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7. What is the name of the major African river that flows north into the Mediterranean? River Nile
8. What is the name of the major African river that crosses the equator and flows into the Atlantic? Congo River
9. What is the name of the huge desert in northern Africa? Sahara desert
10. What is the name of the smaller desert in southern Africa? Kalahari desert
11.What is the name of the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro
12.What is the name of the mountain range in North-west Africa? (not on the map, solve the following riddle to find it. )
I am a Greek god, supporting the world on my shoulder

I am also the first vertebra, supporting the head

but I am most often known as the name of a book containing a collection of maps and geographical facts: ATLAS

1. What ocean lies on Africa's western border? ________________________

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2017 -> Ascension Lutheran Church Counter’s Schedule January to December 2017
2017 -> Board of directors juanita Gibbons-Delaney, mha, rn president 390 Stone Castle Pass Atlanta, ga 30331
2017 -> Military History Anniversaries 16 thru 31 January Events in History over the next 15 day period that had U. S. military involvement or impacted in some way on U. S military operations or American interests
2017 -> The Or Shalom Cemetery Community Teaching on related issues of Integral
2017 -> Ford onthult samenwerking met Amazon Alexa en introduceert nieuwe navigatiemogelijkheden van Ford sync® 3 met Applink
2017 -> Start Learn and Increase gk. Question (1) Name the term used for talking on internet with the help of text messege?
2017 -> Press release from 24. 03. 2017 From a Charleston Car to a Mafia Sedan
2017 -> Tage Participants
2017 -> Citi Chicago Debate Championship Varsity and jv previews

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