplement sila nang mag strategies or process para ma meet yung goals nang isang client at namamanage den nila yung mga portfolio and decision kung ano o kailan ito bibili or mag bebenta. Because of free private wealth management services that provide, sila yung nag fofocus sa mga high net worth individuals at family offices
Many private wealth management firms are smaller groups within larger financial institutions focused on providing personalized service to their clients. Their main objective is to manage and grow the assets of their clients to provide for future generations. (Tinagalog nya lang discussion)
These groups often have a variety of advisers and expertise that provide guidance across a wide spectrum of investments including cash, fixed-income, equities, and alternative investments. They can create a portfolio of assets that meets the investor's risk tolerance while also offering the opportunity for growth
Kadalasan daw sa PWM maraming inooffer na mga adviser and expertise na nagbibigay na nagbibigy nang advice or guidance tungkol sa mga investment. Katulad nga nang cash, fixed income, equities and alternative investment. Kaya nilang gumawa nang portfolio na compatible sa risk tolerance nang investor at the same time may opportunity na mag grow yung investment nila.
Like for example moderate pala yung investor so di sya gaanong ka risky at safe sya so ang mangyayari gagawa ang PWM nang portfolio na ang investment ay pang mga moderate lang ta syung mga pinili nilang moderate investment is mag gogrow pa ren.
Some HNWIs may want to consider opening a family office. A family office provides a wider range of services tailored to meet the needs of HNWIs. From investment management to charitable giving advice, family offices offer a total financial solution to high net worth individuals.
Sinasabi na yung ibang HNWI is gustong mag open ng family office dahil ito ay pang malawakang serbisyo na ginagawa nila para matugunan ang pangangailangan ng ibang HNWI. Yung family offices kasi ay gingawa nang mga mayayamang yung mga high network individuals para imanage yung mga yaman nila.

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